Wyrd Sisters Places – Chronologic

This is a chronological listing of the places you can visit in Wyrd Sisters.

The same places, but in alphabetical order, are here for you.

Discworld – First mentioned in Equal Rites, this is the place where it all hits the…er…takes place.

Ramtop Mountains – One of the main mountain ranges Hubward.

Hublands – The central area of the Disc. First mentioned as such in Sourcery but hinted at earlier with the Hub, Hubwards, etc.

Rimfall – Aka, the Rim. The edge of the Disc where the oceans’ water constantly falls off. (Possibly mentioned earlier than in Sourcery.)

Lancre – A small kingdom in the Ramtops. Home of Nanny Ogg and several other witches and wizards.

Klatch – Land of deserts and some jungles. Also the source of the phrase, “Pardon my Klatchian.” The country of Klatch is on the continent of Klatch.

Howandaland – This spelling, first mentioned in Wyrd Sisters, is the location of a hurricane, as noted by Death. It may or may not be the Unnamed Continent in the center of Klatch. Possibly a misspelling of Howondaland.

Hergen – Death notes that it was visited by a plague. Job security?

Mad Wolf – Home of the guard who killed his captain who was being impertinent with Granny Weatherwax.

Gormenghast – Mentioned only in passing as being inconsequential in stature compared to UU.

Lancre River – Runs under the Lancre Bridge. Eventually connects to the River Ankh.

Razorback – A village in Lancre where a cat gave birth to a two-headed kitten, but it was of no portent.

Sto Plains – Area in which the cities of Sto Lat, Sto Helit, and Ankh-Morpork are located.

Ankh-Morpork – The largest city on the Disc where much of the action in the Discworld series takes place. Ruled by the Patrician. Home of Unseen University.

Sheepridge – Hosted the hiring fair at which Mort was apprenticed to Death.

Bad Ass – The small village in Lancre where the wizard Drum Billet “christens” the baby girl, Eskarina Smith, a wizard – a thing which is not done, except when it is.

Hangdog – Visited by the traveling players. Built in the hollow of a canyon surrounded by nearly vertical walls in the Ramtops.

Fools’ Guild – Formally known as the Guild of Fools and Joculators. No fooling.

Mad Stoat – A village in Lancre tended to by Magrat Garlick. They survived anyway.

Sto Lat – A small city in the Sto Plains, first mentioned in passing in Equal Rites. Home of King Olerve and Princess Keli.

Blackglass – Where the mother (a Beldame) of the Fool (Verence II) hailed from.

Skund – Literally, Your Finger You Fool.

Inkcap – Cart driver Neshley lived here. It likely took him a while to get home after nearly running Granny Weatherwax over.

Circle Sea – The main body of water separating the continents of the Disc. Probably responsible for preventing more wars than have already been fought.

Powderknife – At one end of the kingdom of Lancre. (See Drumlin’s Fell.)

Drumlin’s Fell – At one end of the kingdom of Lancre. (See Powderknife.)

Dunmanifestin – The home of the major gods, those with too many followers to be included in the Temple of Small Gods. Located atop Cori Celesti at the Hub of the Disc.

Quirm – A city near Ankh-Morpork, not to be confused with Chirm. Probably.

Assassins’ Guild – Headquarters for the members of the Assassins’ Guild in Ankh-Morpork. Best not to know its exact location.

Lancre Bridge – The main way to get into the kingdom of Lancre, if you’re not already there.

Ankh (River) – That which divides Ankh the city from Morpork. You can usually walk on the surface of the Ankh, even if you’re not a deity.

Dysk, The – Where the traveling players eventually ended up in Ankh-Morpork. The Discworld equivalent of the Globe.

Broken Drum / Mended Drum – A popular tavern (for fights, etc.) in Ankh-Morpork.

Unseen University – The home of the Disc’s wizards, a very magical place where magic is almost never used, and for good reason. Known as UU, for short. Sometimes misspelled, Unesene.

Shades, The – A section of Ankh-Morpork that is darker (in more ways than one) than it sounds.

Plaza of Broken Moon(s) – Open area where Rincewind used Twoflower’s iconograph. Visited by Tomjon.

Guild of Lawyers – Eh, why not? The president is Mr Slant.

Hobfast Street – Location of Grabpot Thundergust’s perfume and rouge company.

Halls of Elven Perfume and Rouge Co. – Owned by Grabpot Thundergust. Also referred to as his Cosmetic Factory.

Street of Cunning Artificers, The – Ankh-Morpork. Contains just what you think. Only moreso.

Muntab, Theocracy of – It’s calendar counts down instead of up.

Great Nef – A desert so dry it has negative rainfall.

Bognor – A warm, uncomfortable, moist, roundworld place.

Rham Nitz – An unremarkable town 90 miles from Lancre. Oh, the moon did shine down on it – at least once.

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