Wyrd Sisters Persons – Alphabetic

Is this a list I see before me?

Er, yes. Yes, it is a list. A list of the characters found in Wyrd Sisters in alphabetical order.

There’s a list of the same folks in chronological over yonder.

Bentzen – Captain of Duke Felmet’s personal body guard. Though as efficient a killer as a psychotic mongoose, was not immortal.

Billem – An actor who portrayed one of the witches.

Black Aliss Demurrage – The quintessential witch, the type which most present-day witches now try to avoid being compared to. Nanny Plumb’s teacher.

Blind Io – Chief of the gods who live at Dunmanifestin. He appears to be blind but has many eyes outside his body.

Brattsley – An actor (an Elder), known for the line: “What hath befell the land?

Brother Jape – Attempted to teach the Fool to juggle badly. There was really no need.

Brother Prankster – One of the Fool’s instructors. The name pretty much says it all.

Cakebread – According to our Shawn, cursed by Nanny Ogg after he kicked her cat.

Champett Poldy – Guard at Lancre Castle. Brought into the world by Granny Weatherwax.

Chrysoprase (aka Krysoprase and Chrystophrase) – Son of Kwartz? Head Troll.

Dafe – An actor who portrayed Death, until Death showed up.

Daff Ogg – Perhaps Daffney? One of Nanny Ogg’s many children. Helps in the kitchen of Lancre Castle.

Darron Ogg, Our – His eldest son got sick from too much beer at Nanny Ogg’s party. Nanny had good parties. (Also spelled Darren. Assuming only one exists.)

Daviss – A butcher who was cursed by Nanny Ogg. We probably don’t want to know why.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Destiny – The god with whom Night had an appointment.

Dreen Ogg, Our – Helped clean the wossnames off the floor at Nanny Ogg’s house that the witches had put there during a previous gathering. Good gel, that Dreen.

Duke Leonal Felmet – Murderer of King Verence. In need of a good hand cleanser (a la Macbeth).

Fate – One of the game-playing gods in Dunmanifestin.

Goodie Filter – A witch who had trained Granny Weatherwax and who apparently didn’t mince words with her. We don’t know what Granny di became of her.

Goodie Whemper – A research witch – maysherestinpeace – who preceded Magrat Garlick in Mad Stoat. (That’s a place.)

Grabpot Thundergust – The dwarf who (don’t say it too loudly) owns the Halls of Elven Perfume and Rouge Co.

Grame Ogg, Our – His youngest was recently married (at the time of the events in Wyrd Sisters), which ceremony prevented Nanny Ogg from attending a coven meeting.

Granny Weatherwax – The head witch (among equals), especially in Bad Ass country. Given name: Esmerelda. Esme, for short, but only to her closest friends.

Great A’Tuin – He or she is the turtle who moves through space in the Discworld universe. On his or her back are 4 elephants. On the backs of the elephants rests the Disc itself.

Greebo – Nanny Ogg’s cat. He will mate with any unsuspecting female.

Grodley, Sister – A witch from Skund. Drops her Haitches. Apparently got into it with Granny Weatherwax over a gibbet.

Gumridge – An actor who played the part of the Good Duchess; i.e., Lady Felmet; i.e., Lady Macbeth. Musta been quite the actor.

Herne the Hunted – God of “small furry creatures whose destiny it is to end their lives as a brief, crunchy squeak.” So, god of the chase and the hunt. More or less.

Hoki – God of practical jokes. Banished from Dunmanifestin.

Hron – A guard of Lancre Castle who didn’t get as far as he wanted with Magrat Garlick – in part, due to her breadknife.

Hwel – The Disc’s answer to Shakespeare. We don’t know what the question was.

Josiah H. ‘Flannelfoot’ Boggis – With his nephews, ‘The Old Firm’ of Bespoke Thieves. Now head of the Thieves’ Guild. Attacked the Fool and humbly regretted it later.

Jason Ogg, Our – One of Nanny Ogg’s many children. Nanny betimes babbysits for Jason’s youngest.

Karen Ogg, Our – Married to an innkeeper of Ankh-Morpork. Nanny Ogg hasn’t seen her baby yet.

Kev Ogg – One of Nanny Ogg’s many children. Perhaps a triplet with Trev and Nev?

King Champot – Has haunted Lancre Castle for at least 1000 years.

King Gruneberry the Good – King of Lancre from 906 to 967. What he was good at is not known.

King Gruneweld – One-time king of Lancre. According to Nanny Ogg, he was a real king. Very gracious.

King Murune – King of Lancre from 709 to 745. He didn’t make friends easily and met a terrible fate. (See footnote in Wyrd Sisters.)

King Thargum – Once king of Lancre. Poisoned by King Verence’s father. Had a red beard. Very gracious, according to Nanny Ogg.

King Verence I – Father of Verence the Fool who became King Verence II in Lancre.

Lady Felmet – Wife of Duke Leonal Felmet. The real power and brains during their rather brief rule in Lancre.

Leonard of Quirm – Painter, inventor. (Think, da Vinci.)

(Head) Librarian – Formerly human, now simian. Favorite (and nearly only) word: Oook.

Lightfoot – Magrat Garlick’s tortoyse familiar.

Lords of Misrule – Leaders of the Fool’s Guild.

Machiavelli – Roundworld personality. He couldn’t have run a whelk stall compared to the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork.

Magrat Garlick – The youngest of the coven of three, with Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg.

Millie Hipwood (Wyrd Sisters) / Hopgood (Witches Abroad) / Hopwood (Maskerade) – According to Nanny Ogg, she “ditch-delivered” a baby girl who turned out fine. (See Macbeth for details.) Assuming the last names are typos or unrecognized changes as all live in Slice.

(Miss) Whipple – Neshley’s mother, maiden name.

Mrs Vitoller – Wife of Olwyn, head of the acting troupe. Convinces her husband – with a look – to adopt Tomjon.

Mussorgsky – Roundworld personality. Musician who would have been less creative about mountain music, if it depended upon the coven of three.

Nanny (Gytha) Ogg – A prominent and popular (especially with gentlemen) witch who had 15 children.

Neshley – Cart driver who nearly ran over Granny Weatherwax. She removed his cart’s wheels, of course.

Nev Ogg – One of Nanny Ogg’s many children. Perhaps a triplet with Kev and Trev?

Norbut, old – Once had a cow that stopped giving milk after Granny Weatherwax looked at it. Maybe.

Old Mother (Gammer) Dismass – Elderly witch who doesn’t get out much.

Olwyn Vitoller – Head of the troupe of strolling players of which Hwel was chief playwright. Adopted Tomjon at his wife’s insistence.

Patrician of Ankh – The leader of the city of Ankh-Morpork. You know him cordially as Havelock Vetinari.

Queen Bemery – Ruler of Lancre from 670 to 722. Now seen by Verence haunting the castle.

Queen Grimnir the Impaler – Also Griminir. Vampire ruler of Lancre from 1514 to 1553, 1553 to 1557, 1557 to 1562, 1562 to 1567, and 1568 to 1573.

Reet Ogg, Our – One of Nanny Ogg’s children. Known to make pumpkin dip and have babbies.

Roger – One of Duke Felmet’s guards. Not allowed fruit on account of his trouble.

Sharleen Ogg, Our – One of Nanny Ogg’s many children known to have children of her own.

Shawn Ogg, Our – Nanny Ogg’s son who is a guard at Lancre Castle.

Shirl Ogg – With Daff, helps out in the kitchens of Lancre Castle.

Tomjon – Rightful heir to the throne of Lancre (following Verence I) but preferred to be chief artiste among the strolling players and later at the Dysk.

Tracie Ogg, Our – One of Nanny Ogg’s children. Once sent her a lovely new lamp.

Trev Ogg – One of Nanny Ogg’s many children. Perhaps a triplet with Kev and Nev?

Troglodyte Wanderer – Haunts Lancre Castle because it was built on his burial mound.

Twins, the – A pair of young ghosts who wander Lancre Castle.

Verence, the Fool – Becomes King Verence II when his half brother, Tomjon, decides not to be king of Lancre.

Wane Ogg – One of Nanny Ogg’s many children. (Wayne, starting in Carpe Jugulum.)

Wen Ogg, Our – Along with Jason, one of Nanny Ogg’s sons who handled the taxman for her. [Wen is mentioned in the 1988 ROC edition, but he’s called Wane in other editions.]

Willikins, Young – One of Vitoller’s actors who specialized in female roles.

Wilph – An actor who portrayed one of the witches.

Wimsloe – A young actor who cared a lot about the props.

WxrtHltl-jwlpklz – A demon questioned by Granny Weatherwax. The demon lost.

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