Wintersmith Things – Alphabetic

The Wintersmith itself could almost be called a thing, instead of a person, but I’ll leave him in the persons category and use this alphabetical list of the important things in Wintersmith for other…things. The same goes for this chronological list.

Among the Snow Weasels – By K. Pierpoint Poundsworth. The Traveling Librarians hoped they wouldn’t have to rely on this tome.

Ancient and Classical Mythology – By Chaffinch. Don Weizen de Yoyo illustrator. Of some use to Tiffany Aching.

Bangle’s Universal Nostrum – Annagramma unwisely used this spell on a pig.

Book of Unusual Days – By Waspmire. Found in Roland’s library.

Chase My Neighbor Up the Passage – Possibly a card game along the lines of poker or Cripple Mr. Onion.

Cooking in Dire Straights – By Superflua Raven. The Traveling Librarians used it, at least, for the Nourishing Boiled Socks Surprise recipe.

Cornucopia – Originally a horn of the goat Almeg. Carries the inscription (translated from Ephebean): All you desire, I give upon a name; I grow, I shrink.

Cripple Mr Onion – A gambling game of cards at which Granny Weatherwax excels.

Encyclopaedia of Soup, An – Owned by Miss Treason.

First Flights in Witchcraft – One of several books authored by Letice Earwig.

Habits of Wolves, The – By Captain W. E. Lightly. The Traveling Librarians had this one readily at hand.

Hiver – A bit difficult to describe. A bodiless mind that’s incapable of thought. The one that invaded Tiffany’s mind (and body) acquired the name Arthur.

Jolly Sailor Tobacco – Appreciated by Granny Aching. If you turn a packet upside down, you can see a nak….

Lancre Blue Vein – Presumably cheese. Reacts vigorously with acid.

Magavenatio Obtusis – Tr.: Witch Hunting for Dumb People. Followed to the letter by the people of Dogbend. Written by Miss Tick.

Manual of Swordsmanship – Roland had read it all the way through. It hadn’t helped his skills much.

Mrs. Sheergold’s Lubricated Throat Lozenges – One of the items in Miss Tick’s shamble before it exploded, which wasn’t supposed to happen.

Ominous Encyclopaedia – Roland owned all but one volume.

Passion’s Plaything – By Marjory J. Boddice. Purchased for Tiffany by the Feegles. Her Unexpurgated Dictionary helped her starting at page 19.

Principles of Modern Accountancy – Upon its discovery, Rob Anybody read it all morning, but just to make it interesting, he put lots of dragons in it.

Shamble – Made of string and whatever is available in a witch’s pockets. Used to detect or amplify magic in the area.

Sieges and Survival – A book Roland found useful when pitted against his aunts.

Sundered Hearts – By Marjory J. Boddice. See Passion’s Plaything.

Survival in the Snow – By T. H. Mouseholder. The Traveling Librarians relied upon it betimes.

The ABC – Aka Abker to Ron Anybody.

These Are the Things That Make a Man – See the nearly complete poem, of sorts, here.

Uberwald Winter – Composed by Wotua Doinov. Sung by the Wintersmith.

Unexpurgated Dictionary – Given to Tiffany by Miss Treason. Probably both found it quite useful.

Why Things Are Not Otherwise – By Crumberry. Found in Roland’s library.

Wicked Old Witch Number Three – “A Must for Scary Parties.” Boffo hat owned by Miss Treason.

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