Wintersmith Persons – Chronologic

This chronological list of the persons in Wintersmith has about four times as many items as the places or items lists, which is a bit unusual. See this abundance of persons in alphabetical order here.

Wintersmith – The maker of the cold season called winter.

Daft Wullie – Very willing, if not able, brother of Rob Anybody.

Rob Anybody – Big Man of the Chalk Hill Clan of the Nac Mac Feegle.

Wee Dangerous Spike – A young Feegle who was assigned to watch over Tiffany Aching on the farm.

Jeannie – Originally of the Long Lake Clan of the Nac Mac Feegle. Married to Rob Anybody. Kelda of the Chalk Hill Clan.

Big Yan – Largest pictsie – at 8 inches – in the Chalk Hill Clan.

Tiffany Aching – Young, but very adept and mature witch, who always seems to be confronting winter.

Five Discworld novels chronicle her adventures:
The Wee Free Men
A Hat Full of Sky
I Shall Wear Midnight
The Shepherd’s Crown

Joe Aching – Tiffany’s father.

Eumenides Treason – Well-respected, blind witch known (but not widely) for Boffo. Died at age 111, not 113.

Granny Aching / Sarah Grizzel – Tiffany’s grandmother who was witch in shepherd’s clothing.

Abiding Swindell – Ferret keeper in Twoshirts. A pair of trousers and a long coat (with ferret-filled pockets) vanished from his residence.

Wentworth Aching – Tiffany’s younger, sticky brother.

Summer Lady – Elemental opposite of the Wintersmith (also an Elemental). The two meet twice each year. Owns the Cornucopia.

Granny Weatherwax – The head witch (among equals), especially in Bad Ass country. Given name: Esmerelda. Esme, for short, but only to her closest friends.

Thunder – One of Granny Aching’s dogs.*

Lightning – One of Granny Aching’s dogs.*

Mrs. Letice Earwig – (Pron. Ah-wij) Wife of a wizard. Author of several books including The Higher MagiK. Heavily into the strain of headology called boffo.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Pinky – Mother of You, the cat.

Widow Cable – Owner of Pinky, the cat.

Miss Level – One witch in two bodies (for a time). Formerly a member of Professor Monty Bladder’s Three-Ring Circus and Cabinet of Curiosities. Instructed Tiffany Aching in the ways of witchery.

Miss Pullunder – Witch who breeds earthworms.

Old Mother (Gammer) Dismass – Elderly witch who doesn’t get out much.

Perspicacia Tick – Miss Tick (Get it? Tiffany did.) is a witch who sees clearly (Get it?) that Tiffany is a witch, even though she’s young and comes from The Chalk.

Sensibility Bustle – Powerful wizard of Unseen University who captured a hiver (inside himself). The accomplishment led to his eventual demise.

Lancre Morris Men – In no particular order: Jason Ogg the smith, Weaver the thatcher, Bestiality Carter the baker, Obidiah Carpenter the tailor and poacher, Baker the weaver, Thatcher the carter, Tailor the other weaver, and Tinker the tinker.

Roger (mealworm) – Owned by Miss Tick who once made a shamble of him and other bits.

Mrs. Sheergold – Created Lubricated Throat Lozenges.

Chalk Hill Clan – Nac Mac Feegle group who have Rob Anybody as their Big Man.

Awf’ly Wee Billy Bigchin – Recruited by Rob Anybody, even though he was under 3 inches high, to protect Tiffany Aching from the hiver.

Horace (cheese) – A wheel of Lancre Blue who looks and acts much like a Feegle.

Chaffinch – Author of Ancient and Classical Mythology.

Don Weizen de Yoyo – Dyslexic book illustrator who had trouble with captions, like Dacne of the Sneasos.

Baron of the Chalk – Ruler of the land where the Aching family lived. At least, that’s what people told him.

Roland de Chumsfanleigh – Son of the Baron of the Chalk. Eventually becomes the Baron and weds Letitia Keepsake.

Old Miss Breathless – Witch in Two Falls. Resorted to Boffo because she couldn’t grow her own warts.

Annagramma Hawkin – Bossy student of Letice Earwig.

Zakzak Stronginthearm – Has a shop in Sallett Without that caters to witches (and possibly others).

Queen of the Elves – Nearly kills Granny Weatherwax. But that ate’nt true.

Waspmire – Author of Book of Unusual Days.

Crumberry – Author of Why Things Are Not Otherwise.

Long Lake Clan – Nac Mac Feegle group of the Lancre area.

Slightly Mad Angus – Feegle who thinks Roland willna be interested in marryin’. Distrustful of the Baron.

You (cat) – Given to Granny Weatherwax by Tiffany.

Aunt Danuta – Nasty relative of Roland.

Aunt Araminta – Nasty relative or Roland.

Sergeant Roberts – In the army of of Baron of the Chalk.

Kevin – Apparently in the army of the Baron of the Chalk. Possibly an Ogg. (See Neville and Trevor.)

Neville – Apparently in the army of the Baron of the Chalk. Possibly an Ogg. (See Kevin and Trevor.)

Trevor – Apparently in the army of the Baron of the Chalk. Possibly an Ogg. (See Kevin and Neville.)

General Tacticus – Once in power in Genua, declared war on Ankh-Morpork.

Mr. Armbinder – Gave Miss Treason a splendid ham for settling ownership of a chestnut tree.

Dimity Hubbub – Can accidentally set a hat on fire.

Petulia Gristle – Um, she is learning witchery, um, from Old Mother Gwinifer, um, Blackcap. She’s, um, good with, um, pigs.

Lucy Warbeck – Friend of Petulia and Annagramma.

Lulu Darling – Friend of Petulia and Annagramma.

Gertruder Tiring – Friend of Petulia and Annagramma.

Old Mrs. Pewmire – Told Lucy Warbeck there was no age limit (written down) for inheriting a witch’s cottage.

Old Mother Gwinifer Blackcap – Of Sidling Without. Teacher of Petulia Gristle.

Gammer Tumult – Witch who taught Granny Weatherwax much of what she knows, but probably not everything.

Unlucky Charlie – Scarecrow in Lancre who can be truly scary.

Davey Lummock – Petulia told him to go away when he started getting, um, too romantic.

Makky Weaver – Petulia told Davey Lummock she was, um, walking out with Makky.

Mr. Blinkhorn – Miss Treason discussed a complex problem concerning a fallen tree and someone’s shed with him shortly before she died.

Mr. Easy – Owed two months’ rent to the Widow Langley at the time of Miss Treason’s death.

Widow Langley – Was owed two months’ rent from Mr. Easy.

Mr. Plenty – Had a pig that belonged to Mrs. Frumment.

Mrs. Frumment – Mr. Plenty apparently stole her pig.

Miss Fullsome – Miss Treason started to tell her that the Dogelley family had Right of Passage over the Turnwise pasture, until her clock went clon…k one last time.

Dogelley (family) – See Miss Fullsome.

Nine Day Wonderers – Religious group in the Ramtops near Lancre. Brother Perdore was a member.

Greebo – Nanny Ogg’s cat. He will mate with any unsuspecting female.

T. H. Mouseholder – Author of Survival in the Snow.

K. Pierpoint Poundsworth – Author of Among the Snow Weasels.

Deputy Librarian Grizzler – A Traveling Librarian.

Senior Librarian Swinsley – A Traveling Librarian.

Superflua Raven – Author of Cooking in Dire Straights.

Captain W. E. Lightly – Author of The Habits of Wolves.

Miss Jenkins – A Traveling Librarian who specializes in romances (the book genre).

Bill Hogparsley – Tended to by Nanny Ogg and Tiffany, even though he shoots imaginary crossbow arrows at them.

Mrs. Dowser – Sometimes shot at (with imaginary crossbow arrows) by Bill Hogparsley.

Marjory J. Boddice – Author of Passion’s Plaything.

Mr. Gamely – Had a stable where Roland could leave his horse, thus keeping it safe from his aunts.

Mrs. Owlslick – Was soon to have a baby and would want help from Annagramma.

Mrs. Obble – Had plenty of peasant ignorance, such as putting leaf mold on wounds.

Fusel Johnson – Knew how to lime-wash a kitchen.

Mr. Tissot – His death was the first that Annagramma had to sit through.

Tolliver Groat – One of two remaining postmen, until Moist von Lipwig came along.

Shawn Ogg, Our – Nanny Ogg’s son who is a guard at Lancre Castle.

Lord Diver – Roland went to a ball at his residence.

Iodine Diver – Danced with Roland at the ball and then showed him her watercolors.

Anoia – Goddess of Things That Stick in Drawers. Know her well, do you?

Joe Broomsocket – Had a never-ending argument with Shifty Adams over ownership of a cow.

Shifty Adams – Had a never-ending argument with Joe Broomsocket over ownership of a cow.

Mrs. Stumper – Had a sick pig that Annagramma managed to get stuck in a tree after using Bangle’s Universal Nostrum on it.

Fred (helper) – Helped Petulia with the pigs.

Blind Io – Chief of the gods who live at Dunmanifestin. He appears to be blind but has many eyes outside his body.

Almeg – Blind Io’s goat. One of his horns became the Cornucopia.

Bisonomy – Goddess who had two children by Blind Io.

Epidity – God of Things Shaped like Potatoes.

Resonata – Goddess of weasels.

Wotua Doinov – Composer of Uberwald Winter. The Wintersmith once sang the overture.

Dymphnia Stoot – Once recounted a fairly accurate account of an encounter with the Wintersmith, without really knowing what she was talking about.

Mrs Carter – Relationship to other Carters (or carters) unknown (in Carpe Jugulum). This one does pickled onions very well.

Mrs. Umbridge – Ran a souvenir shop in Twoshirts. Had a barn that was FTW – Friendly To Witches.

Mr. Parkinson – Wrote “My Fall Over the Falls”, in reference to his trip down Lancre Falls.

Old Robbins – Night watchman at the Baron’s castle.

Mrs. Aching – Tiffany’s mother.

Hamish – Aerial Nac Mac Feegle usually found aboard a buzzard.

Morag – Buzzard commanded by Buggy Swires.**

Ferryman, The – Takes visitors to the Underworld across the river Styx. Doesn’t really have a name, but his job is so important (and he speaks in capital letters, like Death) that I thought he should be included here.


*I’m not sure if the dogs Thunder and Lightning are referenced in Wintersmith, but they might as well be.

**And sometimes by Hamish.

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