Thud! Things – Chronologic

Many of the important things in this chronological list from Thud! are related to Koom Valley or are drugs for trolls, but that’s what you should expect in a narrative like this. The same, of course, goes for the alphabetical list.

Gd Tak ‘Gar – The Things Tak Wrote.

Ankh-Morpork Times, The – Newspaper started by William de Worde.

Silicon Anti-Defamation League – Organized by the trolls.

Offler’s League of Temperance – Violet the Tooth Fairy was a blue-ribbon-wearing member.

Battle of Koom Valley – Ongoing scuffle between dwarfs and trolls. Settled, at least temporarily, in Thud!

Koom Valley Day, Battle of – Celebrated by dwarfs. Same day as trolls’ New Year.

Girls, Giggles, and Garters – Gentlemen’s magazine. Tawneee was Miss May and also part of Miss June.

Battle of Koom Valley, The (artwork) – Panoscopic painted by Methodia Rascal.

Don’t Talk To Me About Mondays! – Created by Daniellarina Pouter. Plinth piled high with rags. At least, to the uninitiated, that’s what it looks like.

Three Large Pink Women and One Piece of Gauze – By Caravati. On display at the Royal Art Museum.

Freedom – A big stake with a nail in it. By D. Pouter in coordination with Lord Vetinari.

The Goddess Anoia Arising from the Cutlery – By some bloke with three i’s in his name. On display at the Royal Art Museum.

Koom Valley Codex, The – Book that contains the secret of Rascal’s Battle of Koom Valley panoscopic.

Dis-organizer – Owned by Vimes. Personal “organizer” run by an imp inside.

Scrape – “It a few bitsa drain-grade Slab boiled up inna tin wi’alcohol and pigeon droppings. It what der street trolls make when they is short of cash and self-respect. It what you “scrape up”, see?”

Piecemaker – Multi-shot crossbow with a 2000 pound draw. Used by Detritus.

Slab – Ammonium chloride cut with radium. Drug used by trolls. Jus’ say ‘AarrghaarrghpleeassennononoUGH’.

Slide – Replacing slab as trolls’ drug of choice.

Thud – Board game between dwarfs and trolls based on the earlier Hnaflbaflsniflwhifltafl.

Where’s My Cow? – One of young Sam’s favorite books.

Ankh-Morpork Historical Preservation Society – Despite their best efforts, the Empirical Crescent still stands.

Sliver, Slice, Slunkie, Slurp – Along with Slab, Slide, and Scrape, some of the favorite drugs of trolls. As to the leading “s” on each…”it make dem easier to remember.”

Golden Wouter – Dragon breed with a flame so strong that one of them had once been used by thieves to melt their way into a bank vault. Raja is an example.

Cube – Dwarf device with no obvious controls or buttons. Some are used to record events for posterity.

Willard Brothers “Good Girl!” Flea Shampoo – Used by Angua.

Tiddley-rats – Game Vimes played when he was a nipper.

Dead Rat Conkers – A game usually played in the gutter.

Turd Races / Poosticks – Children’s game involving betting on whose item will finish first as they drift down a stream of water.

Bearhugger’s Whiskey Cream – With Almonte, Wahlulu, and vodka, an ingredient in a Screaming Orgasm.

Walking in the Koom Valley – Written by Eric Wheelbrace.

Scone of Stone – Dwarf bread that is required in order to have an official Low King. The Scone has existed for about 1500 years, if you believe the story.

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Chronological list of important things in Thud!
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