Thud! Things – Alphabetic

Many of the important things in this alphabetical list from Thud! are related to Koom Valley or are drugs for trolls, but that’s what you should expect in a narrative like this. The same, of course, goes for the chronological list.

Ankh-Morpork Historical Preservation Society – Despite their best efforts, the Empirical Crescent still stands.

Ankh-Morpork Times, The – Newspaper started by William de Worde.

Battle of Koom Valley – Ongoing scuffle between dwarfs and trolls. Settled, at least temporarily, in Thud!

Battle of Koom Valley, The (artwork) – Panoscopic painted by Methodia Rascal.

Bearhugger’s Whiskey Cream – With Almonte, Wahlulu, and vodka, an ingredient in a Screaming Orgasm.

Cube – Dwarf device with no obvious controls or buttons. Some are used to record events for posterity.

Dead Rat Conkers – A game usually played in the gutter.

Dis-organizer – Owned by Vimes. Personal “organizer” run by an imp inside.

Don’t Talk To Me About Mondays! – Created by Daniellarina Pouter. Plinth piled high with rags. At least, to the uninitiated, that’s what it looks like.

Freedom – A big stake with a nail in it. By D. Pouter in coordination with Lord Vetinari.

Gd Tak ‘Gar – The Things Tak Wrote.

Girls, Giggles, and Garters – Gentlemen’s magazine. Tawneee was Miss May and also part of Miss June.

Golden Wouter – Dragon breed with a flame so strong that one of them had once been used by thieves to melt their way into a bank vault. Raja is an example.

Koom Valley Codex, The – Book that contains the secret of Rascal’s Battle of Koom Valley panoscopic.

Koom Valley Day, Battle of – Celebrated by dwarfs. Same day as trolls’ New Year.

Offler’s League of Temperance – Violet the Tooth Fairy was a blue-ribbon-wearing member.

Piecemaker – Multi-shot crossbow with a 2000 pound draw. Used by Detritus.

Scone of Stone – Dwarf bread that is required in order to have an official Low King. The Scone has existed for about 1500 years, if you believe the story.

Scrape – “It a few bitsa drain-grade Slab boiled up inna tin wi’alcohol and pigeon droppings. It what der street trolls make when they is short of cash and self-respect. It what you “scrape up”, see?”

Silicon Anti-Defamation League – Organized by the trolls.

Slab – Ammonium chloride cut with radium. Drug used by trolls. Jus’ say ‘AarrghaarrghpleeassennononoUGH’.

Slide – Replacing slab as trolls’ drug of choice.

Sliver, Slice, Slunkie, Slurp – Along with Slab, Slide, and Scrape, some of the favorite drugs of trolls. As to the leading “s” on each…”it make dem easier to remember.”

The Goddess Anoia Arising from the Cutlery – By some bloke with three i’s in his name. On display at the Royal Art Museum.

Three Large Pink Women and One Piece of Gauze – By Caravati. On display at the Royal Art Museum.

Thud – Board game between dwarfs and trolls based on the earlier Hnaflbaflsniflwhifltafl.

Tiddley-rats – Game Vimes played when he was a nipper.

Turd Races / Poosticks – Children’s game involving betting on whose item will finish first as they drift down a stream of water.

Walking in the Koom Valley – Written by Eric Wheelbrace.

Where’s My Cow? – One of young Sam’s favorite books.

Willard Brothers “Good Girl!” Flea Shampoo – Used by Angua.

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