Thud! Places – Alphabetic

The action in Thud! takes places in a wide variety of places as you’ll see in this alphabetical listing. See them also in this chronological listing.

Ankh-Morpork – The largest city on the Disc where much of the action in the Discworld series takes place. Ruled by the Patrician. Home of Unseen University.

Apothecary Gardens – Works well as a shortcut, if your coach isn’t too wide.

Bhangbhangduc – Island that is part of the Agatean Empire.

Biers – Formerly, the Crown and Axe. Tavern where you can be yourself, whatever shape that may be. Mrs Gammage also frequents here.

Bonk – Properly pronounced Be-yonk. In Uberwald, home to Lady Margolotta, the werewolf clan of Baron Guye von Uberwald, the dwarf Low King, Captain Tantony, and the (nearby) Schmaltzberg fat mines. Not a major tourist attraction.

Broad Way – One of Ankh-Morpork’s busiest streets. Intersects the Street of Small Gods.

Bucket, The – Owned by Mr Cheese, on Gleam Street.

Burleigh and Stronginthearm’s – Crossbow makers to the nobility. That pretty much says it all.

Cham, The – Between Sator Square and the Plaza of the Broken Moons. Thankfully.

Cheap Street – Grag Bashfullsson lived in a sub-divided cellar there for a time.

Chitterling Street – Likely the same as Chittling Street. If so, it’s near the Shades and has a Watch House where Buggy Swires was stationed.

Chitterling Street Station – Likely the same as Chittling Street Station.

Cockbill Street – Where Sam Vimes grew up. Poorest part of Ankh-Morpork.

Copperhead Mountain – Major peak in Lancre.

Cori Celesti – 10-mile high mountain at the Hub of the Disc. Home to the gods of Dunmanifestin. Possible translation: Heart of heaven.

Crundells – Aka Ramkin Hall. Country estate of the Ramkin family.

Crybaby Alley – In the Shades. Needle Ned does tattoos there.

Cunning Artificers’ Guild – Some of its members helped Leonard of Quirm to craft the Kite.

Dolly Sisters – Neighborhood now absorbed by Ankh-Morpork. Has a Watch House.

Empirical Crescent – Set of houses designed by Bloody Stupid Johnson…so you can imagine the problems. Methodia Rascal lived there.

Ettercap Street – Private Hobbley had lived there.

Gleam Street – Location of The Bucket pub.

Guild of Thieves, Cutpurses, Housebreakers and Allied Trades – An organization, first encountered in Equal Rites, perhaps known later as simply the Guild of Thieves or Thieves’ Guild.

Ham-on-Koom – Town at the lower end of Koom Valley. Possibly where the Waynesbury family lived.

Historians’ Guild – Located at the corner of Easy Street and Treacle Mine Road. The president is Mr Betteridge.

Hub Gate – An Ankh-Morporkian gate closest to the Hub; that is, the center of the Disc.

Jeebies, The – One of the areas the dwarfs tunneled under looking for the cube.

Kings Way / Kingsway – Street in Ankh where the d’Eath family lived.

King, The (mountain) – Peak near Koom Valley.

Kings’ Cave – Where Vimes met with the trolls and dwarfs in Koom Valley.

Koom River – Closely connected to Koom Valley.

Koom Valley – Location of an historic battle between dwarves and trolls.

Lady Sibyl Free Hospital – Where Dr. Lawn works. Has the unusual reputation of aiming to get people well.

Lancre – A small kingdom in the Ramtops. Home of Nanny Ogg and several other witches and wizards.

Leastgate / Least Gate – Leads from A-M to Sto Kerrig.

Llamedos – Pllace from which Imp y Celyn hailed. (Nasty when read backwards.)

Misbegot Bridge – Over the place where the Canting Crew usually gathers.

Money Trap Lane – Location of Thimble’s, Sara the matchstick girl, and (formerly) Snowy Slopes.

Monkey Street – In the Shades. Don’t get lost there.

Moon Pond Lane – In Ankh-Morpork. Where the Librarian had been born – next to the saddle-makers.

New Cobblers – Street in Ankh-Morpork. Location of Pluggers, a shoemaking shop.

Oblong Office – The main room of the Patrician in the Palace. Definitely not the same as the Oval Office.

Park Lane – Where the Park Lane Knobbler was caught.

Pellicool Steps – One of the areas the dwarfs tunneled under looking for the cube.

Pigsty Hill – A street in the Shambles near the Cattle Market. A golem once caused it to be packed with cattle.

Pink PussyCat Club – Strip club in Ankh-Morpork where Tawneee, Broccolee, and Mrs. Spudding (age 75) have performed.

Plaza of Broken Moon(s) – Open area where Rincewind used Twoflower’s iconograph. Visited by Tomjon.

Pointer & Pickles – Rock shop run by Miss Pointer / Miss Pickles. Mr. Shine’s Thud Academy rents the basement.

Pork Futures Warehouse – “Future pork, possibly even pork as yet unborn, was routinely traded by the merchants. Therefore, it had to exist somewhere. And the Pork Futures Warehouse came into existence, icy cold within as the pork drifted backwards in time.”

Post Office – On Broad Way, opposite the Patrician’s Palace, Ankh-Morpork.

Prouts (Street) – Nothing significant on this street.

Pseudopolis – A major city on the Disc. In The Colour of Magic, Death is headed there because of the white plague striking the city. Home of Eric.

Pseudopolis Yard – Ankh-Morpork, not Pseudopolis. A circular street located at the city’s center. The Opera House and City Watch are on it.

Quarry Lane – Heavily populated by trolls.

Quirm – A city near Ankh-Morpork, not to be confused with Chirm. Probably.

Quirm College for Young Ladies – Where Susan Sto Helit was sometimes seen.

Ramtop Mountains – One of the main mountain ranges Hubward.

Rope Street – Location of boys who were involved in turf problems with the Shamlegger Street Rude Boys.

Royal Art Museum – In Ankh-Morpork. Contains works by Caravati, Mauvaise, Cuspidor, Blitz, and many others.

Sator Square – The area just outside Unseen University often occupied by many merchants.

Scoone Avenue – Ankh-Morpork. Location of the Ramkin estate.

Scours, The – Street in Ankh-Morpork. Location of Chalkies.

Scuttlebutt Court – One of the areas the dwarfs tunneled under looking for the cube.

Shamlegger School of Butlering – Where Willikins learned his trade…and possibly more.

Shamlegger Street – In the Shades near Rookery Yard and Treacle Mine Road.

Tallow Lane – Some of the Helmclever clan lived there.

Tanty, The – Ankh-Morpork’s main prison.

Tears of the King – Half-mile high waterfall in Koom Valley.

Tenth Egg Street – Street of small traders including Boffo’s and Pointer & Pickles. There’s a gang in the area, but I can’t think of its name.

Thank Gods It’s Open – Cocktail bar in Ankh-Morpork.

Treacle Mine Road – Ankh-Morpork. Just off Elm Street.

Treacle Street – Usually location of the meeting place of the Brethren of Ee, except when there’s a mixup with the fretwork club.

Turn Again Lane – Chrysoprase hinted to Vimes that there just might be something slightly illegal going on at a cake making shop there.

Two Pint Dock – Near Treacle Mine Road and Misbegot Bridge.

Überwald – Home to many werewolf, vampires, Igors, and other races. Homeland of Angua and Cheery.

Unseen University – The home of the Disc’s wizards, a very magical place where magic is almost never used, and for good reason. Known as UU, for short. Sometimes misspelled, Unesene.

Unseen University Press – Precise location unknown – perhaps even to those who work there.

Vilinus – John Not-A-Vampire-At-All Smith, formerly Count Vargo St. Gruet hailed von there. May be the same as Wilinus.

Vilinus Pass – May be the same as Wilinus Pass.

Watch House (Dolly Sisters) – Referred to in Feet of Clay, The Truth, and more. May have been torched in the Glorious Revolution.

Watch Training School – Across the alley from the main Watch House. Formerly a lemonade factory. Fred Colon was given an office there.

Water Street – The Silicon Anti-Defamation League once marched there.

Wizards’ Passage – Free access to Unseen University, if you know where the loose bricks are.

XXXX (Fourecks) – Fabled hidden continent, mate. Terror Incognita. EcksEcksEcksEcks.

Yo Rat! – In Attic Bee Street. Run by Gimlet Gimlet.

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