Thief of Time Persons – Chronologic

If I could steal just a little slice of your time to take a look at this chronological list of the persons in Thief of Time, it would be appreciated. The alphabetical list of the same in on this page.

Wen the Eternally Surprised – Founded the History Monks. Married Time (with a capital “T”). Had a child called Lobsang Newgate Ludd and Jeremy Clocksson.

Clodpool – Wen’s servant / fool.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Death of Rats – Once part of Death, he retained his own identity even after Bill Door ceased to be.

Quoth – Name used to refer to a raven only by the wizard Cheesewaller (Soul Music) who thought he owned him. Mount of the Death of Rats. Will not use the N-word.

Auditors – Mysterious beings, often clad in gray, who seem to report to no one but Azrael. Making personal references causes them to cease to exist.

Great A’Tuin – He or she is the turtle who moves through space in the Discworld universe. On his or her back are 4 elephants. On the backs of the elephants rests the Disc itself.

Nanny (Gytha) Ogg – A prominent and popular (especially with gentlemen) witch who had 15 children.

Mrs Weaver – Told Agnes Nitt about Brother Perdore’s accident with his donkey. Unknown if she is the wife of Jarge Weaver, the baker.

Biddy Spective – Nanny Ogg’s teacher.

Minnie Forthwright – A midwife who got a lot of respect from Nanny Ogg.

Jeremy Clockson / Lobsang Newgate Ludd – Son (born twice) of Wen the Eternally Surprised and Time (the anthropomorphic personification).

Lady Myria / Unity LeJean – An Auditor who helps Jeremy / Lobsang and Susan Sto Helit against the other Auditors. Discovered that chocolate is lethal to an Auditor.

Williamson – Student in the Clockmakers’ Guild who kept his clock five minutes fast. Jeremy apparently wasn’t very nice to him.

Susan Sto Helit – Daughter of Mort and Ysabell. Thus, Death’s granddaughter (adopted, so to speak).

Miranda – Student of Susan.

Vincent – Oo, oo, oo…another student of Susan.

Samuel – Student of Susan.

Melanie – Student of Susan.

Penelope – Student of Susan. A lot could happen while people waited for her to complete a thought process.

Gordon – Student of Susan.

Lu-Tze – Not really a History Monk but visited Omnia, among other times.

Listening Monks – Led by Abbot Lobsang, they are trying to hear what the Creator said at Creation.

Monks of Cool – Have a tiny, exclusive monastery in a really cool, laid-back valley in the Ramptops.

Balancing Monks – They attempt to keep the Disc in balance, literally.

History Monks / Order of Wen – Keepers of History, making sure it exists and follows its correct course, primarily by using Procrastinators.

Master of Novices / Dojo Master – Trains all (History) monks from novice to tenth djim.

Rinpo – Chief acolyte of the Abbot of the History Monks.

Abbot, The – Leader of the Oi Dong History Monks. Reincarnates every several decades. Wanna bikkit. Can think in 16 dimensions.

Marco Soto, Master – Discovered Lobsang Ludd in Ankh-Morpork and sent him to the History Monks at the Oi Dong monastery for training.

Igor (Jeremy’s) – Hired, via We R Igors, by Lady LeJean to help Jeremy construct the Glass Clock.

Ronald Soak – Ronnie is really Kaos. (See it?)

Aunt Igorina – Runs We R Igors.

Mad Doctor Scoop – Former master of Jeremy’s Igor. Mad? Who can thay?

Crazed Baron Haha – Former master of Jeremy’s Igor. Crushed (mistakenly) by a burning windmill.

Screaming Doctor Berserk – Former master of Jeremy’s Igor. Should have been crushed by the burning windmill that afflicted Crazed Baron Haha. Died instead of blood poisoning from a dirty pitchfork.

Nipsie the Impaler – Former master of Jeremy’s Igor. Unconventionally ran a kebab shop.

Dribbling Doctor Vibes – Former master of Jeremy’s Igor. Had a wall calendar with a splash of color (red).

Hepzibah Whitlow – Got the idea for the adjustable pendulum clock from his work as public hangman.

Wilframe Balderton – Got the idea for the Fish Tail Escapement after eating too much lobster.

Grandfather Igor (of Jeremy’s Igor) – His master in Uberwald had constructed the first Glass Clock.

Demented Doctor Wingle – Made the first Glass Clock in Bad Schuschein.

Time – Anthropomorphic personification who married Wen the Eternally Surprised and gave birth (twice) to Jeremy / Lobsang.

Madame Frout – Headmistress of Frout Academy. Inventor of the Frout Method of Learning Through Fun.

Miss Smith – Teacher who, according to Susan, thinks a good book is about a boy and his dog chasing a big red ball.

Jason – Student transferred to Susan’s class. If children were weapons, he would have been banned by international treaty.

Richenda Higgs – Student in Susan’s class who wrote, in part…A man with all bones came to talk to us he was not scarey at all, he had a big white hors. We pated the hors. He had a sighyve.

Mr Slumph – A bogeyman who visited Susan’s class to speak to the children.

Mrs Robertson – Mother of Emma, a student of Susan’s. Complained that Emma was looking for monsters in cupboards. (She did carry a stick.)

Emma Robertson – Seached for monsters in the cupboards. (Good for her.)

Henry the Hamster – Deceased class pet (Susan’s classroom) who was collected by Death of Rats.

Janda Trapp – Grand Master of okidoki, toro-fu, and chang-fu. Only ever yielded to one man.

Pash of Muntab – Title of the ruler of the Theocracy of Muntab.

Mrs Marietta Cosmopolite – Of 3 Quirm Street, Ankh-Morpork. Dress-maker (seamstress) in charge of costumes in Holy Wood.

Alberto Malich the Wise (Albert) – Founder of Unseen University. “Wise” may just be an honorarium. Death’s housekeeper.

War – Associated with Death. Along with Pestilence and Famine, the four of them attempt to learn to play cards from Twoflower.

Destiny – The god with whom Night had an appointment.

Pestilence – Associated with Death.

Dr Hopkins – Secretary of the Clockmakers’ Guild. Needs to keep an eye on Jeremy.

Baron Finklestein – Former employer of Jeremy’s Igor.

Billy – Student of Susan’s who (frequently?) needed the wee emptied from his shoes.

Mr Shoblang – Overseer (temporarily deceased) of the Procrastinators at Oi Dong.

Rambut Handisides – In charge of the Procrastinators while Shoblang is…gone.

Charlie (History Monk) – Tried to comfort Lu-Tze in reference to his actions at the time of the first Glass Clock.

Qu – Provides the History Monks with all manner of gadgets. Some of them may be safe to use.

Leonard of Quirm – Painter, inventor. (Think, da Vinci.)

Tooth Fairy – According to Granny, a “very hard-working woman.” Actually, one of several with the same job.

Famine – Associated with Death.

Soul Cake Tuesday Duck – Anthropomorphic personification of Soul Cake Tuesday – for what it’s worth.

Old Man Trouble – Anthropomorphic personification of Murphy’s Law.

Binky – Death’s white (pale) horse, revealing the serendipitous side of Death.

Gripper “The Butcher” Smartz – By his own account, very prone to being dess-turbed. Killed seven dwarfs. (Unknown if they lived together.)

Mrs War – A retired Valkyrie who sees to it that her husband doesn’t hang around with those other three (or four) guys anymore.

Hogfather – Does his gifting thing at Hogswatch time.

Sandman – Uses his bag of sand (without opening it) to help (young) people sleep.

Hoha – Poet who once dreamed he was a butterfly.

Tobrun – Prophet whose writings appear in the Book of Om. Referred to the 5th Horseman.

Caravati – Creator of Three Large Pink Women and One Piece of Gauze on display in the Royal Art Museum.

Mauvaise – Sculptor of Man with Big Figleaf found in the Royal Art Museum.

Blitzt – Went mad after painting The Battle of Ar-Gash.

Sir Robert Cuspidor – His Waggon Stuck in River was taken apart – molecule by molecule – by the Auditors.

Steff – Very good thief in the same class as Lobsang.

Herr Weinrich – One of the original founders of Weinrich and Boettcher, chocolatiers.

Frau Boettcher – One of the original founders of Weinrich and Boettcher, chocolatiers.

Fire – According to Ronnie / Kaos, a mere demi-god.

Brutha – Novice. Eventually Cenobiarch of Omnia. Sadly, skipped right over being Brother Brutha.

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