The Wee Free Men Things – Alphabetic

This alphabetical list of the important things in The Wee Free Men is mostly books and cheeses. The chronological list here contains the same in a different order.

Almanack and Booke of Dayes – Found in Granny Weatherwax’s privy. She may have read it.

Diseases of the Sheep – Most cures involve turpentine.

Flowers of the Chalk – Sarah Grizzel (Granny Aching) had owned a copy and presumably had colored in the pictures.

Goode Childe’s Booke of Fairie Tales, The – The stories may be fairie tales, but the illustrations are uncannily accurate.

Introduction to Escapology, An – Authored by The Great Williamson. Especially handy for rural witches.

Jolly Sailor Tobacco – Appreciated by Granny Aching. If you turn a packet upside down, you can see a nak….

Lancre Blue Vein – Presumably cheese. Reacts vigorously with acid.

Old Argg – Cheese.

Red Runny – Cheese.

Special Sheep Liniment – Granny Aching’s. Puts hair on your chest. Dissolves spoons. Greatly appreciated by Nac Mac Feegle.

Treble Wibbley – Cheese.

Waney Tasty – Cheese.

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The Wee Free Men Things - Alphabetic
Alphabetical list of the important things in The Wee Free Men.
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