The Wee Free Men Places – Chronologic

There’s not much movement in The Wee Free Men, unless you count travel between Fairyland and the Chalk. This is the chronological list of these places. See the alphabetical list here.

Chalk, The – Home of Tiffany Aching, the Chalk Hill Clan of the Nac Mac Feegle, and the Baron Roland de Chumsfanleigh. Location of the White Horse.

Home Farm – Residence of the Aching family in the Chalk.

Klatch – Land of deserts and some jungles. Also the source of the phrase, “Pardon my Klatchian.” The country of Klatch is on the continent of Klatch.

Hersheba – One of two places the D’regs live – the other being nextdoor Klatch.

Quirm – A city near Ankh-Morpork, not to be confused with Chirm. Probably.

Quirm College for Young Ladies – Where Susan Sto Helit was sometimes seen.

Arken HillArken is a variation of Aching. From the hilltop, you can see the Home Farm, the Baron’s castle, as well as the nearby village and river.

Old Man’s Forge – Located in the Chalk, it is four big flat rocks placed so they made a kind of half-buried hut in the side of a mound. If you shouted into it, it took several seconds for the echo to come back.

Yelp – Town 10 miles from the Aching Home Farm. Tiffany’s father took her to the fair there when she was 16. She had too much cotton candy and won the china shepherdess there.

Creel Springs – Home of a wizard who replaced Granny Hopliss and of Shaker Wistley.

Fairyland – The world of the (not so nice) elves and their Queen (aka Quin). The world sometimes comes close enough to the Discworld that you can travel between the two. Not that you’d really want to, except in special circumstances.

Copperhead Mountain – Major peak in Lancre.

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