The Light Fantastic Things – Chronologic

Here follows a list of Things (not the Dungeon Dimensions type) that are of significance in The Light Fantastic.

See the same Things in alphabetical order here.

Potent Voyager, The – The spaceship designed in Krull by which its occupants were to discover the gender of A’Tuin.

Luggage, The – A mysterious box made of sapient pearwood that ambles about on hundreds of tiny feet. It arrived in Ankh-Morpork with Twoflower.

Eight-fold Seal of Stasis – Located on the floor of the room in the Library where the Octavo was chained. It seems it didn’t always work as intended.

Octavo, The – The most magical of all books, located in the library of UU. It is “the last remaining copy of the Creator’s own grimoire.”

Necrotelicomnicon – Written by Achmed the Mad. A famous book with pages made of lizard skin. Possibly used where comic book enthusiasts gather to communicate with the dead.

Book of Going Forth Around Elevenish – Written by the Llamaic sect, Nearly as well-known (and certainly more popular than) The Octavo.

Bumper Fun Grimoire – Reputedly contains the one original joke left in the universe. It may not be all that funny.

Little Folks’ Book of Flower Fairies, The – How Twoflower learned the “truth” about fairies, elves, and the like. The book was wrong.

Wezen the Double-headed Kangaroo – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Gahoolie the Vase of Tulips – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Mubbo the Hyaena – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Okjock the Salesman – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Celestial Parsnip, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Perhaps Gate, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac. Perhaps.

Cow of Heaven – A sign of the Disc zodiac. Not hard to milk this one for a joke.

Two Fat Cousins, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Small Boring Group of Faint Stars, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Flying Moose, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Knotted String, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Caroc Cards – Includes The Star, Importance of Washing the Hands, Eight of Octograms, Dome of the Sky, Pool of Night, Four of Elephants, Ace of Turtles, and Death, among others in a deck.

Nosehinger on the Laws of Contract – The authority on the game of cards that Twoflower teaches to Death and his friends.

Iconoscope – See Iconograph. Same thing.

Travellers’ Digestives, Captain Eightpanther’s – Food found in The Luggage. These biscuits have “saved many a life at sea, they have.”

Emporium – The inhabitants of this vast galactic empire created the tabernae vagantes, one of those shops, that only appear once in any given market.

Light Fantastic, The – That which radiates from The Octavo. The far side of darkness.

Kythian spellscript – One of the presentations offered by The Octavo. Curly.

Cupumuguk snow runes – A presentation of The Octavo. Contains “zsff” which is definitely not the same as “zph”, “sph”, “sff”, or “tsff”.

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The Light Fantastic Things - Chronologic
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