The Light Fantastic Things – Alphabetical

This list shows you the Things I found important (relatively) in The Light Fantastic. You can see the same items in chronological order on this page.

Book of Going Forth Around Elevenish – Written by the Llamaic sect, Nearly as well-known (and certainly more popular than) The Octavo.

Bumper Fun Grimoire – Reputedly contains the one original joke left in the universe. It may not be all that funny.

Caroc Cards – Includes The Star, Importance of Washing the Hands, Eight of Octograms, Dome of the Sky, Pool of Night, Four of Elephants, Ace of Turtles, and Death, among others in a deck.

Cow of Heaven – A sign of the Disc zodiac. Not hard to milk this one for a joke.

Cupumuguk snow runes – A presentation of The Octavo. Contains “zsff” which is definitely not the same as “zph”, “sph”, “sff”, or “tsff”.

Eight-fold Seal of Stasis – Located on the floor of the room in the Library where the Octavo was chained. It seems it didn’t always work as intended.

Emporium – The inhabitants of this vast galactic empire created the tabernae vagantes, one of those shops, that only appear once in any given market.

Gahoolie the Vase of Tulips – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Iconoscope – See Iconograph. Same thing.

Kythian spellscript – One of the presentations offered by The Octavo. Curly.

Light Fantastic, The – That which radiates from The Octavo. The far side of darkness.

Little Folks’ Book of Flower Fairies, The – How Twoflower learned the “truth” about fairies, elves, and the like. The book was wrong.

Mubbo the Hyaena – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Necrotelicomnicon – Written by Achmed the Mad. A famous book with pages made of lizard skin. Possibly used where comic book enthusiasts gather to communicate with the dead.

Nosehinger on the Laws of Contract – The authority on the game of cards that Twoflower teaches to Death and his friends.

Octavo, The – The most magical of all books, located in the library of UU. It is “the last remaining copy of the Creator’s own grimoire.”

Okjock the Salesman – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Potent Voyager, The – The spaceship designed in Krull by which its occupants were to discover the gender of A’Tuin.

Spell, The – It came from The Octavo, housed in the library at Unseen University (UU), and now resides in Rincewind the Wizard’s brain. Seven of The Spell’s eight words have been spoken to date.

Celestial Parsnip, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Flying Moose, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Knotted String, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Perhaps Gate, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac. Perhaps.

Small Boring Group of Faint Stars, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Two Fat Cousins, The – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

Travellers’ Digestives, Captain Eightpanther’s – Food found in The Luggage. These biscuits have “saved many a life at sea, they have.”

Wezen the Double-headed Kangaroo – A sign of the Disc zodiac.

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