The Last Hero Things – Alphabetic

There are just a few handfuls of important things to consider in this alphabetical list from The Last Hero. Consider them in chronological order in this list.

Agatean Thunder Clay – Similar to dynamite. Cohen the Barbarian intended to use it in Dunmanifestin.

Circumfence – A complicated arrangement of ropes, pulleys, wheels, and posts that runs around the Rim of the Disc. It catches larger objects, preventing them from going over the Rimfall.

Device for Looking Behind You – Presumably could be used in any direction, possibly with slight modifications. Quite similar to the roundworld periscope.

Giant Dung BeetleAphodius Maximus. Forms dung into small planets.

Hershebean Bombadier Beetle – Confer when discussing the Giant Dung Beetle’s igniferous orifices.

Hot or Cold Flask – Invented by Leonard of Quirm. Quite similar to the roundworld Thermos.

Iconograph – Twoflower the Tourists is the first one known to bring one to Ankh-Morpork. You’d call it a camera, but I bet your camera doesn’t have an artistic imp inside. At least, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

Imaginary Hull BorerBorer Imaginaris Horridus. Sailors and astronauts in wooden ships are thankful that it’s imaginary. Probably.

Kite – Aka the Great Bird. A spacecraft designed on the fly, so to speak, by Leonard of Quirm. Took Leonard, Rincewind, Carrot, and the Librarian to the moon and back the hard way.

Maria Pesto – A ship that purportedly sailed over the Rim near the Bay of Mante, around the underside of the Disc, and came back up again near TinLing – much like the Kite.

Moon Dragon – Presumably rather similar to a swamp dragon but in a vastly different location.

Omniscope – Mainly made of glass (and some controls), can be used by a wizard with sufficient technical know-how to see anywhere and any time. Granted, finding such a wizard may be a bigger challenge than using the device itself.

Pointless Albatross – Spends its entire life on lazy journeys between the Rim and the Hub, sometimes with a (message) cylinder attached to its leg.

Republican Bees – They committee, rather than swarm, and tend to stay in the hive a lot, voting for more honey.

Show Judges’ Guide to Dragons, The – Written by Lady Sybil Ramkin. The list of Swamp Dragons on this page comes from this definitive work.

Star Voyaging DragonDraco Stellaris Nauticae. Looks eerily like a whale.

Swamp Dragons – I’ll just include a list of many of them here. You can read the details about each elsewhere, primarily in The Last Hero. (I did group them by type for you.)

  • The Smooth Courser
  • Bridisian Courser
  • Ramkin’s Optimist
  • The NoThingfjord Blue
  • The Smooth-nosed Smut
  • The Rough-nosed Smut
  • The Classic Smut
  • Narrow-eared Smut
  • The Retiring Smut
  • The Common Smut
  • Pixy-faced Smut
  • The Flared Smut
  • Birbright’s Smut
  • Big-nosed Smut
  • The Big-nosed Jolly
  • Wivelspiker
  • The Quirmian Long-ear
  • Spiked Oncer
  • Golden Deceiver
  • Jessington’s Deceiver
  • Smooth Deceiver
  • The Lion-Headed Cowper
  • Porpoise-Headed Cowper
  • Tabby Cowper
  • Broken-faced Cowper
  • Tomkin’s Neurovore
  • The Golden Rharn
  • Birbright’s Lizard
  • Silver Regal
  • Horned Regal
  • Spike-nosed Regal
  • Jessington’s Blunt
  • Guttley’s Leaper
  • The Pique
  • Curly-maned Slottie
  • Avery’s “Epolette”
  • Spouter

Thurlow’s Interesting Lens – Can be created by wizards. Presents an impressive display, often better than fireworks.

Tsortean Knot – “Untied” by Emperor Carelinus.

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