The Fifth Elephant Things – Chronologic

Some of the things in The Fifth Elephant are very dwarfish, so I’m not including them in this chronological list. They’re not in this alphabetical list either.

Iconograph – Twoflower the Tourists is the first one known to bring one to Ankh-Morpork. You’d call it a camera, but I bet your camera doesn’t have an artistic imp inside. At least, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

Scone of Stone – Dwarf bread that is required in order to have an official Low King. The Scone has existed for about 1500 years, if you believe the story.

Kruk – Dwarf mining law. (The one exception to the intro to The Fifth Elephant above (probably)).

Twurp’s Peerage – A proper book that Magrat was fed up with the type of. Vimes considered it the guide to the criminal classes.

Almanac de Gothick – Uberwald version of Twurp’s Peerage.

Sonkies – Created and produced by the late Wallace Sonky. They are pennt-a-packet…er…preventatives made of rubber.

Very-Fast-Coffee machine – Invented by Leonard of Quirm.

Engine for the Neutralizing of Information by the Generation of Miasmic Alphabets (ENIGMA) – Invented by Leonard of Quirm. Used to encrypt and decrypt messages.

Piecemaker – Multi-shot crossbow with a 2000 pound draw. Used by Detritus.

Burleigh and Stronginthearm (crossbow) – A quality weapon, especially the “made-to-order job with the oiled walnut stock” that Commander Vimes owned.

Noble Art of Fisticuffs, The – Possibly fictitious. If not, followed too closely by Carrot when fighting Wolfgang.

Ironcrust scale – Setha Ironcrust owns a chain of dwarf bread bakeries. His scale are presumably among the best and most honest.

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The Fifth Elephant Things - Chronologic
Chronological list of the things in The Fifth Elephant.
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