The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Persons – Alphabetic

By my count, there are almost 60 characters mentioned in The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. About 2/3 of them are animals, most of whom are rats. So in this alphabetical list of the persons in The Amazing Maurice…, I’m going to highlight the rats (in green, for no good reason other than I like green) to show you just how many there are. I’ll do the same in this chronological list of characters.

Additives – Educated Rodent who caused Maurice to become “educated” after the cat ate him.

Agonista Grim – One of the Sisters Grim. Grandmother of Malicia.

Bestbefore – Replaced Farmhouse as leader of Squad Three.

Big Savings – Large female Educated Rodent whom you don’t want to cross.

Billy Spears – Aka Rat Catcher 2 in Bad Blintz.

Bitesize – Sometime keeper of the candle.

Bone Rat – Though never specifically named, probably the same as the Death of Rats.

Corporal Knopf – Likely Bad Blintz’s version of Nobby Nobbs.

Dangerous Beans – More than Educated, he’s a very smart white rat who’s almost blind.

Darktan – Head of the Trap Disposal Squad. Nearly met his match in a rusty old trap.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Delicious – As were many of the rats, she was afraid of the shadows caused by the light.

Dick Livingstone – Lord Mayor of Ubergurgl, according to Malicia.

Donut Enter – Educated rodent with a cool name.

Doris the Duck – Lost a shoe. Later found under the bed.

Eviscera Grim – One of the Sisters Grim. Great-aunt of Malicia.

Fancy Arthur – Owner of Jacko the terrier.

Farmer Fred – Spoke of the lovely day to Ratty Rupert.

Farmhouse – Former leader of Squad Three. She forgot how to disengage the trip catch on a Snippet and Polson Ratsnapper Number 5.

Feedsfour – Female Educated Rodent who kept matches.

Finest – Rat who got really scared.

Fresh – Died of squashing.

Hamnpork – Leader of The Clan. (Reminds me of sausage inna bun.)

Hauptmann – Woodcarver in Bad Blintz. Member of the town council.

Hopwick – Clockmaker in Bad Blintz. Member of the town council.

Horace the Hamster – Pet that Sergeant Doppelpunkt had as a child.

Howard the Stoat – Friend of Bunnsy. Hosted a tea party.

Inbrine – Leader of Squad Two.

Jacko – Terrier who kills rats – lots of them – in a ring.

Johnny No Hands – Sold some “sharks” to Evil Harry Dread that may have actually been dolphins.

Keith (Piper) – Works with Maurice and the Educated Rodents. Gets into trouble along with Malicia Grim in Bad Blintz.

Kidney – Of the Number Three Heavy Widdlers. Reported that Fresh had walked right into an unusual trap.

Malicia Grim – Mayor’s (Bad Blintz) daughter. She likes to tell stories. Better still, she like to be in a story.

Maurice, The Amazing – The talking cat in the title of The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.

Mr Bunnsy – The main character in Mr. Bunnsy Has an Adventure – a book that is quoted at the start of each chapter in The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents and that is of some importance to the Educated Rats.

Mr. Schlummer – 95-year-old town councilman in Bad Blintz. Happy to see that the future was finally happening.

Mr. Schuman – Upset husband of Mrs. Schuman.

Mr. Vogel – Bad Blintz town clerk. With Mrs. Schuman, shared an interest in studying barn owls.

Mrs. Schuman – Shoemaker’s wife in Bad Blintz. See Mr. Vogel.

Mrs. Shover – Sold sausages in Bad Blintz – and expected to be paid!

Mrs. Vogel – Upset wife of Mr. Vogel.

Nourishing – Youngest member of the Trap Disposal Squad. Recently transferred out of the Light Widdlers.

Old Man Donkey – Lived by the river. Known to Mr. Bunnsy.

Olly the Snake – Character in the Mr. Bunnsy story.

Peaches – She’s the keeper of Mr. Bunnsy Has an Adventure.

Phil the Pheasant – Minor character on par with Ratty Rupert and Olly the Snake.

Puss in Boots – Story character of the roundworld.

Ratty Rupert – Character in the Mr. Bunnsy book.

Raufman – Bootmaker in Bad Blintz. Member of the town council.

Ron Blunkett – Aka Rat Catcher 1 in Bad Blintz.

Sardines – Cool rat who tap dances and wears a straw hat.

Sellby – Large rat who might have had thoughts of taking over for Hamnpork.

Sergeant Doppelpunkt – Bad Blintz’s version of Fred Colon.

Specialoffer – Apparently like a first officer under Darktan.

Spider – Self-named Rat King in Bad Blintz. Nasty thing that has 7a rat tails knotted together.

Tomato – Questioning rat often referred to as doubting Tomato.

Toxie – Educated Rodent who can write.

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