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All well-designed software programs include a file called “Read Me” or “Read Me First”. It’s supposed to prod the user into reading the text of that file first, before doing anything else with the program.

That’s my intent here. I hope you’re reading this before you tackle anything else on this site, even the About Page. If you’ve already read something else, fine. I won’t hold it against you, but now that you’re here, keep reading this page all the way through, please.

Thank you.

You may have stumbled upon Narrativium Reviews without knowing anything about Sir Terry Pratchett or the series of books he wrote about the universe he created called the Discworld. Maybe the odds of that happening are a million to one, as Terry said, “Million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten”. So I’m covering all the bases and creating this article for good folk such as you.

Terry Pratchett was a prolific author* who died in 2015. He wrote over 40 books about Discworld. The last one, while it presents a complete story, is considered unfinished, because Terry died before making final changes to it.

At Narrativium Reviews, I will initially be walking you through those 41 books, in order of publication.

This will take a long time.

My intent is to move on to other books after finishing with Discworld, not just the works of Terry Pratchett, but there’s a chance that this may never happen. It’s possible that you and I become so engrossed in discussing Discworld that we never move on from there. I would be fine with that.

So we’ll see.

I hope that Narrativium Reviews will become a place where you can find anything you’d want to know about Discworld, short of having the texts of the books printed here in full, which is, of course, impossible.

I hope you will want to read the Discworld novels along with me as I discuss them here piece by piece. Your local library probably owns them all. If not, perhaps you could encourage the staff to get them…?

Discworld is a place where humans live alongside many other races that you’ll often find in fantasy literature – dwarves, trolls, golems, elves, goblins, witches, wizards, pictsies, and more. Everyone gets along relatively well with each other, most of the time, with the exceptions of the elves and the demons from the Dungeon Dimensions who don’t like anyone. But hey, you can’t have everything, right?

Telling you anything more at this point would make the actual review articles pointless, so I will stop here and invite you to see what else you can find at Narrativium Reviews.

I hope you like what you see and join in a conversation or two.

Where you go next is obviously up to you, but I have a suggestion. In addition to reading the About page that I mentioned above, if you want to follow along in order, read this Prologue post next.

= = =

*Terry wasn’t quite as prolific as Stephen King, but who is?

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Start Here: A Read Me First for Narrativium Reviews
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