Sourcery Things – Alphabetic

Herein seest thou the alphabetical listing of significant (possibly) things in Sourcery. Findest thou the chronological list elsewhere.

Anima Unnaturale – By Broomfog. Contains an accurate – according to Broomfog – description of a chimera.

Brother Hushmaster’s Potent Asp-Spray – A spell Carding unsuccessfully uses against Spelter.

Casplock’s Compleet Lexicon of Majik with Precepts for the Wise – Contains the entry: Sourcerer, n. (mythical). Bear in mind that mythical doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Five Moons of Nasreem – It is uncertain whether these are a place on the Disc, satellites, or some of Nasreem’s (who may or may not be a living being) bodily features.

Ge Fordge’s Compenydyum of Sex Majick – Kept in a vat of ice in a room by itself for obvious reasons.

Fullomyth – Contains lists of things that don’t exist, including 3 stations on the London Underground that they dare not show on public maps.

Maleficio’s Discouverie of Demonologie – The author’s name, loosely translated, means bad dude, so….

Maligree’s Wonderful Garden – A magical representation of the Disc, or so it would seem, that only a handful of wizards have been able to conjure.

Megrim’s Accelerator – A spell Spelter unsuccessfully uses against Carding.

Necrotelicomnicon – A famous book with pages made of lizard skin. Possibly used where comic book enthusiasts gather to communicate with the dead.

Occult Primer – By Woddeley. A must-have for the newbie wizard.

Ocean Waltzer – A ship once employed by Rincewind, Conina, and The Luggage.

Pelepel’s Temporal Compressor – A spell apparently responsible for dinosaur fossils.

Seventeen Sidirites of Sarudin – See the Five Moons of Nasreem.

True Arte of Levitatione – Spent at least 150 years in the rafters of the Library at UU.

Venerable Council of Seers – Of which Spelter was a member. Too bad he couldn’t see it coming.

Wellcome to Ankh-Morporke, Citie of One Thousand Surprises – Published by the Merchant’s Guild, of course.

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Sourcery Things - Alphabetic
Alphabetical listing of things in Sourcery
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