Sourcery Persons – Chronologic

In case you’re unfamiliar with the book, this is the correct spelling – Sourcery – of the title.

The list below is all the persons worth mentioning (that is, all of them) in Sourcery. You can get to the alphabetic list of them on this page.

Ipslore the Red – Father and member of the staff (literally) of Coin the Sourcerer.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Coin – Eighth son of Ipslore who was, in turn, an eighth son, making Coin a Sourcerer. No last name given.

Fate – One of the game-playing gods in Dunmanifestin.

Great A’Tuin – He or she is the turtle who moves through space in the Discworld universe. On his or her back are 4 elephants. On the backs of the elephants rests the Disc itself.

Virrid Wayzygoose – Most likely to be the next Archchancellor (in Sourcery) of Unseen University…until he wasn’t.

Rincewind – A seemingly minor wizard who plays a major role in several Discworld novels. He is extremely good at running away.

(Head) Librarian – Formerly human, now simian. Favorite (and nearly only) word: Oook.

Spelter – Current (in Sourcery) bursar of Unseen University…until he wasn’t.

Luggage, The – A mysterious box made of sapient pearwood that ambles about on hundreds of tiny feet. It arrived in Ankh-Morpork with Twoflower.

Skarmer Billias – Head (in Sourcery) of the Order of the Silver Star (as was Galder Weatherwax)…until he wasn’t.

Gravie Derment – A Sage of the Unknown Shadow. A bit outspoken, but we only hear him speak a few times.

Marmaric Carding – Of the Hoodwinkers. Touched Coin’s staff one too many times. To be fair, he had been warned.

Offler – The Crocodile God who has difficulty with speech due to his fang-like teeth – not unlike the speaking problems encountered by all crocodiles.

Patrician of Ankh – The leader of the city of Ankh-Morpork. You know him cordially as Havelock Vetinari.

Gritoller Mimpsey – Vice-president (in Sourcery) of the Thieves’ Guild. Once a bethieved victim of Conina.

Woddeley – Author of several works including his Occult Primer.

Ice Giants – Pests to the gods in Dunmanifestin. Giants can be that way.

Conina – Daughter of Cohen the Barbarian. We probably should leave it at that.

Larry the Fox / Fezzy the Stoat – Probably not his real name. His real name will not be frozen in time like he was.

Cohen the Barbarian – Ghenghiz Cohen. The Disc’s greatest warrior, a legend in his own time. Or as he says, “I’m a lifetime in my own legend.”

Ovin Hakardly – A lecturer in Lore. Managed not to be a has-been in the presence of Coin and his staff.

Wuffles – The Patrician’s “exceedingly elderly wire haired terrier”. Loyal, even when his master is a yellow-green lizard.

Seriph Creosote – Of Al Khali. Of his father originated the phrase, “Rich as Creosote”. (Read about Croesus, if you’re unfamiliar.)

Ardrothy Longstaff – Purveyor of Pies Full of Personality. According to Ardrothy, “It wasn’t bad enough that wizards were killing people”. What really bothered him was that “they were taking away their livelihood as well.”

Miskin Koble – Purveyor of jellied starfish and clams, though better known for leaving his smoking boots and nothing else.

M. C. Escher – Of the roundworld. Mentioned in a footnote (more than one) reference to the topology of the Library at UU.

Thugs – Named for “the way they push people’s faces through the back of their heads.

Hashishim – Named for the vast quantities of hashish they consumed. For occupation, see Thugs.

Grand Vizier Abrim – Creosote’s Vizier. Possesses and is possessed by the Archchancellor’s hat…until he isn’t.

Nijel the Destroyer – Not known for having destroyed anything. He’s read how to, though. Marries Conina…probably after reading about it.

Harebut – The Provision Merchant. Father of Nijel the Destroyer.

Benado Sconner – Responsible for the burning of the Library, thus, “it is not worth committing his name to memory.”

Broomfog – Author of Anima Unnaturale which contains an amazing description of a chimera.

Ly Tin Wheedle – A famous philosopher. I’m certain his name means something, but I don’t know what.

Pestilence – Associated with Death.

War – Associated with Death. Along with Pestilence and Famine, the four of them attempt to learn to play cards from Twoflower.

Famine – Associated with Death.

Imtal – He had 2 beards, whoever he was.

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