Soul Music Places – Chronologic

Soulful people need soulful places like these listed in chronological order. Here you’ll find the places in Soul Music in alphabetical order.

Discworld – First mentioned in Equal Rites, this is the place where it all hits the…er…takes place.

Quirm – A city near Ankh-Morpork, not to be confused with Chirm. Probably.

Quirm College for Young Ladies – Where Susan Sto Helit was sometimes seen.

Llamedos – Pllace from which Imp y Celyn hailed. (Nasty when read backwards.)

Klatch – Land of deserts and some jungles. Also the source of the phrase, “Pardon my Klatchian.” The country of Klatch is on the continent of Klatch.

Ankh-Morpork – The largest city on the Disc where much of the action in the Discworld series takes place. Ruled by the Patrician. Home of Unseen University.

Guild of Thieves, Cutpurses, Housebreakers and Allied Trades – An organization, first encountered in Equal Rites, perhaps known later as simply the Guild of Thieves or Thieves’ Guild.

Guild of Seamstresses – Ladies of negotiable affection.

Guild of Musicians – To which Imp y Celyn and friends were denied membership.

Tin Lid Alley – In Ankh-Morpork. Towards which Teppic fell because someone had removed the plank bridge spanning it. Location of the Musicians’ Guild.

Unseen University – The home of the Disc’s wizards, a very magical place where magic is almost never used, and for good reason. Known as UU, for short. Sometimes misspelled, Unesene.

Backs, The – Street adjacent to the backs of several UU buildings. Where the temporary music store in which Buddy found a guitar was located.

Assassins’ Guild – Headquarters for the members of the Assassins’ Guild in Ankh-Morpork. Best not to know its exact location.

Alchemists’ Guild – It’s around here somewhere, continually being rebuilt.

Ankh (River) – That which divides Ankh the city from Morpork. You can usually walk on the surface of the Ankh, even if you’re not a deity.

Fools’ Guild – Formally known as the Guild of Fools and Joculators. No fooling.

Gimlet’s Hole Food Delicatessen – Located in Cable Street.

Street of Cunning Artificers, The – Ankh-Morpork. Contains just what you think. Only moreso.

Lancre – A small kingdom in the Ramtops. Home of Nanny Ogg and several other witches and wizards.

Nonesuch Street – It can be confusing to give direction to this street.

Phedre Road – Has tanneries, brick kilns, and timber yards.

Tower of Art – The oldest and tallest building on the Disc. Part of Unseen University. Very magical. Not necessarily artful.

Sto Plains – Area in which the cities of Sto Lat, Sto Helit, and Ankh-Morpork are located.

Three Roses Alley – Has shops frequented by attendees of the Quirm College for Young Ladies.

Broken Drum / Mended Drum – A popular tavern (for fights, etc.) in Ankh-Morpork.

Ramtop Mountains – One of the main mountain ranges Hubward.

Rim Ocean – The body of water that goes all around the edge of the Discworld. It falls over the edge causing the Rimfall and sometimes the Rimbow.

C. H. Lavatory & Son – Owned and operated by Sir Charles Lavatory in Mollymog Street.

Mollymog Street – Working lavatories are made there and found almost nowhere else.

Young Men’s Reformed-Cultists-of-the-Ichor-God-Bel-Shamharoth Association – They have a gym. Albert stays there betimes.

Vortin’s Diamond Warehouse – Interesting items are found there. (Misspelled warehourse in Soul Music.)

Bearhugger’s Distillery – Where Jim makes some of his finest liquors. May be more than one owned by Jimkin.

Watch House (Pseudopolis Yard) – Location of Captain / Commander Vimes’ crew.

Great Nef – A desert so dry it has negative rainfall.

Dehydrated Ocean – Located at the center of the Great Nef desert.

Hersheba – One of two places the D’regs live – the other being nextdoor Klatch.

Opera House – Center of Ankh-Morpork. The (new) City Watch house sits opposite it in Pseudopolis Yard.

Bunch of Grapes – Easy Street. Establishment possibly frequented by Captain Vimes.

Dagon Street – Location of Mr Hong’s Three Jolly Luck Fish Bar.

Helsinki – Roundworld country where they might sell midnight hotdogs to drunks.

Mrs Palm’s House of Negotiable Affection – Just what it sounds like.

Sto Helit – A small city in the Sto Plains. Rival of Sto Lat.

Gleam Street – Location of The Bucket pub.

Sto Lat – A small city in the Sto Plains, first mentioned in passing in Equal Rites. Home of King Olerve and Princess Keli.

Cavern, The – Nightclub run by Chrysoprase.

Fronts, The – Opposite The Backs. Literally. Twice.

Pseudopolis – A major city on the Disc. In The Colour of Magic, Death is headed there because of the white plague striking the city. Home of Eric.

Skunk Club – Nightclub where Miss VaVa Voom dances.

Brewer Street – Location of the Skunk Club.

Temple of Offler – Housed, among other things, a jeweled disembowelling knife.

Gritz, The – Posh troll hotel in Ankh-Morpork.

Genua – Main setting of Witches Abroad. Sounds like Genoa. Feels like New Orleans.

Chimera – Land to which Rincewind considered fleeing so he could avoid the Patrician. Silly Rincewind!

Howondaland – A place of steaming forests where Hrun the Barbarian has done some of his best work.

Counterweight Continent – A land mass made largely of octiron so as to counter-balance the larger land mass on which Ankh-Morpork exists.

Dungeon Dimensions – Where all the demons (and much worse) live.

Hide Park – Scene of the free concert given by The Band with Rocks In.

Long Hogmeat – In the slaughterhouse district of Ankh-Morpork.

Shades, The – A section of Ankh-Morpork that is darker (in more ways than one) than it sounds.

Bull Pit – Pseudopolis establishment run by Mr Klopstock.

Misbegot Bridge – Over the place where the Canting Crew usually gathers.

Scrote – One-horse town in the Sto Plains where The Band with Rocks In once played.

Seth’s Livery Stable – Scrote. Hopefully it has at least one horse.

Jolly Cabbage, The – The pub in Scrote.

Dead Man’s Curve – Where Mort and Ysabell met their end. Probably others did as well.

Short Street – One of the longest streets in Ankh-Morpork.

Klatchian Wholesale Trading – Where Dibbler bought shirts for resale.

Chalkies – Run by Chalky who gets Thyngs Done.

Scours, The – Street in Ankh-Morpork. Location of Chalkies.

New Cobblers – Street in Ankh-Morpork. Location of Pluggers, a shoemaking shop.

Copperhead Mountain – Major peak in Lancre.

Brass Bridge – One of several bridges in Ankh-Morpork. Probably made mostly of brass or something that looks like it.

Deosil Gate – One of several gates into the city of Ankh-Morpork. One of the first to collapse in a (recent) city-wide fire.

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