Snuff Things – Alphabetic

Many of the significant things in this alphabetical list from Snuff are books, even though many of them aren’t all that significant in the grand scheme of…er…things. This page lists them in chronological order.

Ankh-Morpork Times, The – Newspaper started by William de Worde.

Black-Eyed Susan – Captained by Captain Harbinger. A paddle wheeler on the Quire used by Vimes.

Bong Can Bang Keng – A plant (used in Bhangbhangduc cuisine) that doesn’t grow well in the Shires.

Bouquet of Worms, A – By Colonel F. J. Massingham. Discusses some of the unusual practices of the goblins.

Boy Who Didn’t Know How to Pick His Own Scabs, The – By Felicity Beedle. Of interest to any young man.

Bung Ming Suck Dog – Bhangbhangduc cuisine known to Feeney Upshot via his granny.

Cedar Frangrance Pour Hommes – Worn by Mr. Gumption. Available from Quirm at AM$15 a pop.

Crockett – Game invented at St. Onan’s in Ham-on-Rye by Jackson Fieldfair. Involves mallets, a ball, strikers, and (usually) only one tump.

Crystal Slam – Dangerous troll drug. Smuggled by Gravid Rust. May have unggue pots used in its manufacture.

Daphne and the Nose Pickers – By Felicity Beedle. Possibly a cautionary tale.

Double Thunder Snuff – Vimes mailed an empty tin of it to Vetinari.

Dr. Varies’ Medicated Upright Mixture – “Just the job on a winter’s day.” Finish the thought yourself.

Fang and Fire – Monthly periodical about dragons. Read by Colonel Makepeace.

Gaston’s Enormous Problem – By Felicity Beedle. Won her the Gladys H. J. Ferguson award for the fifth time.

Geoffrey and the Land of Poo – By Felicity Beedle. Geoffrey seems to be a recurring character.

Geoffrey and the Magic Pillow Case – By Felicity Beedle. I’d read that.

Giggles, Girls, and Garters – Presumably the same as Girls, Giggles, and Garters. Just use a little imagination.

Gladys H. J. Ferguson Award – Won by children’s author Felicity Beedle at least 5 times.

Glorious Peggy – Barge on the Quire destroyed when flame met gas.

Halma – Game played on a checkered board, similar to Chinese checkers.

Iconograph – Twoflower the Tourists is the first one known to bring one to Ankh-Morpork. You’d call it a camera, but I bet your camera doesn’t have an artistic imp inside. At least, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

Joy of Earwax, The – By Felicity Beedle. She presented young Sam with a bound proof copy. He was overawed.

Little Duckling Who Thought He Was an Elephant, The – By Felicity Beedle. For the kiddies.

Makewar’s Crispy Nuts – Breakfast cereal of champions. Invented by Sir Abuthknott Makewar.

Malus equilibria – When one of this tree’s apples falls, another rises to the heavens. Makes sense, right?

Melvin and the Enormous Boil – By Felicity Beedle. Presumably for children.

Merckle and Stingbat’s Very Famous Brown Sauce – Brought by Skrp to Vimes and the Patrician while in the dungeon. (It was supposed to be beer.)

Packed Shop Chop Muck Dick – A plant (used in Bhangbhangduc cuisine) that grows very well in the Shires.

Piecemaker – Multi-shot crossbow with a 2000 pound draw. Used by Detritus.

Pride and Extreme Prejudice – By Jane Gordon. Dedicated to Sam Vimes.

Queen of Quirm – Captained by Captain Murderer. Used by Gravid Rust for smuggling.

Roberta E. Biscuit – Captained by Captain O’Farrell. A paddle wheeler on the Quire used by the Vimes family.

Saddle Pork – Card game invented in the Year of the Stoat by the Reverend Joseph “Casuality” Robinson.

Slab – Ammonium chloride cut with radium. Drug used by trolls. Jus’ say ‘AarrghaarrghpleeassennononoUGH’.

Slap – Nasty drug, though generally considered recreational.

Sliver, Slice, Slunkie, Slurp – Along with Slab, Slide, and Scrape, some of the favorite drugs of trolls. As to the leading “s” on each…”it make dem easier to remember.”

Smell Preservation Society – Organized in Ankh-Morpork due to Harry King’s removal of many of its classic odors.

Spillikins – Game also known as pick-up sticks.

St. Ungulant’s Fire – Feared by sailors as the precursor to a terrible storm.

Surreptitious Albatross – Probably related to the Pointless Albatross. Wee Mad Arthur commandeered one when he needed to travel quickly and far.

Twenty-four Years Without Eyebrows – The memoirs of Colonel Charles Augustus Makepeace.

Unggue Pots – The goblins craft these for keeping some of their secretions and other bits. It’s probably more disgusting than it sounds.

Vicar is Coming to Tea and One Hundred and Twenty-seven Other Warnings of Social Embarrassment, The – By Dr. Bentley Purchase. One wonder what he was Doctor of.

War with the Snot Goblins, The – By Felicity Beedle. Could be a historical novel.

Wee – A book on the subject by Felicity Beedle.

Wee Wee Men, The – By Felicity Beedle. Presumably about diminutive males, though with Felicity, you never know.

Where’s My Cow? – A favorite of young Sam. Not known to be written by Felicity Beedle however.

Wonderful Fanny – Ship on the Quire commandeered by Stratford.

World of Poo, The – Authored by Miss Felicity Beedle. The title should say it all (and perhaps more than you want to know), but Miss Beedle did write more than one book on the subject.

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