Small Gods Things – Chronologic

Lots of new things to read and play with in Small Gods. This is them in chronological order. That is them in alphabetical order.

Obol – The currency of Omnia.

Books of the Prophets – 7, the Septateuch, written by Ishkible, Cena, Fruni, Wallspur, Ossory, Abbys, and Hashimi.

Book of the Prophet Cena – Part of the Septateuch.

Septateuch – The 7 Books of the Prophets.

Book of Ossory – Part of the Septateuch.

Book of Creation – Part of the Septateuch written by Hashimi.

Citadel cent – Possibly an obol. Has the Horns on one side and the sevenfold-crown on the other.

Ego-Video Liber Deorum – Written by Koomi of Smale. Roughly, Gods: A Spotter’s Guide.

Meditations – Written by Didactylos.

Reflections – Written by Xeno.

Platitudes – Written by Aristocrates.

Discourses – Written by Ibid.

Geometries – Written by Legibus.

Theologies – Written by Hierarch.

On the Nature of Plants – Written by Orinjcrates.

Bestiary – Written by Philo.

On Religion – Written by Abraxas.

De Chelonian Mobile – Written by Didactylos.

Mechanics – Written by Grido.

Civics – Written by Ibid.

Ectopia – Written by Gnomon.

Ambiguous Puzuma – Large, wildcat that achieves near (Discworld) light speed.

Principles of Navigation – Written by Dykeri.

Unnamed Boat, The – Steam-driven ship designed by Urn.

Fin of God – Traveled in by Vorbis and Brutha to get to Ephebe.

Moving Turtle – Urn’s and Simony’s almost-a-tank.

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