Small Gods Persons – Alphabetic

Much to learn here in the alphabetical list of the persons in Small Gods. See here for the chronological list.

Abbys, Prophet – A Great Prophet who prophesied 200 years before Brutha’s time.

Abraxas – Philosopher. Wrote On Religion. Having been struck by lightning multiple times, acquired the nickname “Charcoal”.

Admiral Rham-ap-Efan – Leader from Djelibeybi in the attack on Omnia.

Sergeant Aktar – Quoted himself (chapter I, verse 1) rudely to Brutha.

Angus – Small god and friend of St Ungulant. Helps out by smacking lions with rocks.

Aristocrates – Philosopher of Ephebe. Wrote Platitudes. Secretary to the Tyrant.

Ashelians – Were Corrected. But at least they weren’t Shriven.

Astoria – Goddess of Love in Ephebe.

Blind Io – Chief of the gods who live at Dunmanifestin. He appears to be blind but has many eyes outside his body.

Imperiator Borvorius – Tsortean leader in the attack on Omnia.

Brutha – Novice. Eventually Cenobiarch of Omnia. Sadly, skipped right over being Brother Brutha.

Cena, Prophet – A Great Prophet who wrote the Book of the Prophet Cena.

Cenobiarch, The – Superior Iam of the Omnian church. Eventually Brutha ascends to the position.

Coaxes – Wrote a whole scroll about dreams.

Bosun Coplei – Sailor on the Fin of God.

Cubal – God of Fire in Ephebe.

Cusp, Deacon – An Inquisitor. The less you know about him, the better.

Cut-Me-Own-Hand-Off Dhblah – Purveyor of dates and other sticky things onna stick. No known connection to C.M.O.T. Dibbler.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Declivities – Presumably a philosopher of Ephebe. Known, at least, to frequent taverns there.

Didactylos – Philosopher of Ephebe who wrote De Chelonian Mobile. Uncle of Urn.

Drunah, Brother – Secretary to the Congress of Iams.

Dykeri – Philosopher. Wrote Principles of Navigation.

Expletius – Astronomer who proved the Disc was 10,000 miles across.

F’rum – Klatchian god likely unable to find his backside with both hands, should he have hands.

Fasta Benj – From a small (pop. 51) nomadic nation. Along for the ride in the attack on Omnia.

Febrius – Astronomer who proved that light traveled about as fast as sound.

Fedecks – Appropriately named Messenger of the Gods. (Say it aloud if you’re unsure.)

Sergeant Fergmen – Assisted Sergeant Simony regarding the big doors of the Citadel they wanted to plow through.

Flatulus – God of the Winds in Ephebe.

Foorgol – God of Avalanches. (Misspelled as Foorgal on the same page.) Possibly God of the Palindromic Joke too.

Fruni, Prophet – Said that in resisting demons, we may grow strong in faith.

General Argavisti – Ephebian leader in the attack on Omnia.

General Iam Fri’it – Ran most of the Divine Legion until executed.

Gnomon – Philosopher. Wrote Ectopia.

Gordo – Of Tsort. Said that sand was worn-down mountains. (See Irexes.)

Grido – Philosopher. Wrote Mechanics.

Grillos – Cobbler and customer of Didactylos and Urn.

Hashimi, Prophet – Says Om is omnipresent. Was given the Book of Creation.

Hierarch – Philosopher of Ephebe. Wrote Theologies.

Hodgsonites – Were crusaded against.

Ibid – Philosopher of Ephebe. Counterpart (or counterpoint) to Xeno. Wrote Discourses and Civics.

Private Ichlos – Omnian soldier killed by Sergeant Simony.

Irexes – Said that sandstone was pressed out of sand suggesting that the grains were the fathers of mountains. (See Gordo.)

Ishkible, Prophet – Devised a sign by which he could cast out spirits.

Ishmale ‘Pop’ Quoom – Inquisitor First Class. Received 78 obols and flowers for the missus upon retirement from No. 3 pit.

Koomi of Smale – Wrote Ego-Video Liber Deorum, roughly Gods: A Spotter’s Guide.

Kreeblephor, Brother – Converted a demon by reason alone. The convert became a subdeacon, so it is said.

Prince Lasgere – Of Tsort. Didactylos told him there is no royal road to learning.

Lu-Tze – Not really a History Monk but visited Omnia, among other times.

Melchiorites – Were subjugated.

Legibus, Mr – Philosopher of Ephebe. Wrote Geometries.

Mr Piloxi – Paid Didactylos in green olives that were supposed to be black.

Mrs Bylaxis – Dissatisfied customer of Didactylos and Urn.

Mrs Quoom – Wife of Ishmale. Received the flowers upon his retirement.

Murduck, Brother – Sent to Ephebe by Vorbis who later claimed they murdered him thus creating an excuse for Omnia’s attack on Ephebe. Vorbis was not a nice guy.

Nhumrod, Brother – Master of novices in Omnia and thus Brutha’s teacher.

Offler – The Crocodile God who has difficulty with speech due to his fang-like teeth – not unlike the speaking problems encountered by all crocodiles.

Om – From which Omnia takes its name. Traveled in the form of a tortoise in Brutha’s time.

Orinjcrates – Philosopher, possibly of Ephebe. Wrote On the Nature of Plants. Not pronounced “orange crates”. Definitely not.

Ossory – A Great Prophet often quoted by Brutha. Wrote the Book of St Ossory.

P’tang-P’tang – God of Fasta Benj’s people.

Pacha Moj – Hit his uncle with a big rock.

Patina – Goddess of Wisdom. She carries a penguin. (It’s a longish story.)

Petulia – Goddess of Negotiable Affection in Ephebe.

Philo – Philosopher, possibly of Ephebe. Wrote Bestiary.

Preptil, Brother – Master of music. Brutha’s singing put him in mind of a disappointed vulture arriving too late at the dead donkey.

Queen of the Sea – While sailing to Ephebe, after Vorbis orders one of her dolphins killed, Om negotiates with her for Brutha’s life.

Sasho, Brother – Former secretary of Vorbis. Victim of the Quisition.

Sestina, Sister – Of Quirm. Walked over a bed of coals. Propounded a philosophy of sensible ethics. (There’s a little more to it than that.)

Sergeant Simony – Worked with engineer Urn. Almost invented the armored tank.

Most Holy St Bobby – Aka Ossory’s Ass. Made a bishop for having been in the desert with Ossory.

St Ungulant – Sevrian Thaddeus Ungulant. Anchorite, a hermit who retreated to the desert but stayed there. Friends with Angus.

Treem, Bishop – Archivist in the Citadel of Omnia.

Tuvelpit – God of Wine in Ephebe. Aka Smimto in Tsort.

Tyrant, The – Leader of Ephebe. A new Tyrant was elected every 5 years.

Ur-Gilash – Chief god of the people of Gilash, back in the day.

Urn – Nephew of Didactylos. Philosopher of Ephebe but really more an inventor and engineer.

Vorbis, Deacon – Head of the Quisition, which was not a nice organization. But then, Vorbis was not a nice guy.

Wallspur, Prophet – Said, “Let the holy fire destroy utterly the unbeliever.” (verse 65)

Whelk, Brother – Teaches Comparative Religion, so to speak.

Xeno – Philosopher of Ephebe. Studied tortoise motion. Wrote Reflections.

Zacharos – Blacksmith or metalworker in Ephebe.

Zeb – A false prophet who was “Resolved”.

Zephilite, Brother – Of Klatch. Served the invisible god F’rum.

Zog – False prophet and indirectly the reason for those Citadel doors being reinforced with Klatchian steel.

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