Raising Steam Persons – Alphabetic

This is chronologically the last alphabetical list of persons in the “adult” novels of Discworld. You’ll find the chronological list of the same here.

Abbot, The – Leader of the Oi Dong History Monks. Reincarnates every several decades. Wanna bikkit. Can think in 16 dimensions.

Adora Belle Dearheart – Works for the Golem Trust. Marries Moist von Lipwig.

Aeron – Assistant and consort of the Low King of the Dwarfs.

Albrecht Albrechtson – A Deep-Downer dwarf who is an expert regarding the Scone of Stone, in particular, how original it isn’t.

All Jolson – Awesome chef on Broad Way and equally awesome eater.

Anoia – Goddess of Things That Stick in Drawers. Know her well, do you?

Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully the Brown – Prominent leader of Unseen University. Sorta good at what he does – whatever that is.

Archibald Bradshaw – Husband of Georgina, now deceased.

Ardent – Deep Downer dwarf Grag who worked with Hamcrusher.

Arthur – Clacks superintendent in Uberwald near Lady Margolotta’s residence.

Astoria – Goddess of Love in Ephebe.

B’hrian Bloodaxe – Famed for his Battle Bread used at the Battle of Koom Valley.

Bashfull Bashfullsson – Dwarf grag who understands “old Troll” and can thus translate the vocalizations emanating from the cube.

Bedwyr Beddsson – Dwarf who defended a clacks tower against some dwarfs.

Berwyn Beddsson – Niece of Bedwyr and Bleddyn. Works on the clacks down in Quirm.

Billy Slick – Goblin, aka Of the Wind Regretfully Blown. Employed by Harry King.

Bleddyn Beddsson – Bedwyr’s wife.

Bledlow Barnstable – Directed Lu-Tze to Archchancellor Ridcully.

Blodwen Footcracker – Dwarf who was killed by grags at the wedding ceremony at which she was to marry (human) Davy Counter.

Bluejohn – Troll conscripted for the Watch.

Bowden Jeffries – Purveyor of seafood. Cousin of Relief Jeffries. Occasional payer of taxes.

Brynmor Beddsson – Son of Bedwyr and Bleddyn.

Captain Samuel Vimes – Head of the Ankh-Morpork Night Watch. Recovering alcoholic. Eventual spouse of Lady Ramkin and Commander of the Watch.

Captain Slope – Concerned about noxious gases the train may produce.

Cedric – Presided over the kitten torture.

Chair of Indefinite Studies – Overweight wizard of UU. In on the discussion of the moving picture Blown Away.

Charlie (Vetinari) – Not that his last name is the same as the Patrician. Simply added to distinguish him from other Charlies. That said, he bears an uncanny resemblance to Lord Vetinari. Thus, he was used by Mr Pin and Mr Tulip to replace the Patrician temporarily. (Long description for a guy with no known last name.)

Columbine – Clerk, possibly dark, for Vetinari.

Constable Andy Haddock – Human in the Watch.

Corporal Cecil Wormsborough St. John “Nobby” Nobbs – Member of the Night Watch. Species: human. Probably.

Crackle – Librarian to Diamond King of Trolls.

Crisp – Gardener and handyman to Moist and Adora Belle.

Crucible Wesley – Blacksmith in the Effing Forest. With brother Jed, tried (unsuccessfully) to construct a steam engine. May they rest in peace.

Cut-me-own-throat (C.M.O.T) Dibbler – Originally known as Claude Maximillian Overton Transpire Dibbler. Entrepreneur (unsuccessful). Will sell you a “pig” sausage innabun. Don’t ask questions.

Daisy (pony) – Bedwyr Beddsson’s pit pony.

Daisy Snapes – First person to be born on a moving train (30 mph). Was almost named Locomotion, until Moist suggested that might be better as a middle name.

Daniel Trooper – Public executioner at the Tanty. Decent fellow.

Daphne – Friend of Gwendolyn Avery who was told the story of the marching men.

Dark Clerk Ishmael – Tasked with watching over Charlie (Vetinari).

Dave (RR worker) – Assistant to Dick Simnel.

Davy Counter – Was to marry (dwarf) Blodwen Footcracker until the grags intervened.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Delphine Angua von Uberwald – First werewolf and female in the Watch. Very close friend of Carrot.

Detritus – A troll who eventually becomes a leading member of the Watch.

Dick Simnel – Son of Ned and Elsie. Creator of the Iron Girder, one of the main “characters” in Raising Steam.

Dolores – Wife of Arthur the clacks superintendent.

Done It Duncan – Claims to have done every crime in Ankh-Morpork.

Dopey Docson – Librarian in Klatch who has been offered a position at Brazeneck.

Dr. John “Mossy” Lawn – Trained in Klatch (where patients were actually expected to get better), he is probably the only doctor (for humans) in Ankh-Morpork who has ever cured anyone.

(Rufus) Drumknott – Lord Vetinari’s servant.

Edith Nesmith – Leader of a group of children who got the train to stop before it crashed.

Edward Forefather – Tavern owner who told Moist about the Wesley brothers attempts…and the explosion.

Elsie Simnel – Mother of Dick. Wife of Ned. Midwife in Sheepridge.

Emily King – Niece of Harry King. Likes Dick Simnel and vice versa.

Fat Marie – Proprietor of a diner along the Quirm turnpike. Moist persuades her to serve even goblins.

Feeney Upshot – Chief Constable in the Shires. Learned much about food and the martial arts from his mother, Ming Chang. Owns a pig named Masher.

Fflergant – Dwarf who tried to save the day in Llamedos at the potential wedding of Blodwen Footcracker and Davy Counter.

Flash – Golem horse named by Moist von Lipwig.

Geoffrey Indigo – Least strange person in the world, except possibly when it came to talking about fish. Author of Out with my Flies in All Weathers. Witnessed the mysterious draining and refilling of Lake Overshot.

Geoffrey (Patrician’s clerk) – Knows of a Reginald Stibbings at Loose Chippings. (Perhaps the same as the one of Dolly Sisters.) Says that Stibbings has a very young mistress formerly employed at the Pink PussyCat.

Georgina Bradshaw – Quirm College graduate who writes travel guides for the benefit of railway passengers and other travelers.

Godfrey – Dark clerk for Vetinari.

Grievous Johnson – Reporter for the Big Cabbage Gazette.

Gwendolyn Avery – Of Schmarm. Woke to what sounded like a lot of men marching past.

Hamcrusher – Dwarf grag whose murder was witnessed by Brick.

Hardwick – Reporter for the Pseudopolis Daily Press.

Henrietta – Charlie’s (Vetinari) wife.

Herr Bummel – Customer at the Grosszugig Stein.

Herr Fleiss – Maker of binoculars. Every clacksman was given an expensive pair.

Herr Muckenfuss – Proprietor of the Grosszugig Stein tavern.

Humphrey – Burgomaster of Bonk.

Humphrey Nesmith – With brother Jake, was sent by their father to see why the train made such a loud squeal.

Igor (Margolotta’s) – Servant of Lady Margolotta in Bonk.

Igorina / Igor – Member of the Ins-and-Outs. Joined as Igor. (This is the one from Monstrous Regiment. May not be the same one in Raising Steam.)

Jack Plumridge – Linesman on the railway and son of the chamber-pot-wielder.

Jake Nesmith – With brother Humphrey, was sent by their father to see why the train made such a loud squeal.

Jed Wesley – Blacksmith in the Effing Forest. With brother Crucible, tried (unsuccessfully) to construct a steam engine. May they rest in peace.

Killer John Wagstaff – Worked the footplate before Mr. Blake.

Knut – Goatherd who became enamored of the locomotive.

Lady Euphemia “Effie” King – Wife of Harry King. Much more prim and proper than Harry.

Lady Margolotta – A leading vampire of Bonk in Uberwald.

Lecturer in Recent Runes – Wizard at UU. Contrived wearing false beards over their beards as a disguise.

Leonard of Quirm – Painter, inventor. (Think, da Vinci.)

Llevelys Cheerysson – One of Maelog’s sons who “is a good lad who got into bad company.”

Lord Runcible – Of Sto Lat. Requested that Dick Simnel not run the Iron Girder in the pheasant season while they were mating.

Lord Underdale – Tried to out-negotiate Moist von Lipwig regarding a deal for construction of the railroad.

Lu-Tze – Not really a History Monk but visited Omnia, among other times.

Mabel – Per Billy Slick, who was assigning jobs to potential railroad workers, some applicants should see Mabel who was looking for “catering staff and that sorta thing.”

Madame Sharn – With Pepe, owns and runs the fashionable shop Shatta.

Maelog Cheerysson – Explained to his son what happened at Koom Valley and how he met Smack there and had an iconograph taken and everything.

Magnus Magnusson – A young, free-thinking dwarf.

Marjorie Painsworth – Owns a coffee shop near the Sto Lat railway terminus.

Marquis des Aix en Pains – Vintner of Quirm who works with Moist von Lipwig in constructing the railroad in that area, especially the maquis.

Mavis – Clerk, possibly dark, for Vetinari.

Mavolio Bent – Chief cashier at the Royal Bank. Clown in another life. Suffers from Nichlachen-Keinwortz Syndrome.

Mick – Apparently an engineer on the railway.

Moist von Lipwig – Aka Albert (UK) / Alfred (US) Spangler, Mundo Smith, Edwin Streep, Mr. Robinson, and more. Moist marries Adora Belle Dearheart. He also resurrects the Ankh-Morpork Post Office, Royal Bank, and Royal Mint – not that he had a choice in any of these matters.

Monsieur Bidet – Quirmian inventor of his namesake.

Monsieur Cravat – Ambassador from Quirm.

Monsieur Croque – Cheesemonger near Quirm who was interested in the railroad.

Monsieur Jean Nemard – Resident of Quirm and member of the Assembly. Vetinari would have one of his “special words” with him, if the Assembly dragged its feet regarding the railroad.

Monsieur Lavasse – Winemaker near Quirm who was interested in the railroad. Presumably owner of Chateau Lavasse.

Monsieur Lestripe – Purveyor of decorative onion-wreaths near Quirm who was interested in the railroad.

Mr. Crossly – Servant of Moist and Adora Belle.

Mr Harry King – King of the Golden River. The ultimate reseller.

Mr. Fusspot – Dog once owned by Topsy Lavish. Came under the protection of the Master of the Royal Mint. Owned 1% of the Royal Bank. Ended up with Lord Vetinari.

Mr. Nesmith – Father of Edith, Jake, and Humphrey (at least).

Mr. Pony – Cunning Artificer who suggested Dick Simnel become an apprentice. Shocking!

Mr. Shine – Him diamond! Diamond King of Trolls. The current King is Mr. Shine. Another King played a game of thud with B’hrian Bloodaxe back in the day in Koom Valley.

Mr. Skiller – Landlord of the Fiddler’s Riddle, a tavern in Ohulan Cutash.

Mr Slant – Of Morecombe, Slant & Honeyplace…lawyers. Head of the Lawyers’ Guild.

Mr. Smith – Dark clerk suited to sorting out recalcitrant land owners.

Mr. Teasy-Weasy Fornacite – Troll who owns a high-end hair salon in Ankh-Morpork.

Mr. Thunderbolt – An honest troll lawyer. No, really.

Mr. Ward – Vetinari’s clerk who helped clean up Drumknott after a trip on the train.

Mrs. Baskerville – Of Peach Pie Street. Contended that young ladies travelling on the train might find any kind of gentlemen sitting next to them.

Mrs. Crossly – Cook and housekeeper of Moist and Adora Belle.

Mrs. Forefather – Told Moist that the Wesley brothers’ mum was being comforted by friends.

Mrs. Pankweather – She’s bedbound and can’t digest most things.

Mrs. Plumridge – Successfully wielded a chamber pot (full) against a dwarf.

Mrs. Wesley – Moist kept the press away from her after the explosion.

Nancy (receptionist) – Employee of Harry King.

Ned Simnel – Blacksmith and inventor of the Combination Harvester.

Nougat Knights – According to dwarfish mythology, they created the treacle mines.

Of the Chimney the Bones – Special goblin constable who supported Feeney Upshot.

Of the Happiness the Heart – Mother of Rattle of the Wheels.

Of the Sky the Rim – Father of Rattle of the Wheels.

Of the Twilight the Darkness – First goblin to work for the railroad.

Of the Water the Crane – Small brother of Rattle of the Wheels.

Of the Wheel the Spoke – Reinvented the velocipede.

Otto Chriek – Vampire (reformed) iconographer for the A-M Times.

Patrician of Ankh – The leader of the city of Ankh-Morpork. You know him cordially as Havelock Vetinari.

Pippina – Goddess of Disorder who has the Apple of Discord.

Ponder Stibbons – A student wizard. Reader in Invisible Writings. Often the brains of UU.

Princess Keli (Queen Kelirehenna I) – Thanks to Mort, she didn’t die when she was supposed to. The cause of several existential problems in Mort.

Queen Ynci the Short-Tempered – Magrat’s inspiration for bravery.

Rattle of the Wheels – Goblin child (son?) of Of the Happiness the Heart (mother) and Of the Sky the Rim (father). Kept important papers in a safe spot for Albrecht.

Raymond Shuttle – Self-confessed train spotter who now works as railway correspondent for the Ankh-Morpork Times.

Reg Shoe – Undead head of the Fresh Start Club. Also a constable of the Watch.

Reginald Stibbings – Of Dolly Sisters. Contended that the pounding rhythm of the railway wagons would lead to immorality.

Relief Jeffries – Purveyor of fruits and vegetables. Cousin of Bowden Jeffries. Occasional pay of taxes.

Reverend Amusable – Reads the newspaper to Mrs. Simnel.

Rhys Rhysson – He (actually, she) is the Low King of the dwarfs.

Rincewind – A seemingly minor wizard who plays a major role in several Discworld novels. He is extremely good at running away.

Rocky Debris – Troll who supported Dolly Sisters United and befriended a dwarf!

Rupert – Charlie’s (Vetinari) son.

Sacharissa Cripslock – Granddaughter of the well-known engraver. Works with William de Worde as a reporter for the Ankh-Morpork Times. May eventually marry him.

Salacia Delorisista Amanita Trigestrata Zeldana Malifee…von Humpeding – Sally. Vampire originally from Bonk. Sent to Ankh-Morpork by the Low King to track Hamcrusher.

Senior Wrangler – Wizard at UU. This is an actual position in the Roundworld as well.

Sergeant Frederick (Fred) Colon – Mainly of the Night Watch. Likes to stay out of trouble – especially other peoples’.

Sergeant Willard – Old copper who pulled some duty at Big Cabbage station.

Seriph Creosote – Of Al Khali. Of his father originated the phrase, “Rich as Creosote”. (Read about Croesus, if you’re unfamiliar.)

Shatter of the Icicle – Goblin clacks worker in Sto Kerrig.

Shine on the Moon – Goblin clacks worker in Sto Kerrig.

Shine of the Rainbow – Nobby says it’s amazing what this goblin can do with cheese.

Shod Orebreaker – Old dwarf who was still willing to learn a new lesson – even from a goblin.

Signalman Hugo – Forgot a vital safety step one day which resulted in the first railway disaster near Quirm. It involved the railway line run by Monsieurs Lavasse, Croque, and Lestripe.

Silkworm – Clerk, possibly dark, for Vetinari.

Slam – Gnome who offers the services of his race to Moist von Lipwig. (Not to be confused with crystal slam.)

Smack – Met Maelog Cheerysson at Koom Valley.

Snatcher, Stiletto Dave, and Grinder Bob – “Insurance” men you wouldn’t want to have to explain yourself to.

Snori Snorisson – Suggested to Harry King (via the post) that the railway should provide stepladders for the use of shorter citizens.

Stoker Blake – Vetinari in disguise of the train. (I thought he deserved his own entry for this.)

Stoker Jim – Fried some eggs in the steam engine’s furnace for Mick.

Sulien Heddwyn – Elder dwarf who opposes Ardent.

Sydney – Head ostler who reported to Vetinari that golem horses could now talk…and say the most amazing things.

Tagwen Tagwensson – Body double for Rhys, the Low King of the Dwarfs.

Tak – God who, according to the dwarfs, wrote the world, as recorded in Gd Tak ‘Gar.

Tears of the Mushroom – Goblin who performed her harp composition “Twilight Serenade” at the Ankh-Morpork Opera House.

Thomas Goatberger – Latest owner of Goatberger Publishers.

Trouble – Security guard for Harry King.

Uncle Flavius (Simnel?) – Uncle of Dick who helped pay for his education. Unknown if he’s an uncle on his father’s or his mother’s side.

Wally (RR worker) – Assistant to Dick Simnel.

William de Worde – Fell into the printing / publishing business through (almost) no fault of his own. Ended up doing a decent job of it.

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