Pyramids Persons – Alphabetic

A list of persons in Pyramids that starts with A, though not all are A-listers. See the chronological ordering here.

Alfonz – Muscle-bound servant of Chidder.

Antiphon – The greatest writer of comic plays in the world.

Artela – Teppic’s mother. The main reason Teppic went to assassin’s school.

Arthur Ludorum – A student in assassin’s school who liked to hang on to his mummy. Pun intended.

Aunt Cleo-ptah-re – Teppic’s aunt. He wanted that to be their only relationship.

Autocue – A soldier in the Ephebian military. Saw more of the inside of wooden horses than he cared for.

Bast – Cat-Headed God of things left on the doorstep or half-digested under the bed. Teppic once stashed his assassin’s costume in a Bast statue.

Bin – A Supreme God.

Blind Io – Chief of the gods who live at Dunmanifestin. He appears to be blind but has many eyes outside his body.

Bloody Stupid – Camel mathematician in Tsort.

Bunu – Goat-Headed God of Goats.

Cephut – God of Cutlery.

Cheesewright – A student in assassin’s school – skinny, red hair, face that was one large freckle.

Chefet – Dog-Headed God of Metalwork.

Chidder – One of Teppic’s pals in assassin’s school.

Copolymer – The greatest storyteller in the history of the world. Too bad his stories aren’t understandable.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Dhek – A Supreme God.

Dil – The embalmer of Djelian royalty. Fun job.

Dios – High priest of Djelibeybi who has held the office for thousands – yes, thousands – of years.

Dr Cruces – Head of the Assassin’s Guild. Driven mad by the gonne.

Eater of Souls – Apparently a deity who would consume Ptraci since she didn’t want to be a servant in the netherworld.

Elenor – A girl in one of Copolymer’s stories. (She had a squint, you know.) Busy mom who was kidnapped from (or by) the Ephebians. A large wooden horse was involved.

Endos – The Listener. For a price.

Evil-Smelling-Bugger – Renowned as the greatest camel mathematician of all time. (Don’t tell You Bastard.)

Fhez – Crocodile-Headed God of the Lower Djel.

Fliemoe – A dangerous older student in assassin’s school.

Fon – A Supreme God.

Gern – Apprentice embalmer to Dil. Wondered which bit of the deceased had the god in it.

Gil – Another god interested in controlling the sun.

Glwenda – A garlic farmer’s daughter. Gern was sweet on her.

Great A’Tuin – He or she is the turtle who moves through space in the Discworld universe. On his or her back are 4 elephants. On the backs of the elephants rests the Disc itself.

Great Orm – God greatly feared by Arthur whose family were Strict Authorised Ormits.

Grinjer – Maker of models – pyramids and such.

Grunworth Nivor – An instructor in the Assassin’s Guild. Did Traps and Deadfalls on Tuesdays.

Hast – A Supreme God.

Hat – Vulture-Headed God of Unexpected Guests. Ptaclusp owned a statue of the god.

Heme Krona – Owner of the Camels-R-Us livery stable.

Herpetine Triskeles – The ruler of the world of the dead.

Hoot Koomi – High priest of Khefin. Expected – but not likely – to succeed Dios.

Ibid – Philosopher of Ephebe. Counterpart (or counterpoint) to Xeno. Wrote Discourses and Civics.

Ice Giants – Pests to the gods in Dunmanifestin. Giants can be that way.

Iesope – The greatest teller of fables in the world.

Jahmet – One of the servants who discovers the recently deceased King Pteppicymon XXVII.

Jeht – Boatman of the Solar Orb.

Johan Ludorum – One of the greatest assassins in the history of the Assassin’s Guild. Father of Arthur.

Juf – Cobra-Headed God of Papyrus.

Ket – Ibis-Headed God of Justice.

Khefin – Two-Faced God of Gateways. You saw him coming and going.

Kheneth XIV – The fresco painter for his tomb claimed to have completed the task in just 2 hours.

Khuft – Founder of Djelibeybi. Dead for thousands of years, but appears in Pyramids anyway (as do many other former rulers).

King Ashk-ur-men-tep – Ruler during the Third Empire of Djelibeybi.

King Psam-nut-kha – Was 5000 years old at the time of Teppic.

King Teppicymon XXVII – Teppic’s father. A ghost much of the time.

Kompt de Yoyo – An instructor in the Assassin’s Guild. Did Modern Languages and Music.

Ktoffle – Stole an ox from Rhumusphut.

Lady Nooni – According to the Lady, only 1 boy in 15 passes the Assassin’s Guild exam. She’s probably right.

Lady T’malia – An instructor in the Assassin’s Guild. Did Political Expediency on Octeday afternoons.

Lavaeolus – A man in one of Copolymer’s stories – the one with the knee. Also, heroic, Ephebian soldier who may have been an ancestor of Rincewind. His name roughly translates as “Rinser of Winds”.

Lord Fhempta-hem – As a pre-teen, Teppic spent a summer with him.

Melycanus – A man in one of Copolymer’s stories. He had a limp, you know.

Merco – Ptaclusp was pretty sure he bought some dodgy cement from him.

Mericet – An examiner in the Assassin’s Guild. Teppic’s examiner.

Mother Goddess – Something to do with the Moon in all its interpretations.

Mrs Collar – Teppic’s bedder in the sixth form. (You need to be British to understand that.)

Mrs Ptaclusp – She did the books for Ptaclusp.

Nept – Goddess with interstellar statistics.

Nesh – The sun was a round hole in her spinning blue soap bubble.

Net – A Supreme God.

Offler – The Crocodile God who has difficulty with speech due to his fang-like teeth – not unlike the speaking problems encountered by all crocodiles.

Orexis-Nupt – The ruler of the world of the dead.

Ozymandias – According to Shelley (Roundworld), King of Kings.

Patrician of Ankh – The leader of the city of Ankh-Morpork. You know him cordially as Havelock Vetinari.

Patricio – The 23-stone Despot of Quirm.

Prince Imtebos – Demanded rent due from Ptorne.

Pta-ka-ba – King when the Djel Empire extended from the Circle Sea to the Rim Ocean.

Ptaclusp – Architect and jobbing pyramid builder to the nobility.

Ptaclusp IIa – A twin son of Ptaclusp. The accountant.

Ptaclusp IIb – A twin son of Ptaclusp. The engineer.

Pthagonal – A very acute man with an angle.

Ptooie – A Supreme God.

Ptorne – Owed back rent to Prince Imtebos.

Ptraci – Half sister of Teppic. Eventually becomes Queen of Djelibeybi.

Put – Lion-Headed God of Justice.

Queen Far-re-ptah – Grandma Pooney, to Teppic.

Queen Khaphut – Djelian ruler who once accepted Tribute from the Kingdoms of the World.

Queen Khat-leon-ra-pta – Djelian ruler who won the kingdom of Howandaland by stealth.

Rhumusphut – Owned an ox that Ktoffle stole.

Rthur – Fresco painter. Not to be confused with Arthur.

Sarduk – Goddess of Caves.

Scrab – Pusher of the Ball of the Sun.

Seriph Creosote – Of Al Khali. Of his father originated the phrase, “Rich as Creosote”. (Read about Croesus, if you’re unfamiliar.)

Sessifet – Goddess of the Afternoon.

Set – A Supreme God.

Silur – Catfish-Headed God and ruler of the world of the dead.

Snoxall – A student in assassin’s school. Once painted himself green and asked for volunteers to have their intestines wound around a tree. Nice kid.

Sot – A Supreme God.

Sphinx – Traditional. Tends to get confused by the Riddle when Teppic is around.

Syncope – The ruler of the world of the dead.

Teg – Horse-Headed God of Agriculture.

Teppic – Also known as Pteppic and King Teppicymon XXVIII, Lord of the Heavens, Charioteer of the Wagon of the Sun, Steersman of the Barque of the Sun, Guardian of the Secret Knowledge, Lord of the Horizon, Keeper of the Way, the Flail of Mercy, the High-Born One, the Never-Dying King.

Thrrp – Charioteer of the Sun.

Tyrant, The – Leader of Ephebe. A new Tyrant was elected every 5 years.

Tzut – Snake-Headed God of the Upper Djel.

Uncle Vyrt – Teppic’s uncle; he was an assassin. Teppic’s mother didn’t approve.

Vut – Dog-Headed God of the Evening. Seventy feet long when alive.

What – Sky goddess who saved one pip in time to grow a fresh sun every morning.

Xeno – Philosopher of Ephebe. Studied tortoise motion. Wrote Reflections.

You Bastard – The greatest mathematician in the history of the Discworld. He was a camel.

You Vicious Brute – Camel mathematician responsible for the Theory of Transient Integrals.

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