Places of Discworld

The lists below will include any place found on the Disc, including continents and seas, streets and alleys, homes and buildings, cities and countries.

Some of them may sound eerily familiar to you – not counting Sweden and New Jersey.

I decided to include borderline cases such as the Guilds in these lists. You could argue that the text refers to the members of each Guild, but I choose to think of them as the buildings that house their headquarters.

I will be compiling a master list of places that shows which book(s) you can find them in. I expect it will be an unwieldy table, but I can think of no other way at the moment to handle this. And I think it will be useful enough to create.

Places by Book

Each link in this list will take you to a detailed listing of places in the given book. They will be shown either in order of appearance within that book or alphabetically.