Persons of Discworld

The characters of the Disc are many and of various races. They aren’t the same as the races in our world, but sometimes I wonder if Terry had them in mind when he was writing about his own races.

No. I don’t wonder. He did. I’m sure of it.

The lists of persons that I construct here will include references to any sentient being in the Discworld universe. I have to word it that way because otherwise some important characters would be left out in the cold. A few from our own roundworld sneak in here and there too.

Any such being that Terry attaches a name to will be in a list somewhere. Some are mentioned only in passing, and you never hear from them again. Others pop up much more frequently.

I will be compiling a master list of characters that shows which book(s) you can find them in. I expect it will be an unwieldy table, but I can think of no other way at the moment to handle this. And I think it will be useful enough to create.

Persons by Book

Each link in this list will take you to a detailed listing of characters in the given book. The books are shown in order of original publication. The characters will be shown either in order of appearance within that book or alphabetically.