Mort Things – Chronologic

There are only a handful of Things (not those Things) that are noteworthy in Mort – not that you could fit them in your hand….

Here they are as found chronologically in the book. The alphabetic list is here.

Granny Weatherwax’s Ramrub Invigoratore and Passion’s Philtre – Just what it sounds like.

Caroc Cards – Includes The Star, Importance of Washing the Hands, Eight of Octograms, Dome of the Sky, Pool of Night, Four of Elephants, Ace of Turtles, and Death, among others in a deck.

Ching Aling – A fortune telling device of the Hublandish folk.

Brass Gongs of Leshp – Can be heard at sea, even though they’re at the bottom of it.

Scumble – An adult beverage made chiefly from apples. The wise drink it a thimbleful at a time.

Book of Magick of Alberto Malich the Mage – “A sort of book of magical theory” written by the master himself.

Walkman – From Sony of the roundworld. (Look it up, if you’re too young.)

The Monster Fun Grimoire – Used by Cutwell to gather info on fireworks.

Light Dams – (Capacity 50,000 daylight hours) Found in the Great Nef desert, they were designed by Dactylos. Collected light was used as currency. Ahem.

Smoking Mirror of Grism – Little is known. Did the mirror smoke or only those who looked into it? Was Grism a person or a place? Albert swears by it, saying there are going to be changes.

Cripple Mr Onion – A gambling game of cards at which Granny Weatherwax excels.

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Chronological list of things in Mort
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