Monstrous Regiment Places – Chronologic

The letter “z” is common in this chronological list of place in Monstrous Regiment. It’s just as common in the alphabetical list too.

Borogravia – Small country, next to Uberwald, known for delicious chocolate and its god, Nuggan.

Tübz – Borogravia, near a troll bridge.

Plün – Borogravia. Nowhere village (i.e., dump) that exists only in order to avoid the embarrassment of having large empty space on a map.

Munz – Borogravia. Home of the Perks family, The Duchess inn, and the Girls’ Working School. Unknown as to why the name doesn’t have a ü in it.

Duchess, The – Inn in Munz where Polly Perks worked.

Ankh-Morpork – The largest city on the Disc where much of the action in the Discworld series takes place. Ruled by the Patrician. Home of Unseen University.

Zlobenia – Separated from Borogravia by the unreliable Kneck River.

Kneck River – Border between Borogravia and Zlobenia. Changes course just often enough to maintain wars between the two countries.

Borogravia Zlobenia map
Borogravia, Zlobenia, and surroundings

PrinceMarmadukePiotreAlbertHansJosephBernhardtWilhelmsberg – Capital of Borogravia. Location of the castle which was the last place the Grand Duchess Annagovia was seen.

Plotz – Borogravia. Jackrum’s lads were to meet there with other recruiting parties.

Lipz – Small town attacked (a year ago) by Zlobenia…or possibly Borogravia.

Crotz – A long march from Plotz, where Jackrum’s lads would arrive as boys and leave as men…so to speak.

Ibblestarn – Corporal Scallot and Sergeant Hausegerda once shared a meal during a campaign there…so to speak.

World Turned Upside Down, The – Inn in Plotz, Borogravia.

Drok – Borogravia. Near the Zlobenian border. Where Polly claims her hair was cut off.

Khrusk – Jackrum once retreated from there and had no water for 3 days.

Burleigh and Stronginthearm’s – Crossbow makers to the nobility. That pretty much says it all.

Drerp – Had a (Borogravian) garrison that had been overwhelmed (by Zlobenians).

Glitz – Where vampires die if you fill their mouth with salt, hammer a carrot into both ears…and then cut their head off.

Arblatt – Had a (Borogravian) garrison that had been overwhelmed (by Zlobenians).

Kneck Keep – Borogravian stronghold overtaken by Zlobenia.

Kneck Keep

Genua – Main setting of Witches Abroad. Sounds like Genoa. Feels like New Orleans.

Mouldavia – Formerly part of Uberwald. Mr. Pin and Mr. Tulip seem to have had warrants for their arrest there. At least, there were posters with their pictures on.

Lint – Location unknown. Treaty of Lint was signed there a hundred years ago.

Rigour – Capital of Zlobenia.

Zop – Location unknown. Sergeant Jackrum killed 10 (or 16) men there during the Battle of Zop.

Blunderberg – Location unknown. Sergeant Jackrum once fought Joe Hubukurk at the local pub there.

Scritz – According to Wazzer, the Duchess said that Jackrum’s “path” would take him to the town of Scritz. Location and whether Jackrum ever got there, unknown.

Grey House – Where Wazzer Goom used to pray a lot.

Samothrip – Known for its female Amazon warriors.

Howandaland – This spelling, first mentioned in Wyrd Sisters, is the location of a hurricane, as noted by Death. It may or may not be the Unnamed Continent in the center of Klatch. Possibly a misspelling of Howondaland.

Klatch – Land of deserts and some jungles. Also the source of the phrase, “Pardon my Klatchian.” The country of Klatch is on the continent of Klatch.

Sepple – Jackrum’s spouse got killed there, right next to him/her.

Slomp – Jackrum once saw the cavalry break at the Battle of Slomp.

Sheep’s Drift – Jackrum was part of the Thin Red Line that turned aside the Heavy Brigade there.

Raladan – Jackrum saved the imperial flag from four real bastards there.

Gleam Street – Location of The Bucket pub.

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