Monstrous Regiment Persons – Alphabetic

Here’s a alphabetical list of the “monsters” in Monstrous Regiment. I wonder if the girls would be upset if you called them that. Maybe if you named them in chronological order – like here – it would be okay…?

Auntie Hattie – Polly Perks’s aunt who’d gone a bit strange around Polly’s 16th birthday.

Auntie Parthenope – Relative of Lieutenant Blouse. She had a beard.

Bishop Horn – Main character in all the great flood accounts bore a resemblance to him.

Blitherskite – Lieutenant Blouse had shared a batman (assistant) with him.

Brigadier Galosh – Deceased. Unknown if related to Major Galosh.

Brigadier Stoffer – Offered a potential solution to the Ins-and-Outs “problem” of being females.

Captain Horace Calumney – Apparently the creator of Patent Field Biscuits.

Captain “Hopalong” Splatzer – Zlobenian officer that Captain Vimes believed in.

Captain Samuel Vimes – Head of the Ankh-Morpork Night Watch. Recovering alcoholic. Eventual spouse of Lady Ramkin and Commander of the Watch.

Clarence Chinny – Ankh-Morpork consul to Zlobenia.

Colonel Henri Jumper – Had the jumper – a useful woollen garment akin to a light-weight sweater – named after (possibly) him.

Colonel Legin – Officer who had once amended Jackrum’s history.

Colonel Olga Cumabund – Sergeant Jackrum threatened to publicize some of his/her history.

Colonel Vester – Informed General Froc that Major Clogston shouldn’t miss meals.

Comfort (“lady”) – Encountered by a few Ins-and-Outs.

Constable Buggy Swires – Gnome in the Airborne Section of the Watch.

Corporal Drebb – Lieutenant Blouse explained the new filing system to him.

Corporal Strappi – Nasty officer in the Borogravian army. Think, Nobby but without the good bits.

Corporal “Threeparts” Scallot – See Sergeant Hausegerda.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Dympha – Worker in the Kneck Keep.

Emmeline – Dear friend of General Froc.

Eva Clambers – Close friend of Polly Perks’s father. Baked like a champion.

Faith (“lady”) – Encountered by a few Ins-and-Outs.

Father Jupe – Apparently informed Polly Perks that a woman who could write was an Abomination unto Nuggan.

Fizz – Cartoonist for the Ankh-Morpork Times.

Garry – Guard at Mrs. Smother’s tent.

General Annorac – Deceased. Once a prolific writer.

General Bob Kzupi – Attempted to address the Ins-and-Outs in the Keep.

General Mildred Froc – Had his/her life saved by Sergeant Jackrum. Had Beef Froc and the Froc Coat named after him/her.

General Puhlover – Deceased. Wrote The Art of Defense.

General Scaffer – Once, at a ball, he led General Froc away from the Duchess Annagovia.

General Song Sung Lo – Once moved his army disguised as a field of sunflowers.

General Tacticus – Once in power in Genua, declared war on Ankh-Morpork.

Grace (“lady”) – Encountered by a few Ins-and-Outs.

Grand Duchess Annagovia – Former leader of Borogravia. Turned into a goddess by the likes of Wazzer.

Gummy Abbens – “A good swordsman ‘ates comin’ up against a newbie, gel! The reason bein’, he don’t know what the bugger’s gonna do!” Sage stuff.

Igor (Young) – A pioneer who doesn’t fit in in Uberwald. Goes to Ankh-Morpork to join the Watch.

Igorina / Igor – Member of the Ins-and-Outs. Joined as Igor.

Jack – Shufti’s son.

Jack Slacker – Lieutenant Blouse purchased a “charger” from “Honest” Jack.

Jade / Carborundum – Troll in the Ins-and-Out. Joined as Carborundum.

Joe Hubukurk – Retired soldier who once almost got the better of Jackrum.

Johnny – Borogravian soldier who Shufti was looking for.

King Samuel – Of Howandaland. (Note spelling. Probably the same as Howondaland.) Has seven-foot tall female bodyguards.

Delphine Angua von Uberwald – First werewolf and female in the Watch. Very close friend of Carrot.

Leonard of Quirm – Painter, inventor. (Think, da Vinci.)

Lieutenant Blouse – Seemingly useless officer of the Ins-and-Outs. However, he understands data-compression algorithms almost as second nature.

Lofty / Tilda Tewt – Member of the Ins-and-Outs. Escaped the Girls’ Working School, along with Tonker Halter. Arsonist, and quite good at it.

Lord Rust – Aristocrat not interested in Edward d’Eath’s plot.

Major Chloe (?) – Last name unknown. Fits in with Derbi and Cumabund.

Major Christine Clogston – Lawyer who assists the Ins-and-Outs while in the Keep.

Major Erick von Moldwitz – Borogravian officer who spoke to the Ins-and-Outs while in the Keep.

Major Galosh – Officer who had once amended Jackrum’s history.

Major Janet Derbi – Sergeant Jackrum threatened to publicize some of his/her history.

Major-general the Lord Kanapay – Deceased.

Maladicta / Maladict – Vampire in the Ins-and-Outs. Joined as Maladict. Could use a cuppa coffee. Now!

Mary (soldier) – New recruit under Polly.

Morag – Buzzard commanded by Buggy Swires.

Mrs. Dolores Smother – Encountered by a few Ins-and-Outs, specifically, Sergeant Jackrum. “Mother” to Faith, Prudence, Grace, and Comfort.

Mrs. Enid – Leader of the workers in the Kneck Keep.

Nuggan – A local god, but also in charge of paperclips, correct things in the right place in small desk stationery sets, and unnecessary paperwork. Prohibits many activities and things.

Offler – The Crocodile God who has difficulty with speech due to his fang-like teeth – not unlike the speaking problems encountered by all crocodiles.

Om – From which Omnia takes its name. Traveled in the form of a tortoise in Brutha’s time.

Otto Chriek – Vampire (reformed) iconographer for the A-M Times.

Patrician of Ankh – The leader of the city of Ankh-Morpork. You know him cordially as Havelock Vetinari.

Paul Perks – Polly’s brother who had gone off to war. The reason Polly went off to war.

Perry – Possibly an assistant to William de Worde. Tasked with telling Prince Heinrich where the keys to his manacles were…hidden.

Polly / Oliver Perks – Known as Oliver while a member of the Ins-and-Outs. Main character in Monstrous Regiment. Knows how to really hurt a guy.

Prince Heinrich – Ruler of Zlobenia. Nephew of Annagovia. Her death made him think he should rule Borogravia. Encountered (as Captain Horentz), briefly but swiftly, by Polly Perks – specifically, by her knee.

Private Hauptfidel – Zlobenian soldier who had taken a shine to Lieutenant “Daphne” Blouse.

Prudence (“lady”) – Encountered by a few Ins-and-Outs.

Reg Shoe – Undead head of the Fresh Start Club. Also a constable of the Watch.

Rhys Rhysson – He (actually, she) is the Low King of the dwarfs.

Rosemary (soldier) – New recruit under Polly.

Roundheels Molly – Per Scallot, she’s sent many a lad on his way rejoicing.

Sergeant Hausegerda – Once “swapped” legs with Corporal Scallot.

Sergeant Jack Jackrum – He (actually, she…sorry for the spoiler) is the leader of the monstrous regiment. He always takes care of his…er…lads.

Sergeant Towering – Zlobenian officer captured by the Ins-and-Outs.

Sergeant-Major Sweat – Had the sweater named after (possibly) him.

Shufti / Betty Manickle – Member of the Ins-and-Outs. Pregnant and looking for Johnny. Really good cook.

Thalacephalos – Steed of General Tacticus and of Lieutenant Blouse. Not the same animal, in more ways than one.

Tonker / Magda Halter – Member of the Ins-and-Outs. Had escaped the Girls’ Working School in Munz, along with Lofty Tewt.

Vlopo – Drunkard cousin of Polly Perks.

Wazzer / Alice Goom – Member of the Ins-and-Outs. The Duchess Annagovia spoke to and through her.

William de Worde – Fell into the printing / publishing business through (almost) no fault of his own. Ended up doing a decent job of it.

William Jr. – Sergeant Jackrum’s son.

William Sr. – Sergeant Jackrum’s one-time sweetheart.

Woody – Soldier praised for shooting a turkey.

Wrigglesworth – Classmate of Lieutenant Blouse who was good at impersonating women.

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