Men at Arms Persons – Alphabetic

Men at Arms has more persons to list than any book before it in the Discworld series. Here they are in alphabetical order. This link takes you to the chronological list of the same.

Abba Stronginthearm – Dwarf added to the Watch.

Annabel Curry – Orphaned daughter of Corporal Curry.

Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully the Brown – Prominent leader of Unseen University. Sorta good at what he does – whatever that is.

Barking Mad Arthur – Rottweiler with one eye and a very bad temper.

Bauxite – Troll added to the Watch.

Beano – Clown who was killed by Edward d’Eath.

Big Fido – Poodle. Head of the Dogs’ Guild.

Bjorn Hammerhock – Skilled dwarf artificer. Accidentally killed by the gonne.

Black Roger – “Friend” of Gaspode.

Blenkin – Servant to the d’Eaths (pune intended).

Bloody Stupid Johnson – Born, Bergholt Stuttley Johnson, but few remember those names. His works deserve an article all their own and may or may not ever get one.

Bluejohn – Troll conscripted for the Watch.

Boffo – Doorkeeper of the Fools’ Guild.

Brother Grineldi – Poured the ashes of Brother Beano down the pants of another clown. It’s what he would have wanted.

Bundo Prung – Expelled from the Thieves’ Guild for “unnecessary enthusiasm and conduct unbecoming in a mugger.” Saw Angua…Change.

Bursar, The – At UU, but not a wizard. Needs his dried frog pills. Aka Mr. Dinwiddie.

Butch – “Friend” of Gaspode.

Capability Brown – Gardener. Opposite BS Johnson in ability.

Captain “Mayonnaise” Quirke – Head of the Day Watch.

Captain Samuel Vimes – Head of the Ankh-Morpork Night Watch. Recovering alcoholic. Eventual spouse of Lady Ramkin and Commander of the Watch.

Carbuncle – A passing troll.

Chalky – Troll who ran an all-night pottery, a wholesale building supply, and a print shop.

Chubby – Swamp dragon deceived by his reflection in a mirror.

Cirone IV – King of Old Ankh who built the Cloaca Maximus.

Coalface – Troll who “never took nuffin.”

Corksock – Runs the Natty Clothing Co.

Cornice-overlooking-Broadway – Gargoyle. Asked Vimes, “Oo erk or Ister Arrot?”

Captain / Corporal Carrot Ironfoundersson – Member of the Night Watch. Adopted dwarf. Possibly king of Ankh-Morpork. Later promoted to Captain.

Chrysoprase (aka Krysoprase and Chrystophrase) – Son of Kwartz? Head Troll.

Corporal Curry – Former member of the Watch.

Corporal Cecil Wormsborough St. John “Nobby” Nobbs – Member of the Night Watch. Species: human. Probably.

Cumblethigh – Dwarf known to Carrot. Then again, who isn’t?

Cumbling Michael – Beggar who (unnecessarily) admits the death of Lettice Knibbs.

Cut-me-own-throat (C.M.O.T) Dibbler – Originally known as Claude Maximillian Overton Transpire Dibbler. Entrepreneur (unsuccessful). Will sell you a “pig” sausage innabun. Don’t ask questions.

Dean – In several novels, his precise office is not specified. Probably Dean of Pentacles.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Delphine Angua von Uberwald – First werewolf and female in the Watch. Very close friend of Carrot.

Deranged Lord Harmoni – Early Patrician of Ankh-Morpork.

Destiny – The god with whom Night had an appointment.

Detritus – A troll who eventually becomes a leading member of the Watch.

Dr Cruces – Head of the Assassin’s Guild. Driven mad by the gonne.

Dr Whiteface – Ostensible head of the Fools’ Guild.

Dribbling Sidney – Per Queen Molly, a naughty beggar.

(Rufus) Drumknott – Lord Vetinari’s servant.

Duke of Eorle – Aristocrat not interested in Edward d’Eath’s plot.

Duke of Pseudopolis – Nobby was quartermaster in his army.

Durance – Cuddy’s brother-in-law. Makes “fortune rats” for dwarf restaurants.

Edward d’Eath – Assassin who was killed by Dr Cruces in a complicated plot involving the gonne.

Fate – One of the game-playing gods in Dunmanifestin.

“Fingers” Mazda – First Disc thief. Stole fire from the gods.

Constable Flint – Troll who worked in the armory. Now on the Watch.

Fondel – Composed the “Wedding March” which the Librarian could play on Bloody Stupid Johnson’s pipe organ at UU.

Foul Ole Ron – Beggar who saw Angua in the nudd. “Millennium hand and shrimp!”

Gaspode the Wonder Dog – An amazing canine who could talk (temporarily) in Holy Wood. Also a friend of Angua.

Gerhardt Sock – President of the Butchers’ Guild. Had the key to the pork futures warehouse. Once owned Dorfl.

Gimlet Gimlet – Owns the Hole Food Delicatessen.

Gimick – Cuddy’s cousin who makes pins.

Grabber Hoskins – Criminal (crime unknown) who is on the streets again.

Grabpot Thundergust – The dwarf who (don’t say it too loudly) owns the Halls of Elven Perfume and Rouge Co.

Hamslinger – Just another dwarf in the crowd.

Herbert “Leggy” Gaskin – Poor old Gaskin, former member of the Night Watch, mayherestinpeace. Replaced by Corporal Carrot.

Here’n’now – Worst thief on the Disc.

Hoggy Spuds – With Colon and Tonker Jackson, “beat seven kinds of hell” out of their drill sergeant.

Homicidal Lord Winder – Precedessor of Snapcase. His name says it all.

Hrolf Pyjama – Troll member of the Watch.

Humptulip – Wrote the 2000-page How to Kille Insects.

Intuition De Vere Slade-Gore – Gardener. Opposite BS Johnson in ability.

Ixolite – Banshee. OoooEeeeOoooEeeeOoooEEEee.

Jimi – God of beggars.

Joey – A clown.

Jorgen – Cousin of Cuddy. Makes pocket watches.

King Paragore – Ancestor of Carrot Ironfoundersson.

King Tyrril – Ancestor of Carrot Ironfoundersson.

King Veltrick III – Ancestor of Carrot Ironfoundersson.

King Webblethorpe the Unconscious – Ancestor of Carrot Ironfoundersson.

Lady Deirdre Waggon – Wrote her Book of Etiquette.

Lady Omnius – Snooty guest of Lady Ramkin.

Lady Selachii – Aristocrat not interested in Edward d’Eath’s plot.

Lady Sybil Deidre Oglivanna Ramkin – Caretaker of swamp dragons and eventual spouse of Commander Vimes. Richest person in Ankh-Morpork.

Lance-Constable Cuddy – Dwarf of the Watch who was killed by Dr Cruces.

Laughing Lord Scapula – Early Patrician of Ankh-Morpork. Presumably, his laugh wasn’t all that nice.

Leonard of Quirm – Painter, inventor. (Think, da Vinci.)

Lettice Knibbs – Maid of Queen Molly. Accidentally killed by the gonne (instead of Queen Molly).

(Head) Librarian – Formerly human, now simian. Favorite (and nearly only) word: Oook.

Lord Downey – Originally deputy to Dr Cruces. Eventually succeeded him as head of the Assassins’ Guild.

Lord Monflathers – Aristocrat not interested in Edward d’Eath’s plot.

Lord Rust – Aristocrat not interested in Edward d’Eath’s plot.

Lord Venturi – Aristocrat not interested in Edward d’Eath’s plot.

Lorenzo the Kind – Last king of Ankh-Morpork.

Lord Snapcase, Psychoneurotic / Mad – In 1401, a colony of bats was executed for persistent curfew violations during his regime.

Morraine – Troll who often worked with Galena / Rock. Character actor in Holy Wood who could do ancient monoliths. Worked in the Ankh-Morpork armory. Now on the Watch.

Mr Bleakley – Vampire denied entrance into the Watch.

Mr Cheese – Owner of The Bucket, as pub frequented by the Watch when off duty.

Mr Flannel – He was illegally thieved of 7…14…25 dollars.

Mr Hong – Owner of the briefly existing Three Jolly Luck Take-Away Fish Bar.

Mr Schwartzlache von Morecombe – Vampire who has been the Ramkin family lawyer for over 400 years.

Mr Poppley – Owns a grocery.

Mr Scant – Keeper of the Monuments which include several created by Bloody Stupid Johnson. (Scale was a problem.)

Mr Winkins – Acquaintance of Mrs. Cake. The dirt in his coffin needs changing from time to time.

Mrs Evadne Cake – A medium, verging on small. Could switch her premonition on and off.

Mrs Gaskin – Watchman “Leggy” Gaskin’s widow.

Mrs Hammerhock – Widow of Bjorn.

Mrs Maroon – Sergeant Maroon’s widow.

Mrs Poppley – Wife of Mr Poppley. Both were known to Carrot, of course.

Mrs Palm – A lady among ladies (of the night). President of the Seamstresses’ Guild. Befriends (not in that way) Corporal Carrot when he first arrives in Ankh-Morpork. Runs the House of Negotiable Affection.

Mrs Scurrick – Watchman “Iffy” Scurrick’s widow.

Patrician of Ankh – The leader of the city of Ankh-Morpork. You know him cordially as Havelock Vetinari.

Queen Alguinna IV – Ancestor of Carrot Ironfoundersson.

Queen Coanna – Ancestor of Carrot Ironfoundersson.

Queen Molly – Head of the Beggars’ Guild.

Reg Shoe – Undead head of the Fresh Start Club. Also a constable of the Watch.

Remitt – Armorer who had to adjust a breastplate (here and here) to fit Angua properly.

Ruby – Troll bartender at The Blue Lias. She also did a stage act there. Courted by Detritus.

Sagacity Smith – Gardener. Opposite BS Johnson in ability.

Sek – The Seven-Handed god of the Temple of the Seven-Handed Sek.

Sendivoge – Secretary of the Alchemists’ Guild.

Sergeant Frederick (Fred) Colon – Mainly of the Night Watch. Likes to stay out of trouble – especially other peoples’.

Sergeant Maroon – Former member of the Watch.

Sergeant Wimbler – Fred Colon’s drill sergeant.

Seriph Creosote – Of Al Khali. Of his father originated the phrase, “Rich as Creosote”. (Read about Croesus, if you’re unfamiliar.)

Sham Harga – Proprietor of Harga’s House of Ribs. Down by the docks.

Silas Cumberbatch – Former town crier. Volunteered for the Watch.

Sir George – Aristocrat not interested in Edward d’Eath’s plot.

Skully Muldoon – Sergeant on the Day Watch.

Thighbiter – Wrote The Ankh-Morpork Succesfion.

Thomas Silverfish – President of the Alchemists’ Guild. Moving pictures director in Holy Wood.

Three-legged Shep – Dog known to Gaspode. Shep had been ill again.

Tonker Jackson – With Colon and Hoggy Spuds, “beat seven kinds of hell” out of their drill sergeant.

Uncle Lofthouse – Gave Lady Ramkin away at her wedding to Sam Vimes.

Viscount Skater – Aristocrat not interested in Edward d’Eath’s plot.

Willikins – Butler of Lady Ramkin.

Willy the Pup – Old dog known to Gaspode.

Zorgo – Retrophrenologist. Look it up or figure it out.

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