Jingo Things – Chronologic

This is the chronological list of the important things in Jingo. That page has them in alphabetical order.

Curious Squid – Found in the Circle Sea, mostly near Leshp.

Milka – Captain Jenkins ship. Commandeered once by Commander Vimes.

Mary-Jane – Warship of Ankh-Morpork that sank 400 years ago.

Hershebian half-dong – Coin of questionable worth. One Hershebian dong equals one Ankh-Morporkian farthing.

Prid of Ankh-Morpork – “Pride” would have been too much to ask for in a ship from A-M.

Dwarf bread – Ironcrust’s best – “T’ Bread Wi’ T’ Edge”.

Lord Venturi’s Heavy Infantry – They wore colorful uniforms. Sadly, Klatchian sand is not so colorful.

Principia Explosia – Written by Affir Al-chema over 100 years ago.

Shureshotte Five – 100-pound draw crossbow from Burleigh and Stronginthearm.

Bows and Ammo – Periodical subscribed to by Shawn Ogg.

Warrior of Fortune – Magazine for wannabe mercenaries (only).

Practical Siege Weapons – Magazine for the real enthusiast (only).

Mr Spuddy Face – Carrot attempted to use a set (from the joke shop in Phedre Road) as a disguise. What do you mean…Did it work?

Occult Primer – By Woddeley. A must-have for the newbie wizard.

Windpike’s Soap – Cheap stuff, used by Snowy Slopes. He spent more on anti-dandruff shampoo, but it didn’t help.

Klatchian wols – Currency of Klatch. Seemingly used to pay an assassin.

Charcoal Tuesday – Day after which Ankh-Morporkians stopped paying the fire brigade by the number of fires they put out.

Dibbler’s Homeopathic Shampoo – Used, unsuccessfully, by Snowy Slopes.

Mere and Stingbat’s Herbal Wash – “With Herbs!” Used, unsuccessfully, by Snowy Slopes.

Rinse ‘n’ Run Scalp Tonic – “With Extra Herbs!” Used, unsuccessfully, by Snowy Slopes.

Dis-organizer – Owned by Vimes. Personal “organizer” run by an imp inside.

Exploding Pagoda – Created by Johnson, presumably B. S. Function unknown…but can be guessed at.

Perfumed Allotment, or, The Garden of Delights, The – Wazir gave a copy to Carrot. ‘Twas not what he expected.

Life of Chivalrie – Book studied by Vimes for professional reasons.

Book of Om, The – Owned by Constable Visit. Five inches thick.

Chivalric Law and Usage – Written by Scavone. Studied by Vimes to undermine Lord Rust.

VENI, VIDI, VICI: A Soldier’s Life – Written by General Tacticus. The Librarian gave a copy to Vimes to help him learn about Klatch.

Going-Under-The-Water-Safely Device – The Boat. Invented by Leonard of Quirm. Used to explore under Leshp.

Indestructible – A-M ship commandeered by Lord Rust’s forces.

Indolence – A-M ship commandeered by Lord Rust’s forces.

Make Words With Letters That Have All Been Mixed Up Game – Designed by Leonard of Quirm.

St. Ungulant’s Fire – Feared by sailors as the precursor to a terrible storm.

Testament of Mezerek – Tells of Nonpo who spent four days in the belly of a fish.

Seeing-Things-Pipe-You-Can-Breathe-Down – Invented by Leonard of Quirm for use on board the Boat. Sorry, not going to write out the long name.

Dropley’s Etoliated Bladderwrack – Usually found only growing at a depth below 30 fathoms, but Leonard noticed it under Leshp at 10 fathoms. Significant.

Winkles’ Old Peculiar – A favorite beer of many in Ankh-Morpork.

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Chronological list of the important things in Jingo.
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