Jingo Things – Alphabetic

At last you’ve found the Jingo things. (It’s kinda fun to say, “Jingo things.”) This is the alphabetical list. If you need the chronological list of Jingo things, check this page.

Book of Om, The – Owned by Constable Visit. Five inches thick.

Bows and Ammo – Periodical subscribed to by Shawn Ogg.

Charcoal Tuesday – Day after which Ankh-Morporkians stopped paying the fire brigade by the number of fires they put out.

Chivalric Law and Usage – Written by Scavone. Studied by Vimes to undermine Lord Rust.

Curious Squid – Found in the Circle Sea, mostly near Leshp.

Dibbler’s Homeopathic Shampoo – Used, unsuccessfully, by Snowy Slopes.

Dis-organizer – Owned by Vimes. Personal “organizer” run by an imp inside.

Dropley’s Etoliated Bladderwrack – Usually found only growing at a depth below 30 fathoms, but Leonard noticed it under Leshp at 10 fathoms. Significant.

Dwarf bread – Ironcrust’s best – “T’ Bread Wi’ T’ Edge”.

Exploding Pagoda – Created by Johnson, presumably B. S. Function unknown…but can be guessed at.

Going-Under-The-Water-Safely Device – The Boat. Invented by Leonard of Quirm. Used to explore under Leshp.

Hershebian half-dong – Coin of questionable worth. One Hershebian dong equals one Ankh-Morporkian farthing.

Indestructible – A-M ship commandeered by Lord Rust’s forces.

Indolence – A-M ship commandeered by Lord Rust’s forces.

Klatchian wols – Currency of Klatch. Seemingly used to pay an assassin.

Life of Chivalrie – Book studied by Vimes for professional reasons.

Lord Venturi’s Heavy Infantry – They wore colorful uniforms. Sadly, Klatchian sand is not so colorful.

Make Words With Letters That Have All Been Mixed Up Game– Designed by Leonard of Quirm.

Mary-Jane – Warship of Ankh-Morpork that sank 400 years ago.

Mere and Stingbat’s Herbal Wash – “With Herbs!” Used, unsuccessfully, by Snowy Slopes.

Milka – Captain Jenkins ship. Commandeered once by Commander Vimes.

Mr Spuddy Face – Carrot attempted to use a set (from the joke shop in Phedre Road) as a disguise. What do you mean…Did it work?

Occult Primer – By Woddeley. A must-have for the newbie wizard.

Perfumed Allotment, or, The Garden of Delights, The – Wazir gave a copy to Carrot. ‘Twas not what he expected.

Practical Siege Weapons – Magazine for the real enthusiast (only).

Prid of Ankh-Morpork – “Pride” would have been too much to ask for in a ship from A-M.

Principia Explosia – Written by Affir Al-chema over 100 years ago.

Rinse ‘n’ Run Scalp Tonic – “With Extra Herbs!” Used, unsuccessfully, by Snowy Slopes.

Seeing-Things-Pipe-You-Can-Breathe-Down – Invented by Leonard of Quirm for use on board the Boat. Sorry, not going to write out the long name.

Shureshotte Five – 100-pound draw crossbow from Burleigh and Stronginthearm.

St. Ungulant’s Fire – Feared by sailors as the precursor to a terrible storm.

Testament of Mezerek – Tells of Nonpo who spent four days in the belly of a fish.

VENI, VIDI, VICI: A Soldier’s Life – Written by General Tacticus. The Librarian gave a copy to Vimes to help him learn about Klatch.

Warrior of Fortune – Magazine for wannabe mercenaries (only).

Windpike’s Soap – Cheap stuff, used by Snowy Slopes. He spent more on anti-dandruff shampoo, but it didn’t help.

Winkles’ Old Peculiar – A favorite beer of many in Ankh-Morpork.

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