I Shall Wear Midnight Things – Chronologic

There are even fewer significant things in this chronological list from I Shall Wear Midnight than there were places. See the alphabetical short list here.

Giant, The – Located literally on the Chalk. Very similar to the Long Man mounds and other…bits.

White Horse – Landmark constructed within the Chalk. ‘Taint what a horse looks like. It’s what a horse be.

Lancre-to-Ankh-Morpork Parcel Express – Tiffany and about 2 dozen Feegles once landed on it.

Shamble – Made of string and whatever is available in a witch’s pockets. Used to detect or amplify magic in the area.

Horseman’s Word – A secret society that made special oils that would make horses obey them.

Ankh-Morpork Times, The – Newspaper started by William de Worde.

Hiver – A bit difficult to describe. A bodiless mind that’s incapable of thought. The one that invaded Tiffany’s mind (and body) acquired the name Arthur.

Bonfire of the Witches, The – The Keepsake Hall library has a copy. Written by an Omnian priest.

Swan on a Hot Tin Lake – According to Wee Mad Arthur [sic!], it’s “a reworking of a traditional theme by one of our up-and-coming young performance artists.”

Die Flabbergast – Wee Mad Arthur [sic!] saw a reinterpretation of it at the Opera House.

Spells for Lovers – Written by Anathema Bugloss. Used by Letitia Keepsake.

Point-three-o-three Bookworm – Eats books at incredibly high speeds. You might say it moves as fast as a speeding bullet.

Floating Worlds – Written by H. J. Toadbinder. Letitia gave the copy from the Keepsake Hall library to Tiffany as a present.

Battle of the Middens – When Feegles once fought humans. Expounded upon by Wee Jock o’ the White Head.

Testament from the Mountains – According to Pastor Egg, this volume by Mightily Oats states that witches embody the very best ideals of Brutha the prophet. Who’s to argue?

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I Shall Wear Midnight Things - Chronologic
Chronological list of the significant things in I Shall Wear Midnight.
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