I Shall Wear Midnight…Later


Tiffany Aching is not your typical witch. But then, neither are any of Terry’s witches – Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, Magrat Garlick, and the rest.

None of them are in league with any devils. If any devilish character tried to join up with them, they’d more than likely whack him up side his head with a frying pan. At least, Tiffany would.

No, Tiffany has her own style, particularly when it comes to dress. Sure, she wears the pointy hat – the real mark of a true witch – but that’s about where it ends. She doesn’t go for the stereotypical black gown.

At least, not yet.

About 288 pages (depending on the edition) into the story, Tiffany tells Pastor Egg, “When I am old, I shall wear midnight.”

I Shall Wear Midnight

Terry never let her get that old.

Tiffany wasn’t the only young (in years) witch on the Disc. Annagramma, Petulia, and others were of her generation, but Tiffany quickly advanced above the rest in experience and probably in skill as well.

She learned quickly what being a Discworld witch was all about. It’s mostly about being kind to people, helping them, and taking away their pain, even if it means running or leaping into the fire like the hare.

Of course, it helps a wee bit to have a few (dozen?) protective Feegles around, ye ken.

Confession on the Side

I have a confession to make. This involves something you probably latched onto right away, but it took me until this reading of I Shall Wear Midnight to see it.

Here it is: You can read Rob Anybody’s first name as a verb.

Obvious, isn’t it? If it wasn’t before, it is now, and you’ll never be able to uninterpret it again.

You’re welcome.

Back to the Story

I said earlier that the witches didn’t side with any devil. I think the fact that Tiffany (and other witches) work to defeat the Cunning Man rather proves this. If there’s any devil on the Disc, it’s this Cunning Man.

Tiffany’s task in this story is to defeat him, and she does – admittedly, with clandestine help. And that was the point of the story, wasn’t it? Another case of good defeating evil. At least, for a time.

Talking to Yourself

I don’t think you should ever be embarrassed if you’re “caught” talking to yourself. Sometimes saying it aloud is what your ears need to hear.

Until you start talking to yourself like Tiffany did; that is, talking to an older / younger version of yourself, you’ve got no reason to be ashamed and nothing to worry about.

If you ever do find yourself having a conversation with another version of yourself, let me know, will you? I’d like to find out how it’s done.

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