Guards! Guards! Things – Chronologic

See my struggles about making this list here above the alphabetic edition.

Door of Knowledge Through Which the Untutored May Not Pass, The – The entrance to the meeting place of the Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night. It sticks something wicked in the damp.

Dictionary of Eye Watering Words – Contains such gems as figgin, welchet, gaskin, and moules.

Laws and Ordinances of The Cities of Ankh And Morpork – Gifted to Corporal Carrot from Mr Varneshi. Cause of the death of Lupine Wonse.

Jimkin Bearhugger’s Old Selected Dragon’s Blood Whiskey – You could light fires with it, clean spoons…and you didn’t need much of it to be drunk.

Summoning of Dragons, The – Stolen from the Library by Brother Fingers at the instruction of Lupine Wonse (aka the Supreme Grand Master).

Diseases of the Dragon – By Sybil Deidre Olgivanna Ramkin. Contains such gems as Slab Throat, The Black Tups, Dry Lung, Storge, and Staggers, Heaves, Weeps, Stones.

Cripple Mr Onion – A gambling game of cards at which Granny Weatherwax excels.

Merckle and Stingbat’s Very Famous Brown Sauce – Brought by Skrp to Vimes and the Patrician while in the dungeon. (It was supposed to be beer.)

Lacemaking Through the Ages – An apparent favorite of the Patrician.

Dictionary of City Biography – Known to the Librarian by heart.

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Guards! Guards! Things - Chronologic
Chronological list of Things in Guards! Guards!
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