Feet of Clay Places – Chronologic

See where those feet have trod in chronological order. The Feet of Clay alphabetical list is on this other page.

Discworld – First mentioned in Equal Rites, this is the place where it all hits the…er…takes place.

Ankh-Morpork – The largest city on the Disc where much of the action in the Discworld series takes place. Ruled by the Patrician. Home of Unseen University.

Assassins’ Guild – Headquarters for the members of the Assassins’ Guild in Ankh-Morpork. Best not to know its exact location.

Five and Seven Yard – Area in Ankh-Morpork with a shop that has shaving mirrors that Vimes likes, among other things.

Watch House (Chittling Street) – Location of one of the Houses that is indicative of the expanding Watch.

Chittling Street – Near the Shades. Has a Watch House.

Shades, The – A section of Ankh-Morpork that is darker (in more ways than one) than it sounds.

Watch House (Dolly Sisters) – Referred to in Feet of Clay, The Truth, and more. May have been torched in the Glorious Revolution.

Dolly Sisters – Neighbor now absorbed by Ankh-Morpork. Has a Watch House.

Watch House (Long Wall) – Obliquely referred to in Feet of Clay.

Long Wall – Street in Ankh-Morpork that follows the old city wall. Has a Watch House.

Cable Street – Ankh-Morpork. A dwarf runs a deli there.

Pseudopolis Yard – Ankh-Morpork, not Pseudopolis. A circular street located at the city’s center. The Opera House and City Watch are on it.

Ironcrust’s Dwarf Bakery – “T’Bread Wi’ T’Edge”.

Dwarf Bread Museum – Was curated by the late Mr Hopkinson. Contains unusual baked weaponry.

Whirligig Alley – Location of the Dwarf Bread Museum.

Misbegot Bridge – Over the place where the Canting Crew usually gathers.

Watch House (Pseudopolis Yard) – Location of Captain / Commander Vimes’ crew.

Überwald – Home to many werewolf, vampires, Igors, and other races. Homeland of Angua and Cheery.

Guild of Thieves, Cutpurses, Housebreakers and Allied Trades – An organization, first encountered in Equal Rites, perhaps known later as simply the Guild of Thieves or Thieves’ Guild.

Royal College of Heralds / Arms – Will create a coat of arms for you, if you’re the right type of family.

Mollymog Street – Working lavatories are made there and found almost nowhere else.

Long Hogmeat – In the slaughterhouse district of Ankh-Morpork.

Butchers’ Guild – Led by Gerhardt Sock.

Bakers’ Guild – Headquarters for the members of the Bakers’ Guild. Located on Baker Street.

Elm Street – Ankh-Morpork. Has a mortuary.

Koom Valley – Location of an historic battle between dwarves and trolls.

Genua – Main setting of Witches Abroad. Sounds like Genoa. Feels like New Orleans.

Broken Drum / Mended Drum – A popular tavern (for fights, etc.) in Ankh-Morpork.

Klatch – Land of deserts and some jungles. Also the source of the phrase, “Pardon my Klatchian.” The country of Klatch is on the continent of Klatch.

Hunghung – Capital city of the Agatean Empire.

Bes Pelargic – Also spelled Bes Palargic. Twoflower’s home city in the Agatean Empire on the Counterweight Continent.

Ephebe – Located across the Djel (or Djelibeybi, if you prefer) from Tsort. Home of philosophers.

Alchemists’ Guild – It’s around here somewhere, continually being rebuilt.

King’s Down – Street near King’s Way.

Quirm – A city near Ankh-Morpork, not to be confused with Chirm. Probably.

Treacle Mine Road – Ankh-Morpork. Just off Elm Street.

Unseen University – The home of the Disc’s wizards, a very magical place where magic is almost never used, and for good reason. Known as UU, for short. Sometimes misspelled, Unesene.

Guild of Seamstresses – Ladies of negotiable affection.

Biers – Formerly, the Crown and Axe. Tavern where you can be yourself, whatever shape that may be. Mrs Gammage also frequents here.

Argus Opticians – A vampire was once a sunglasses tester there.

Nap Hill – Ankh-Morpork center of textile, weaving, and clothing industries.

Park Lane – Where the Park Lane Knobbler was caught.

New Cobblers – Street in Ankh-Morpork. Location of Pluggers, a shoemaking shop.

Brass Bridge – One of several bridges in Ankh-Morpork. Probably made mostly of brass or something that looks like it.

Broad Way – One of Ankh-Morpork’s busiest streets. Intersects the Street of Small Gods.

Nonesuch Street – It can be confusing to give direction to this street.

Ankh Bridge – The most rimward of Ankh-Morpork’s bridges.

Young Men’s Pagan Association – YMPA; has youths with studded collars and oiled muscles.

Bucket, The – Owned by Mr Cheese, on Gleam Street.

Gleam Street – Location of The Bucket pub.

Spadger and Williams – Candle making shop.

Glassblowers’ Guild – Not likely, but they may sponsor an All-Comers Hiccuping Contest.

Lancre – A small kingdom in the Ramtops. Home of Nanny Ogg and several other witches and wizards.

Nonesuch Ecclesiastical Supplies – A vampire worked there once…in the holy water section.

Stronginthearm’s Iron Founders, Beaters and General Forging– Owned by Thomas Smith in Five and Seven Yard.

Dimwell Street – In central Ankh. Has a sawmill.

27 Cockbill Street – Home of Mildred Easy, et al.

Cockbill Street – Where Sam Vimes grew up. Poorest part of Ankh-Morpork.

Guild of Lawyers – Eh, why not? The president is Mr Slant.

Pseudopolis – A major city on the Disc. In The Colour of Magic, Death is headed there because of the white plague striking the city. Home of Eric.

Sto Lat – A small city in the Sto Plains, first mentioned in passing in Equal Rites. Home of King Olerve and Princess Keli.

Agatean Empire – Found on the Counterweight Continent which is diametrically opposite Ankh-Morpork on the Disc.

Gamblers’ Guild – Located opposite the Alchemists’ Guild house. Think about it.

Beggars’ Guild – Building in Ankh-Morpork where the Beggars’ Guild has its headquarters.

Gimlet’s Hole Food Delicatessen – Located in Cable Street.

Temple of Small Gods – Where many gods with few believers take up residence. Not the gods atop Cori Celesti.

Ratcatchers’ Guild – Mr Pounder was a member. Wee Mad Arthur was not.

Shambles, The – Near the Cattle Market and Cockbill Street.

Opera House – Center of Ankh-Morpork. The (new) City Watch house sits opposite it in Pseudopolis Yard.

Ron’s Pizza Hovel – You can get a Klatchian Hots (with or without anchovies) there. It’s just around the corner from the Patrician’s Palace.

Skunk Club – Nightclub where Miss VaVa Voom dances.

King’s Head – Supplied the liquor for a gathering of nobs that Nobby attended.

Bearhugger’s Distillery – Where Jim makes some of his finest liquors. May be more than one owned by Jimkin.

Kings Way / Kingsway – Street in Ankh where the d’Eath family lived.

Pigsty Hill – A street in the Shambles near the Cattle Market. A golem once caused it to be packed with cattle.

Miner’s Arms – Dwarf bar in Ankh-Morpork.

Peach Pie Street – Middle of three roads separating UU from the Palace.

Seven-Dollar Tailor – The Golem Shmata Toils There.

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