Feet of Clay Persons – Alphabetic

Lots of feet to note. Not all of them are made of clay in this alphabetical list of the persons in Feet of Clay. Chronologically, you can see the same here.

Albertson – A business owner in Ankh-Morpork. Possibly in the candle-making trade.

Alf – Heard from someone at the Mended Drum that golems were killing people. Reported same to Preble Skink.

Arnold Sideways – Legless member of the Canting Crew.

Arthur Carry – Candle maker who bought the Tubelcek-Hopkinson “king” golem called Meshugah.

B’hrian Bloodaxe – Famed for his Battle Bread used at the Battle of Koom Valley.

Baron Guye von Uberwald – Aka Silvertail. Father of Angua.

Beaky Littlebottom – Cheery’s grandfather.

Billy Skunkins – Part of a hopscotch phrase. (See William Scuggins.)

Blind Io – Chief of the gods who live at Dunmanifestin. He appears to be blind but has many eyes outside his body.

Bobkes – Golem Of The Coal Merchant.

Cable Street Particulars – Andre is a current member of this secret police organization.

Captain / Corporal Carrot Ironfoundersson – Member of the Night Watch. Adopted dwarf. Possibly king of Ankh-Morpork. Later promoted to Captain.

Captain Samuel Vimes – Head of the Ankh-Morpork Night Watch. Recovering alcoholic. Eventual spouse of Lady Ramkin and Commander of the Watch.

Ceno – God of the Cenotines.

Cenotines – An ancient Klatchian desert tribe, followers of the god Ceno, whose script was used by Dorfl in a note used to try to save Father Tubelcek.

Corporal Cheery Littlebottom (Cheri) – Alchemist, female dwarf in the Watch.

Chrysoprase (aka Krysoprase and Chrystophrase) – Son of Kwartz? Head Troll.

Coffin Henry – Member of the Canting Crew with Foul Old Ron.

Colonel Gatling – Of the roundworld. Was not shot.

Colonel Shrapnel – Of the roundworld. Was not blown up.

Constable Downspout – Gargoyle member of the Watch.

Constable Flint – Troll who worked in the armory. Now on the Watch.

Constable Glodsnephew – Member of the Watch who helped keep the poisoned Vetinari safe.

Constable Lucker – Commander Vimes insisted on trading boots with him.

Constable Moraine – In Feet of Clay. Probably the same as Morraine mentioned in Moving Pictures and Men at Arms.

Constable Slapper – Member of the Watch.

Constable Visit-The-Infidel-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets – Call him Visit or Washpot, for short.

Corporal Gimletsson – Member of the Watch who helped keep the poisoned Vetinari safe.

Corporal Cecil Wormsborough St. John “Nobby” Nobbs – Member of the Night Watch. Species: human. Probably.

Council of Churches, Temples, Sacred Groves, and Big Ominous Rocks, The – Group upset by Commander Vimes’ actions. But then, who isn’t?

Croissant Rouge Pursuivant – A herald at the College. Literally, Junior Officer of Arms Red Crescent.

Cut-me-own-throat (C.M.O.T) Dibbler – Originally known as Claude Maximillian Overton Transpire Dibbler. Entrepreneur (unsuccessful). Will sell you a “pig” sausage innabun. Don’t ask questions.

Daphne – The Morpork owl. See the official seal.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Death of Rats – Once part of Death, he retained his own identity even after Bill Door ceased to be.

Detritus – A troll who eventually becomes a leading member of the Watch.

Dibbuk – Golem, owned by Thomas Smith, who destroyed himself between hammer and anvil.

Dire Fortune – A (dead) racehorse once treated by Doughnut Jimmy.

Doc Pseudopolis – In Feet of Clay, head of the Gamblers’ Guild.

Dorfl – Golem in Long Hogmeat. Eventually given a voice and made a constable of the Watch. Helps other golems own themselves.

Doughnut Jimmy / James Folsom – Horse doctor to the stars of Discworld.

Dowager Duchess of Quirm – Lady Esmerelda admired a creation intended for her at Madame Dawning’s dress shop.

Dragon King of Arms – Vampire, with an awful (good?) puney sense of humor, who attempts to replace Vetinary with a king.

(Rufus) Drumknott – Lord Vetinari’s servant.

Duck Man, The – What duck?

Edward St John de Nobbes – Earl of Ankh. Of questionable relation to Nobby.

Fanley – Worker (at a candle makers?) who was complicit in the abduction of Sergeant Colon.

Father Tubelcek – With Mr Hopkinson, created a golem – a machine with Feet (and other parts) of Clay.

Fishbine – Owned Dorfl before Mr Sock.

Flora Easy – Late grandmother of Mildred Easy.

Fosdyke – Was inserted into his sausage machine by his golem. The handle was not turned.

Foul Ole Ron – Beggar who saw Angua in the nudd. “Millennium hand and shrimp!”

General Tacticus – Once in power in Genua, declared war on Ankh-Morpork.

Gerhardt Sock – President of the Butchers’ Guild. Had the key to the pork futures warehouse. Once owned Dorfl.

Gimlet Gimlet – Owns the Hole Food Delicatessen.

Grabber Hoskins – Criminal (crime unknown) who is on the streets again.

Graham (animal) – Found at the College of Heralds.

Grandma Clamp – Commander Vimes’ grandmother.

Great A’Tuin – He or she is the turtle who moves through space in the Discworld universe. On his or her back are 4 elephants. On the backs of the elephants rests the Disc itself.

Gwilliam Vimes – Commander Vimes’ grandfather.

Hardcore – Sold slab. One of Chrsyoprase’s gang.

Harry (servant) – Servant of the Selachii house. Sent to get 2 more trays of Winkles Old Peculiar.

Homicidal Lord Winder – Precedessor of Snapcase. His name says it all.

Hrolf Thighbiter – Asked Cheery out on a date.

Hughnon Ridcully – Brother of Mustrum of UU. Chief Priest of Blind Io.

Igneous the Troll – Owns an all-night wholesale pottery. Known to C.M.O.T Dibbler. Rebuilt Dorfl, giving him a voice.

Igor (at Biers) – Bartender who knows a lot. But then, don’t they all?

Jeffrey (servant) – Servant of the Selachii house. Sent to get 2 more trays of Winkles Old Peculiar.

Jimkin Bearhugger – Owns a whiskey distillery (one or more) in Ankh.

Jolly Littlebottom – Cheery’s father.

Joshua H. Catterail – Clothing factory owner who thinks he owns the Watch.

Josiah H. ‘Flannelfoot’ Boggis – With his nephews, ‘The Old Firm’ of Bespoke Thieves. Now head of the Thieves’ Guild. Attacked the Fool and humbly regretted it later.

King Carrot I – Possibly only a king in the mind of Dragon King of Arms.

King Isiahdanu – Apparently a very wise king.

Klutz – Golem Who Labors In The Pickle Factory.

Lady Selachii – Aristocrat not interested in Edward d’Eath’s plot.

Lady Sybil Deidre Oglivanna Ramkin – Caretaker of swamp dragons and eventual spouse of Commander Vimes. Richest person in Ankh-Morpork.

Delphine Angua von Uberwald – First werewolf and female in the Watch. Very close friend of Carrot.

Lars Skulldrinker – Female dwarf of the Watch.

Laughing Boy – A racehorse who rather famously didn’t win.

Lord Rust – Aristocrat not interested in Edward d’Eath’s plot.

Lorenzo the Kind – Last king of Ankh-Morpork.

M Guillotin – Of the roundworld. Was not beheaded.

Lord Downey – Originally deputy to Dr Cruces. Eventually succeeded him as head of the Assassins’ Guild.

Lord Snapcase, Psychoneurotic / Mad – In 1401, a colony of bats was executed for persistent curfew violations during his regime.

Maisie Nobbs – Formerly of Elm Street. Nobby’s mother.

Meshugah – King of the golems.

Mildred (animal) – Found at the College of Heralds.

Mildred Easy – Maid at the Patrician’s palace. Among other “perks”, took candles home…unfortunately.

Miss VaVa Voom – Does a Feather Dance at the Skunk Club.

Mme Serafine Soxe-Bloomberg – Aka Yellowfang. Mother of Angua.

Monolith – Mythic troll hero. Igneous may or may not have statues of him filled with slab.

Mr Bleakley – Vampire denied entrance into the Watch.

Mr Cheese – Owner of The Bucket, as pub frequented by the Watch when off duty.

Mr Dreadful – Stuffed pig owned by Sergeant Colon as a young lad.

Mr Hopkinson – Curator of the Dwarf Bread Museum. With Father Tubelcek, created a golem.

Mr Maxilotte – Butcher who works in the Shambles. May or may not have paid his taxes.

Mr Oresmiter – Complained to Carrot of the lack of rat in the food Gimlet served.

Mr Slant – Of Morecombe, Slant & Honeyplace…lawyers. Head of the Lawyers’ Guild.

Mr Terwillie – Had an embarrassing moment with sage, onion, and a golem.

Mr Vincent – Foreman for Thomas Smith.

Mrs Colon – Wife of Sgt. Colon of the Night Watch. Works days.

Mrs Dipplock – Told Mildred Easy she could take the sheets home.

Mrs Evadne Cake – A medium, verging on small. Could switch her premonition on and off.

Mrs Gammage – A regular at Biers. Looked after by the other usual clientele.

Mrs Kanacki – Did cleaning and sweeping for the late Father Tubelcek.

Mrs Oresmiter – Wife of Mr Oresmiter. Was up with him all night after a bad meal.

Mrs Palm – A lady among ladies (of the night). President of the Seamstresses’ Guild. Befriends (not in that way) Corporal Carrot when he first arrives in Ankh-Morpork. Runs the House of Negotiable Affection.

Mrs Slipdry – Midwife involved in the birth of Nobby Nobbs. Funny that she admits it.

Nanny Nobbs – Grandmother of Nobby. She wasn’t quite dead the first time.

Offler – The Crocodile God who has difficulty with speech due to his fang-like teeth – not unlike the speaking problems encountered by all crocodiles.

Olaf Stronginthearm – Works for Setha Ironcrust.

Old Man Trouble – Anthropomorphic personification of Murphy’s Law.

Olive – Daphne the owl’s great grandma.

Pardessus Chatain Pursuivant – A herald at the College. Literally, Junior Officer of Arms Brown Overcoat.

Park Lane Knobbler – Criminal caught with the assistance of Constable Downspout.

Pastor Nasal Pedler – Exhorted his congregation to rise up and speak to people sincerely through their letterboxes.

Patrician of Ankh – The leader of the city of Ankh-Morpork. You know him cordially as Havelock Vetinari.

Plugger – Boot and shoe maker in New Cobblers. Where Constable Lucker got his.

Preble Skink – Timber merchant who had owned a golem that destroyed itself with a saw.

Queen Molly – Head of the Beggars’ Guild.

Rob (servant) – Servant of the Selachii house. Sent to get 2 more trays of Winkles Old Peculiar.

Roderick and Keith – Hippos found at the College of Heralds. See the Ankh-Morpork official seal.

Rogers the bulls – Takes Sergeant Colon for a ride until he/they meet Wee Mad Arthur.

Ron (bartender) – At the Mended Drum.

Ron (pizza maker) – Owner of Ron’s Pizza Hovel. Makes the Klatchian Hots (without anchovies).

Ron (Ratcatcher) – Member of the Ratcatchers’ Guild.

Rudolph Potts – President of the Bakers’ Guild. Motto: Because I Knead the Dough.

Schleppel – A shy bogeyman.

Schlitzen – Bogeyman covered by Angua.

Sconner Nobbs – Nobby’s father.

Sergeant Frederick (Fred) Colon – Mainly of the Night Watch. Likes to stay out of trouble – especially other peoples’.

Setha Ironcrust – Owns a bakery in Ankh-Morpork.

Sfen – Cheery’s cousin. She only heard he was eaten by werewolves.

Shmata – Golem Who Toils At The Seven-Dollar Tailor’s In Peach Pie Street.

Sid (apprentice) – Apprentice to a pork butcher. Had a run-in with a golem. Carrot has an ointment that might help.

Sid (servant) – Servant of the Selachii house. Sent to get 2 more trays of Winkles Old Peculiar.

Sir William Blunt-Instrument – Unlike Shrapnel, Guillotin, and Gatling….

Slope Nobbs – Nobby’s grandfather.

Smite-The-Unbeliever-With-Cunning-Arguments – Cohort of Constable Visit.

Snori Glodssonunclesson – Had Rat Surprise with chickenbones in it!

Snori Shieldbiter – Excellent shot with just a standard hunting loaf of dwarf bread.

Sons of Bloodaxe – Have an annual dinner…at lease once at Gimlet’s. It featured Rat Surprise.

Spadger and Williams – Owners of a business being undercut by Arthur Carry’s business.

Suffer-Not-Injustice Vimes – Known as Old Stoneface. Killed the last king of Ankh-Morpork. Ancestor of Commander Samuel Vimes.

Sydney – An imp who paints inside an iconograph.

Thomas Smith “Stronginthearm” – Owner of Stronginthearm’s Iron Founders, Beaters and General Forging.

Thomas Vimes – Commander Vimes’ father.

Tooth Fairy – According to Granny, a “very hard-working woman.” Actually, one of several with the same job.

Uncle Armstrangler – Cheery’s uncle whom she first stayed with in Ankh-Morpork.

Vincent (cousin of Nobby) – Cousin of Nobby. What? Is that not enough?

Violet Bottler – A Tooth Fairy. One of several.

Wee Mad Arthur – One of the Nac Mac Feegle who was raised as a gnome. Catches rats for resale, even though not a Guild member.

Wengel Raddley – Made a fuss about taking away the body of Father Tubelcek until Detritus let him.

William (animal) – Found at the College of Heralds.

William Easy – Deceased grandson of Flora Easy.

William Scuggins – Possibly part of a hopscotch phrase.

Willikins – Butler of Lady Ramkin.

Zaz – According to the graffiti, “Zaz Ys A Wonker.”

Zhlob – Golem and Spadger and Williams.

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