Carpe Jugulum Things – Chronologic

This is a short list of significant things found in Carpe Jugulum listed in chronological order. The same in alphabetical order is over here.

Book of Om, The – Owned by Constable Visit. Five inches thick.

Lancrastian (Peace-time) Army Knife – Invented by Shawn Ogg with the (misguided) aid of King Verence II. Included (at the King’s suggestion) the Adjustable Device for Winning Ontological Arguments and the Tool for Extracting the Essential Truth from a Given Statement. Other features included the Device for Dissecting Paradoxes, the Appliance for Detecting Small Grains of Hope, the Spiral Thing for Ascertaining the Reality of Being, and the Instrument for Ending Arguments Very Quickly. (Decide for yourself who came up with that last useful one.)

Old Book of Om – Is rather unyielding on the subject of witches.

Student Horse, The – An opera that includes the song Ich Bin Ein Rattarsedschwein.

Scumble – An adult beverage made chiefly from apples. The wise drink it a thimbleful at a time.

Order of Gvot – Vlad de Magpyr’s great uncle was a member.

Lives of the Prophets – Written by Thrum. Mightily Oats was writing an essay about it.

Leviathan of Terror – Jotto had cause it to throw itself onto the land.

Laotan Book of the Whole – Contains the Testament of Sand.

Book of the Prophet Cena – Part of the Septateuch.

Malleus Malificarum – Written by Ossory with help from the Count de Magpyr.

Arca Instrumentorum – Unclear whether this work of fiction relating to vampires includes the Auriga Clavorum Maleficarum and the Torquus Simiae Malificarum, or if those are separate works.

Brose – Highly alcoholic, magical drink created by the Nac Mac Feegle.

Convocation of Ee – Struck “Om Is in His Holy Temple” from the songbook as being incompatible with the ideals of modern Omnianism. Mightily Oats liked it anyway.

Obol – The currency of Omnia.

Agatean Chlong of Destiny – Three straight lines and two curved lines pleasantly arranged. Agony, to a vampire.

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Carpe Jugulum Things - Chronologic
Chronological list of important things in Carpe Jugulum.
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