Carpe Jugulum Persons – Alphabetic

Thith ith the alphabetical litht of the perthonth in Carpe Jugulum. If you want them in alphabetical order, check out the chronologic page. There! I thaid a thententhe without lithping.

Agnes Nitt / Perdita X. Dream – Wants to be a “real” witch. Can sing in thirds.

Alison Weatherwax – Grandmother of Esme and Lily. Put down the old Count de Magpyr many years ago.

Arno Veyzen – Killed the old Count de Magpyr 75 years ago.

Aunt Carmilla – Relative of Vlad de Magpyr. Killed by a mob.

Aunt May – Magrat’s aunt in Creel Springs. Has four children and is still bashful around men.

Balancing Monks – They attempt to keep the Disc in balance, literally.

Beast of Batrigore – Unlucky to have met Sonaton while in his very cave.

Bestiality Carter – The baker. One of Lancre’s Morris Men. Very kind to animals.

Big Aggie – Kelda of the Nac Mac Feegle.

Big Jim Beef – Troll who lives under the Lancre Bridge (no jokes, please) and helps patrol it.

Bishop Horn – Main character in all the great flood accounts bore a resemblance to him.

Blind Io – Chief of the gods who live at Dunmanifestin. He appears to be blind but has many eyes outside his body.

Bloody Stupid Johnson – Born, Bergholt Stuttley Johnson, but few remember those names. His works deserve an article all their own and may or may not ever get one.

Brother Melchio – Mightily Oats’ superior.

Brother Perdore – Nine Day Wonderer was to perform the wedding ceremony for Verence and Magrat.

Brutha – Novice. Eventually Cenobiarch of Omnia. Sadly, skipped right over being Brother Brutha.

Cena, Prophet – A Great Prophet who wrote the Book of the Prophet Cena.

Claude – Tried to set fire to a stone wall.

Corporal Svitz – Enforcer for the Count de Magpyr.

Count Casanunda (Casanunder) – Dwarf known as the Disc’s greatest lover.

Count “Red Eyes” Magpyr – The old Count, uncle to the current (in Carpe Jugulum) Count de Magpyr. Formally, Bela de Magpyr.

Count de Magpyr – Vampire from Uberwald set on taking over Lancre.

Countess de Magpyr – Wife of Count de Magpyr. Not as certain about conquering Lancre as her husband.

Crimson – Vampire who accosted Agnes but was subdued by Vlad.

Cryptopher – Vampire who burst into flame when hit by holy water from the Holy Turtle Pond of Squintz.

Cyrinites – According to the Book of Om, there was a multiplication of camels in their land.

Darron Ogg, Our – His eldest son got sick from too much beer at Nanny Ogg’s party. Nanny had good parties. (Also spelled Darren. Assuming only one exists.)

Deacon Thrope – Taught “Revenants and Ungodly Creatures” (to Mightily Oats) in the Citadel for an hour every fortnight. Still, the notes taken in class did prove useful.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Death of Rats – Once part of Death, he retained his own identity even after Bill Door ceased to be.

Demone – Vampire who accosted Agnes but was subdued by Vlad.

Distant Cousin Igor – The Igor servant of the de Magpyr family has a relative at Unseen University who floats around in his jar. (I’d say you can’t make this stuff up, but….)

Dragon of Sluth – Unlucky to have stuck around Urdure on the Plain of Gidral for three days.

Esme (Esmerelda) Margaret Note Spelling (of Lancre) – Daughter of Queen Magrat and King Verence II of Lancre.

Florence Ivy – Wife of John. Sadly, she lost a baby at birth, despite Granny’s best efforts.

General Tacticus – Once in power in Genua, declared war on Ankh-Morpork.

Gloomy Brethren – Religious group of whom Nanny Ogg has never objected.

Granny Weatherwax – The head witch (among equals), especially in Bad Ass country. Given name: Esmerelda. Esme, for short, but only to her closest friends.

Graven Gierachi – Calls himself Henry.

Great A’Tuin – He or she is the turtle who moves through space in the Discworld universe. On his or her back are 4 elephants. On the backs of the elephants rests the Disc itself.

Greebo – Nanny Ogg’s cat. He will mate with any unsuspecting female.

Gul-Arah – Found in the Book of Om. (May not be a person.)

Hans Ravi – Father of Piotr.

Hieroglyphica Strigoiul – Likes to call herself Wendy.

Hiread – Owned a (valuable?) cup.

Hodgesaargh – Occupational name. Royal falconer of Lancre castle.

Hosts of Myrilom – Did not fair well in an encounter with the Sons of Exequial.

Igor – One of many “Igors”, this one is a servant of the de Magpyrs.

Jason Ogg, Our – One of Nanny Ogg’s many children. Nanny betimes babbysits for Jason’s youngest.

John Ivy – Husband of Florence. Granny spared him from making a choice between his wife and child.

Jotto – Caused the Leviathan of Terror to throw itself onto the land and the seas to turn red with blood.

Kazrin – Returned three times into the valley of Mahag and wrested the cup of Hiread from the soldiers of the Oolites while they slept.

Kev Ogg – One of Nanny Ogg’s many children. Perhaps a triplet with Trev and Nev?

King Henry – An eagle controlled(?) by Hodgesaargh.

King Verence I – Father of Verence the Fool who became King Verence II in Lancre.

Lacrimosa de Magpyr – A 200-year-old teenage vampire. Daughter of the Count and Countess de Magpyr.

Lady Lilith de Tempscire (Lily Weatherwax) – Liked a good story. FYI, in French, temps = weather and cire = wax.

Lady Strigoiul – Acquaintance of the Countess de Magpyr. Has a daughter who has taken to calling herself Wendy.

Magrat Garlick – The youngest of the coven of three, with Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg.

Magyrato – Ancestor in the de Magpyr family. Apparently ate part of his own portrait.

Maladora Krvoijac – Calls herself Freda.

Malicia – Vampire known to the Count de Magpyr.

Mekkle, Very Reverend – Had advised Oats that the rules about starch were really just guidelines. Oats rather ignored this.

Mikhail Swenits – Last name uncertain. Transcribed from Thwenitth. Igor had his feet.

Millie Chillum – Queen Magrat’s attendant.

(Moocow) What the Hell’s That Cow Doing in Here Poorchick – You see, Esme Margaret, it could be worse.

Morbidia – Vampire who convinces Vlad to stop at Escrow on the way back to their castle. Calls herself Tracy.

Mr Harker – Former resident of Grjsknvij. Lasted the vampires nearly a week.

Mr Kochak – Gave Igor his liver. Willingly.

Mr Ogg (the first) – Had only been married a month before Nanny persuaded him to get out of the bath before he needed to…. Well, read the book.

Mr Spriggins – The butler of Lancre castle.

Mr Swinets – May have owned a sawmill. Interacted a bit too much with Igor – both before and after his death.

Mr Vlack – Killed by vampires. Nothing else known.

Mrs Ahrim – Lived next door to Mightily Oats’ grandmother.

Mrs Carter – Relationship to other Carters (or carters) unknown (in Carpe Jugulum). This one does pickled onions very well.

Mrs Harker – Same as Mr Harker.

Mrs Kochak – Got a new eye from Igor. Thus, Mr Kochak’s willingness.

Mrs Patternoster – Midwife in Lancre. (Pater noster means Our Father – as in the Lord’s Prayer – in Latin.)

Mrs Scorbic – The cook of Lancre castle.

Mrs Sleeves – According to Nanny, she used to need to witches to help her when she had “one of her turns”.

Mrs Weaver – Told Agnes Nitt about Brother Perdore’s accident with his donkey. Unknown if she is the wife of Jarge Weaver, the baker.

My God He’s Heavy the First – You see, Esme Margaret, even other royalty is susceptible.

Nanny (Gytha) Ogg – A prominent and popular (especially with gentlemen) witch who had 15 children.

Nev Ogg – One of Nanny Ogg’s many children. Perhaps a triplet with Kev and Trev?

Nine Day Wonderers – Religious group in the Ramtops near Lancre. Brother Perdore was a member.

Offler – The Crocodile God who has difficulty with speech due to his fang-like teeth – not unlike the speaking problems encountered by all crocodiles.

Om – From which Omnia takes its name. Traveled in the form of a tortoise in Brutha’s time.

Oolites – A nasty, but sleepy, people.

Orda – Caused a sudden famine throughout the land of Smale.

Patrician of Ankh – The leader of the city of Ankh-Morpork. You know him cordially as Havelock Vetinari.

Piotr Ravi – Resident of Escrow who helps Agnes.

Queen Grimnir the Impaler – Also Griminir. Vampire ruler of Lancre from 1514 to 1553, 1553 to 1557, 1557 to 1562, 1562 to 1567, and 1568 to 1573.

Quite Reverend Mightily-Praiseworthy-Are-Ye-Who-Exalteth-Om Oats, The – Mightily Oats, for short. Omnian missionary who doesn’t seem to be affected by the de Magpyr clan.

Re-United Free Chelonianists – The Hubward Convocation split from the Rimward Convocation in the Schism of ten-thirty A.M., February twenty-third.

Sally Weaver – Citizen of Lancre. Narrowly missed being named Chlamydia.

Scraps – Dog owned by Igor, so you can (try to) imagine what he looks like.

Scrivens – Went peacefully enough at the finish.

Sek – The Seven-Handed god of the Temple of the Seven-Handed Sek.

Sergeant “Bent Bill” Kraput – Enforcer for the Count de Magpyr.

Sergeant Simony – Worked with engineer Urn. Almost invented the armored tank.

Shawn Ogg, Our – Nanny Ogg’s son who is a guard at Lancre Castle.

Shirl Ogg – With Daff, helps out in the kitchens of Lancre Castle.

Simonites – The Prophet Brutha wrote them a Letter.

Sonaton – Did he not defeat the Beast of Batrigore in its very cave?

Sons of Exequial – Beat the hosts of Myrilom.

Syphilidae Wilson – Citizen of Lancre.

Thomas Peerless – From Bad Ass. Caused William the buzzard to think he was a chicken.

Thrum – Wrote Lives of the Prophets.

Total Biscuit – Citizen of Lancre.

Uncle Igor – Worked for the mad doctor at Blinz. Died when a herd of buffaloes fell on him.

Urdure – Prophet who vanquished the Dragon of Sluth on the Plain of Gidral after three days’ fighting.

Vargo – Vampire who encountered Greebo in a coffin.

Verence, the Fool – Becomes King Verence II when his half brother, Tomjon, decides not to be king of Lancre.

Vlad de Magpyr – Son of the Count. Can’t understand the Perdita side of Agnes.

Wane Ogg – One of Nanny Ogg’s many children. (Wayne, starting in Carpe Jugulum.)

Wattley boy – From Slice. Was sent to get Granny Weatherwax to help Mrs. Ivy with the birthing of her baby.

William – A buzzard controlled (as much as King Henry) by Hodgesaargh.

Windrow – From Bad Ass. Cut off two of his toes with his spade without even trying.

Yodel Lightley – Citizen of Lancre.

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