Aboot Garey Sunnunnbreg

Bigjobs Gary Sonnenberg
Bigjobs Garey

This webesyt is the doins of a bigjobs who be named Garey Sunnunnbreg*, ye ken. Ye c’n see the bigjob in yon piktur wut Big Rob borrowed. He promises tae gi’ it back, nae problemo.

‘Tis one o’ Garey’s favrit jobs tae rede all aboot the Nac Mac Feegle an’ all wutz bin writ aboot their pals o’ the Disc.

Wi’ this webesyt, he’ll tell ye all he likes an’ whut he dinnae like in the books he’s rede.

The Sunnunnbreg Clan

Garey an’ his kelda ha’ tethra youngins whut are now bigjobs too, ye ken.

They ha’ tethra gran-youngins they wantae see more but cannae ‘cos they live too far awa’. Oh, waily, waily!

Wut Garey Likes

Garey izza gonnagle o’ sorts. He can play the keyes an’ the strings. He ha’ even writ doon those wee black splotchies for ither gonnagles tae use.

He spens lots o’ tim on his Mac (no relation) a-workin’ on ither webesyts for fun an’ prophets.


Crivens! Canna’ ye warn a Feegle afore ye mak’ sich a’ en-trance?


Ach, I’m glad I dinnae ha’ a nay-bor wi’ a hood like yoors!

Anyhoo, bein’ a bigjobs, Garey willna allus git everthing richt, ye ken. So dinna ye be a-feared tae call him oot fra tim tae tim. He promises tae kerrecht his mistak’s the same as any good Feegle wud do. An’ ye can tak that tae the bank an’ leave it ther.

Crivens! Tha’s a lots o’ wurds I ha’ sayd tae ye. ‘Tis good I dinnae havtae writ them doon meself.

= = =

*Gary Sonnenberg. The Nac Mac Feegle have a tough time with German.