A Hat Full of Sky Things – Chronologic

We find a few interesting things – one even named – in this chronological list of things in A Hat Full of Sky. See them in alphabetical order here.

Fairies and How to Avoid Them – Perhaps the definitive tome written by Miss Tick about the Nac Mac Feegle. Includes a useful Feegle glossary.

Special Sheep Liniment – Granny Aching’s. Puts hair on your chest. Dissolves spoons. Greatly appreciated by Nac Mac Feegle.

Jolly Sailor Tobacco – Appreciated by Granny Aching. If you turn a packet upside down, you can see a nak….

White Horse – Landmark constructed within the Chalk. ‘Taint what a horse looks like. It’s what a horse be.

Hiver – A bit difficult to describe. A bodiless mind that’s incapable of thought. The one that invaded Tiffany’s mind (and body) acquired the name Arthur.

Cabbage Macerating Festival – Made the village of Twoshirts popular for up to a mile around once per year.

Shamble – Made of string and whatever is available in a witch’s pockets. Used to detect or amplify magic in the area.

Witch Trials – Annual competition, of sorts, in the Lancre area for any witch who wants to attend. (Not associated with a place called Salem at all.)

Hivers: A Dissertation Upon a Device of Amazing Cunning – Housed in the library of Unseen University. Written by Sensibility Bustle, D.M. Phil., B. El L., Patricius Professor of Magic. It was his last work…of any kind.

Res Centum et Una Quas Magus Facere PotetOne Hundred and One Things a Wizard Can Do. Says hivers are a type of demon. Possibly correct.

I Spy Demons – By Professor Poledread. Also classifies hivers as demons. So, the evidence mounts.

Liber Immanis Monstrorum – The Monster Book of Monsters by Cuvee. Lists hivers under wandering spirits.

Higher MagiK, The – By Letice Earwig. Distinguishes magik from the everyday sort.

MacAbre Single Malt – Miss Level bribed the Nac Mac Feegle with the promise of some.

Upright Cone Hat – One of several styles of hat (for witches) offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Black.

Countrywoman Hat – Hat offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Inside pockets. Waterproof.

Cloudbuster Hat – Hat offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Low-drag coefficient for broomstick use.

Sky Scraper Hat – Hat offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. For the witch on the way up, who knows what she wants and doesn’t care how many frogs it takes.

Midnight Cloak – Garb offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Pure wool. Fine knit. Very warm.

Zephyr Billow Cloak – Garb offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Very rare. Black as coal. Thin as a shadow. Completely useless for keeping warm. Looks fabulous in even the slightest breeze.

Number Six Wand – Wand offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Expensive. Has runes in Oggham that say, “Oh What a Wally Is Waving This.”

Dictionary of Amazingly Uncommon Words – Roland presented a copy to Tiffany.

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A Hat Full of Sky Things - Chronologic
Chronological list of the important things in A Hat Full of Sky.
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