A Hat Full of Sky Things – Alphabetic

We find a few interesting things – one even named – in this alphabetical list of things in A Hat Full of Sky. See them in chronological order here.

Cabbage Macerating Festival – Made the village of Twoshirts popular for up to a mile around once per year.

Cloudbuster Hat – Hat offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Low-drag coefficient for broomstick use.

Countrywoman Hat – Hat offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Inside pockets. Waterproof.

Dictionary of Amazingly Uncommon Words – Roland presented a copy to Tiffany.

Fairies and How to Avoid Them – Perhaps the definitive tome written by Miss Tick about the Nac Mac Feegle. Includes a useful Feegle glossary.

Higher MagiK, The – By Letice Earwig. Distinguishes magik from the everyday sort.

Hiver – A bit difficult to describe. A bodiless mind that’s incapable of thought. The one that invaded Tiffany’s mind (and body) acquired the name Arthur.

Hivers: A Dissertation Upon a Device of Amazing Cunning – Housed in the library of Unseen University. Written by Sensibility Bustle, D.M. Phil., B. El L., Patricius Professor of Magic. It was his last work…of any kind.

I Spy Demons – By Professor Poledread. Also classifies hivers as demons. So, the evidence mounts.

Jolly Sailor Tobacco – Appreciated by Granny Aching. If you turn a packet upside down, you can see a nak….

Liber Immanis Monstrorum – The Monster Book of Monsters by Cuvee. Lists hivers under wandering spirits.

MacAbre Single Malt – Miss Level bribed the Nac Mac Feegle with the promise of some.

Midnight Cloak – Garb offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Pure wool. Fine knit. Very warm.

Number Six Wand – Wand offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Expensive. Has runes in Oggham that say, “Oh What a Wally Is Waving This.”

Res Centum et Una Quas Magus Facere PotetOne Hundred and One Things a Wizard Can Do. Says hivers are a type of demon. Possibly correct.

Shamble – Made of string and whatever is available in a witch’s pockets. Used to detect or amplify magic in the area.

Sky Scraper Hat – Hat offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. For the witch on the way up, who knows what she wants and doesn’t care how many frogs it takes.

Special Sheep Liniment – Granny Aching’s. Puts hair on your chest. Dissolves spoons. Greatly appreciated by Nac Mac Feegle.

Upright Cone Hat – One of several styles of hat (for witches) offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Black.

White Horse – Landmark constructed within the Chalk. ‘Taint what a horse looks like. It’s what a horse be.

Witch Trials – Annual competition, of sorts, in the Lancre area for any witch who wants to attend. (Not associated with a place called Salem at all.)

Zephyr Billow Cloak – Garb offered by Zakzak Stronginthearm. Very rare. Black as coal. Thin as a shadow. Completely useless for keeping warm. Looks fabulous in even the slightest breeze.

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Alphabetical list of the important things in A Hat Full of Sky.
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