A Hat Full of Sky Persons – Alphabetic

Here’s a page full of persons from A Hat Full of Sky in alphabetical order. Here’s the same list in chronological order.

Abiding Swindell – Ferret keeper in Twoshirts. A pair of trousers and a long coat (with ferret-filled pockets) vanished from his residence.

Annagramma Hawkin – Bossy student of Letice Earwig.

Aunt Hetty – Tiffany Aching’s aunt. A servant to someone important.

Awf’ly Wee Billy Bigchin – Recruited by Rob Anybody, even though he was under 3 inches high, to protect Tiffany Aching from the hiver.

Baron of the Chalk – Ruler of the land where the Aching family lived. At least, that’s what people told him.

Big Yan – Largest pictsie – at 8 inches – in the Chalk Hill Clan.

Black Meg – Actually the lead goat in Miss Level’s flock.

Brian – Assistant (bouncer) to Zakzak Stronginthearm. Not really a wizard.

Caramella Bittlethwaite – Witch who apparently participated in the Witch Trials.

Chalk Hill Clan – Nac Mac Feegle group who have Rob Anybody as their Big Man.

Clem Doins – Once had a beard long enough to tuck into his belt, until he woke one morning without it.

Cuvee – Wrote Liber Immanis Monstrorum (The Monster Book of Monsters) in which he devoted a section under “wandering spirits” to hivers.

Daft Wullie – Very willing, if not able, brother of Rob Anybody.

Death – An anthrpomorphic personification comprised of a skeleton, covered in a black robe, and holding a scythe (or a sword, for kings). He communicates in CAPTIAL LETTERS without the quotation marks.

Dimity Hubbub – Can accidentally set a hat on fire.

Doris Trample, Goodie – Witch with a collection of singing mice.

Fred Turvey – Father of Miss Quickly’s baby.

Gertruder Tiring – Friend of Petulia and Annagramma.

Granny Aching / Sarah Grizzel – Tiffany’s grandmother who was witch in shepherd’s clothing.

Granny Weatherwax – The head witch (among equals), especially in Bad Ass country. Given name: Esmerelda. Esme, for short, but only to her closest friends.

Hamish – Aerial Nac Mac Feegle usually found aboard a buzzard.

Harrieta Bilk – Friend of Petulia and Annagramma.

Henry (horse) – Carter’s steed who could really fly if you let him.

Jeannie – Originally of the Long Lake Clan of the Nac Mac Feegle. Married to Rob Anybody. Kelda of the Chalk Hill Clan.

Joe Aching – Tiffany’s father.

Lightning – One of Granny Aching’s dogs.

Long Lake Clan – Nac Mac Feegle group of the Lancre area.

Lucy Warbeck – Friend of Petulia and Annagramma.

Lulu Darling – Friend of Petulia and Annagramma.

Marco & Falco Pastrami – Aka Sidney & Frank Cartwright. The Flying Pastrami Brothers in Monty Bladder’s circus.

Mary Weavall – Mr. Weavall’s daughter. He sometimes mistakes Tiffany for her.

Mildred Pusher – Daughter of the owner of Number 95. Witnessed the Nac Mac Feegle in mid-theft. Had stories to tell her grandchildren about that night.

Miss Casement – Mistress of ceremonies at the Witch Trials.

Miss Hobblow – Per Miss Level, she is near her time…again.

Miss Level – One witch in two bodies (for a time). Formerly a member of Professor Monty Bladder’s Three-Ring Circus and Cabinet of Curiosities. Instructed Tiffany Aching in the ways of witchery.

Miss Quickly – Lives in Uttercliff. Needed to have “a word” spoken to her by Tiffany, per Miss Level.

Miss Slopes – Miss Level needed to have “a word” with her.

Miss Turvy – Visitee of Miss Level. (Uncertain if she’s related to Fred Turvey.)

Monty Bladder – Owner of a three-ring circus and cabinet of curiosities. Acts included the following.

– Horse with his head where his tail should be
– The Amazing Dislocating Jack who puts a lion’s head in his actual mouth
– The Egress
– Clowns!
– The Flying Pastrami Brothers
– Clarence the tap-dancing mule
– Topsy and Turvy – the astounding mind-reading act

Mr. Block – Carpenter of the Aching farm. Built a doll house for the Aching girls.

Mr. Crabber – Carter who once transported Tiffany Aching.

Mr. Drover – Requires Number 5 ointment from Miss Level.

Mr. Plover – Visitee of Miss Level. Has had gnats more than once.

Mr. Raddle – With Mrs. Raddle, had a privy located too close to their well.

Mr. Towny – Beat his wife causing mysterious bruises.

Mr. Umbril – Shoemaker with chest pains. Granny Weatherwax’s cure was to have him walk to the waterfall at Tumble Crag (5 miles away) every day for a month and throw 3 shiny pebbles into the pool for the water sprites.

Mr. Weavall – Helped by Miss Level and Tiffany. Tiffany, as the hiver, stole his money.

Mrs. Aching – Tiffany’s mother.

Mrs. Fanlight – Per Miss Level, she’s near her time.

Mrs. Grimley – Has 11 children. Tiffany isn’t sure she’d miss one.

Mrs. Happens – Lit a candle in the window every night for her son who’d been lost at sea 30 years ago.

Mrs. Hunter – Visitee of Miss Level. Lives in Saucy Corner.

Mrs. Letice Earwig – (Pron. Ah-wij) Wife of a wizard. Author of several books including The Higher MagiK. Heavily into the strain of headology called boffo.

Mrs. Quickly – Would likely need to be spoken to after the word spoken to her daughter.

Mrs. Raddle – With Mr. Raddle, had a privy located too close to their well.

Mrs. Towny – Has mysterious bruises from Mr. Towny beating her. (Also spelled Mrs. Towney.)

Nancy Weavall – Deceased wife of Mr. Weavall.

Nanny (Gytha) Ogg – A prominent and popular (especially with gentlemen) witch who had 15 children.

Nearly Big Angus – With Big Yan, witnessed Tiffany Aching performing “See me” on herself.

Nosey Hinds – A pair of boots disappeared from under his bed.

Number 95 – Ram owned by a not very imaginative farmer.

Old Mother Gwinifer Blackcap – Of Sidling Without. Teacher of Petulia Gristle.

Oswald – Ondageist (opposite of a poltergeist) who lives with Miss Level.

Perspicacia Tick – Miss Tick (Get it? Tiffany did.) is a witch who sees clearly (Get it?) that Tiffany is a witch, even though she’s young and comes from The Chalk.

Petulia Gristle – Um, she is learning witchery, um, from Old Mother Gwinifer, um, Blackcap. She’s, um, good with, um, pigs.

Professor Poledread – Wizard at Unseen University who formulated theories about hivers. Professor Bustle attempted to prove him wrong. (Bustle was successful…to a point.)

Queen of the Elves – Nearly kills Granny Weatherwax. But that ate’nt true.

Ratbag – The Aching family’s cat who eventually learns a lesson from the Nac Mac Feegle.

Rob Anybody – Big Man of the Chalk Hill Clan of the Nac Mac Feegle.

Roland de Chumsfanleigh – Son of the Baron of the Chalk. Eventually becomes the Baron and weds Letitia Keepsake.

Sensibility Bustle – Powerful wizard of Unseen University who captured a hiver (inside himself). The accomplishment led to his eventual demise.

Slapwick – Miss Level helps Old Slapwick with his leg, even though he’s as mean as a cat.

Slightly Sane Georgie – Nac Mac Feegle who thought it was too quiet inside Tiffany’s head. (He wasn’t the only one.)

Stinky Sam – Technically the lead goat in Miss Level’s flock.

Surleigh Bottom – Visitee of Miss Level.

Three Peaks Clan – Nac Mac Feegle who feuded with the Windy River Clan.

Thunder – One of Granny Aching’s dogs.

Tiffany Aching – Young, but very adept and mature witch, who always seems to be confronting winter.

Five Discworld novels chronicle her adventures:
The Wee Free Men
A Hat Full of Sky
I Shall Wear Midnight
The Shepherd’s Crown

Toby Weavall – Mr. Weavall’s son.

Violet Pulsimone – Witch who apparently witnessed Tiffany at the Witch Trials.

Wee Iain – Nac Mac Feegle who can throw his voice.

Wentworth Aching – Tiffany’s younger, sticky brother.

Widow Tussy – Mr. Weavall marries her.

Windy River Clan – Nac Mac Feegle who feuded with the Three Peaks Clan. Made a tattie-bogle walk.

Zakzak Stronginthearm – Has a shop in Sallett Without that caters to witches (and possibly others).

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